How NOT To Hire Disabled People (Look At This Offensive Ad ft. Therese Lindgren) | Rikki Poynter

Hello and welcome
back to the channel. Today, I want to
talk about this really offensive ableist ad
that I saw on Twitter. This is what the ad looks like. And to keep it short and sweet
for the intro, it’s supposed to be
about hiring disabled people and you would think that,
well, what’s wrong with that? Well, I’m going to tell you, but before we get to the nitty gritty as to why it’s ableist and offensive, if you haven’t yet and you’re interested in more of these videos
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always really appreciative. Very helpful. So this ad is a Swedish ad and it was taken and posted on Twitter by a disabled person from Sweden. (READS POST) First off, I want to say, yes, we should be hiring
more disabled people, more deaf people,
more blind people, more mobility aid users,
people with various chronic illnesses and what else have you. And I am totally on board
with an ad that showcases that and shows photos of disabled people. But that’s not what these people were doing. First, let’s talk about
the photos themselves, OK. So, the photo of the woman in the wheelchair, that face is not hers. That body belongs to a biracial
Black and white woman and they chopped off
the woman’s head and put the head of a white woman,
a white abled woman, put it up there. So, what already went wrong
was the woman… the body that belongs to the woman
did not consent to that. So, she was actually able
to get that image removed. But, the other people who are featured,
they didn’t consent. And that black man’s head,
that does not belong on that body. That’s not his body. So, one, taking photos
of disabled people without their consent and using it for your personal gain and also changing the race, taking a biracial Black and white woman
and making her be a white woman. Bad, racist. Very bad. The other things is the,
“Who else will?” So, these poor disabled people,
nobody is hiring them and you should be hiring them
because how else are they going to live? Yes, it is true that
the unemployment rate for disabled people is extremely, extremely high. If we are employed,
we are underemployed or there is a high chance
that we are underemployed. And, in the United States, whoever is taking care of your pay, they are legally allowed to pay you extremely less than your abled counterpart. I wish I was joking. I’m not sure how that is in other countries
but at least in the US that’s a thing. So yes, bring that up
and I get where you’re going with, you should be hiring disabled people. All these people aren’t hiring
disabled people but you need to. It’s a great thing. But don’t do it as like a pity party, “Oh, these poor disabled people.” Like, uh-huh. I don’t want to be the token disabled person. I don’t want to be
the token deaf employee. What you need to be doing
instead is say, hire disabled people
because they can do the job. See, I was trying to apply
for many, many jobs, “regular and normal”
jobs for years and years and nobody was taking me
for even an interview, except for Chipotle and that ended up
in an absolute disaster. And then all these other people were like, “We don’t think you’re going
to be able to do these jobs because you can’t hear.” Well, now I can barely stand up
for a long period of time but we would not be
applying for these jobs if we didn’t think that
we’d be able to do it, right? Or maybe we might apply anyway,
just hope for the best, but hey. I’m deaf. And when I saw this Japanese TV show
about air traffic controllers, I really, really wanted to be
an air traffic controller. I thought it was going to be
the coolest job ever. Also because I love airports. But, like, come on,
that would have been so cool. However, the requirements are, you have to have very good vision
and very good hearing. I have very good vision
but I don’t have very good hearing. So, I knew I wasn’t going to
be able to get that job. So, I wasn’t going to apply for it,
’cause why would I? Just to be told no? No thanks.
We’re smart cookies. We know what we can and cannot do, right. So, some of the replies I’m reading. (READS POST) And the reply to that was… (READS POST) And then, like I said,
the biracial woman who said take it off, they took it off but the rest
of the people involved allowed them to keep their pictures up
with their heads chopped off. Also, the heads that they
took off of abled bodies to put onto the disabled bodies,
to my knowledge, those are famous people, that I guess,
they’re famous Swedish actors or whoever. I don’t know. I didn’t really look closely
at who they were. And, so when they put those
heads on the bodies it would say,
but what about these people? Would they make it, if these famous people
were suddenly disabled would you still like them? I kind of hate it
when people do that. I mean, yeah, anybody could be disabled
at any given time. The man who is a disabled wheelchair user
in ‘NCIS New Orleans’, he became disabled and yeah,
he is in a wheelchair now. So, anybody can become disabled
at any given moment but it’s just so weird to me
that you would just take people and like, if you took my body and put… I don’t know, Jennifer Lawrence’s
head on my body, I would just feel very disturbed about it. It’s hard for me to put into exact words
why this is so disturbing and why it’s so wrong. I wish I could just like,
take the feeling that I have out of my body and just like, put it onto the camera
and then you all would get it. But for some reason,
I just can’t put it into words. If one of you watching this
can put it into words for me, please leave it in a comment
for people to read, because it’s not coming to me. This is why it’s very important to get disabled people involved
in the creative process and there were no disabled people
involved in this process. This whole ad campaign was created
by the Swedish government. It wasn’t a business, like,
a small business of any kind, it was the Swedish government. And it’s not like the Swedish government couldn’t have asked for actual
disabled input beyond, “Hey can I have a picture of you so I can crop your head off and attach your body
to an abled person’s body or head?” If they had just gotten disabled input
from the get-go there would have been
a whole better way to go about this. Like, we likely could have gotten a campaign that was more,
disabled people can do these things, just because one person cannot hear does not mean that they
cannot do this thing. Just because one person cannot see,
does not mean that they can’t do other things. There are blind and deaf people
who work at the Apple stores, for crying out loud. There are deaf people working at Google. I don’t understand. And I know, I get it, they wanna like
do the whole tear-jerking, pulling the sap, the tears out of the abled people. But to hurt us in the end,
I don’t like that. I’m personally not a fan of it. You may agree or disagree. And with that, you can
leave your thoughts down in the comments. If you would like to help
translate this video I’ll have a translation link
down below in the description box. Always helps out. Thank you for taking the time
out of your day to watch this video and I will see you later. Bye. (OUTRO MUSIC)


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  2. I would say the photos are misrepresentation. Here, we had slogans meant to encourage hiring of the Deaf, which were – 1 Hire the Deaf. It's good business and 2 Deaf workers are not shirkers.

  3. In the UK you aren't allowed to pay disabled people less than others that are equally qualified or the same age (you get payed less if 16-18 years of age at minium wage) but the accomodations to suit people's disabilities made are not the best and tend to have to be fought for in a lot of cases.

  4. To any vegans watching this and that admire Durianrider, you are admiring a very mentally ill man. I made a comment about his toupee on another person's video that was showing his fake hair. So Durianrider decided to attack my 9 month old baby grandson Jack who is perfectly healthy and normal. Here's what your sick and twisted Durianrider YouTuber wrote to me." does baby jack have autism? my friends baby does. too keep his mouth closed they use a rubber band." Why he decided to use autism of children as a cruel comment and joke shows how mentally ill he is. My grandson does not have autism, but to those parent's children who do have it, Durianrider's comment is beyond disgusting. I will be spreading his comment on Autism sites as well as many others. I reported him under child abuse to his friend's child. Anyone who jokes about a disability is beyond mentally unbalanced, they are sick, twisted, and psychotic. Vegans keep proving themselves to be mentally ill.

  5. I have a friend who works for Wal Mart. He has CP. He can walk, but standing for long periods of time is no fun. He has one of those cool wheelchairs with the bent wheels. And he can push fast! So, he had been working as the front end person. The greeter/holler at ppl who are leaving the store when the beeper goes off position. He was great at it. I would sit in the electric scooter and chat with him. One day, in half an hour, at least 12 people yelled hello to him. Then, the management, in it's "wisdom" decided they did not want someone in a wheelchair in that position and they demoted him to a cashier! Did I mention the part about it not being so great for him to stand for 8 or 9 hours a day?
    I think I bitch about this more than he does, because he also happens to be a Sensei! Yes, they adapt Karate for him. And he works out so that he is a Man of Steel! 🙂 His work ethic is amazing.

    I"m sure there was a point to the above ramble.

    I love that several companies work with Molly Burke to get input on how to make their products better for the Blind.

  6. TLDR: Just talking about the feeling of seeing a cropped image of myself, as well as a small rant about working as a disabled person.

    For me personally that feeling of cropping is like… a weird combination of feeling Body/face shamed mixed with like the feeling of pure, unadulterated judgement. Like…. I understand the concept they were reaching for with the famous people; but it gives me this sense of objectifying my body for personal gain whilst simultaneously saying that my face isn't pretty/attractive or worthy enough to be recognized in the campaign? I would personally look at something like that and feel so heartbroken as well confused. It's my body but it's incomplete, so I'm staring at myself but it's not me? And then the judgement comes from the fact they would have looked at my body, looked at my face and either very consciously or subconsciously said "Close but not quite" or something. Idk if there's an exact word for the feeling but I would be a very flooded mixture of Confused, offended and self-conscious about the entire image if that had happened to me.

    I can do almost everything just as well as abled coworkers, I just often have to do them differently or ask for help. I'm so so lucky that I'm able to have a full time job as a disabled person, but I'm even more lucky to be able to say "Hey, can you grab that for me, I can't bend down" or "hey can you do this quick thing for me since I can't lift it/I'm likely going to drop it".

    So to hit that point of pity in abled peoples mind is just so disheartening. My ability to work full time is also exhausting, painful, stressful and terrifying on a level that only fellow disabled people really understand, it's not someone's inspiration or "Ohh you poor thing, you're so brave".

    This entire campaign is so infuriating and I can rant for hours about this crap.

    but that aside thank you for the videos you make Rikki!!

  7. Off topic: It's National Cat Day!

    I wonder if they were trying to be sarcastic with this ad? Or showing anger? I can almost see that.

  8. This ad is definatly illegal there doesn't seem to be much equality in the U.S if an employer can pay less to a disabled person than an abled bodied love you rikki thanks for all your informative videos

  9. I actually expected something worse. This was poorly executed and if it's true and they used the pictures without the consent of the original models, I hope they get sued. But I don't see such a negative message in there. I see it more like this way (let's say it's Angelina Jolie in a wheelchair): "Would have Angelina made it this far in Hollywood if she were in a wheelchair? Or would you – from your first glance – not have given her a chance because she was disabled? How many disabled people did you turn away which could have been Hollywood stars and you missed that chance? So, don't discriminate against disabled people because of their disability – they might be one of the best in their field. Don't miss your chance."

    The message to me is that employers might miss their chance to hire someone extraordinary because they wouldn't look past their disability. So they are trying to make them look beyond someone's disability and that's something good. I don't feel like they pity disabled people or want others to pity them. I'm kind of optimistic and usually see the good in people, so that's why I see it like that.

  10. I took a still image of your video, photoshopped you out of it and just put animated dancing Ricardo in place. (Not really)

    For me it appears more like "Look, look at these poor disabled people, just give them a job or press F"

  11. Wow, this ad really shows that they have no idea how to promote hiring disabled people. Even someone like me, whose only disabilities are invisible (I have extreme anxiety, regular migraines, abdominal migraines, osteoarthritis, nerve damage in my ankles, and diabetes) can take one look at that and say “that’s not right, it’s obviously trying to make you pity people who are perfectly capable of doing the work.” For me, it’s kind of akin to disability porn like YouTube videos showing a deaf person “hearing” for the first time after a cochlear implant. And yes, even for the State of California, their departments are allowed to hire disabled people at a lower pay rate than able-bodied people. I mean, at least they hire quite a few disabled people, but they need to give them the same pay for the same work ffs. Thank you for this video; it’s important to know when these things happen, even for a mostly able bodied person like me – Because I’m an advocate.

  12. The feeling about taking people's bodies and putting able people's heads on them, to me it's dehumanising the disabled people. They thought those disabled people weren't notable enough to have their identities shown, that their bodies were used for able bodied identities. It's almost saying that disabled people are their disabilities, not actual people. If they were so set on using those actor's identities, then have the actors sit in a wheelchair (not that it would have made it any better, it wouldnt be exploiting disabled ppl). It's taking advantage disabled people's bodies for an ableist message, which is just gross.

  13. I was hired and then I was fired from those same jobs that I was hired on sometimes by By a Different manager

  14. I live in Sweden where this advertisement comes from and can tell it has become a damn life about it. and they have chosen to take down signs with the advertising that has been put up

  15. Thank you for addressing this! I can't believe how poorly thought out some things are. The fact that they have whole teams of people that ok'd this shows how deep the problem really goes.

  16. The only problem i see here is, our people accepting what they offer them. If they accept what they offer them for whatever reason, then there is nothing else what to do, except for educate them to value themselves and not to accept whatever they offer them just because the lack of money or whatever! To teach them to think it tiwce before they accept whatever!

  17. Just…. No. Violated is the word I think you are looking for. Kinda sick tbh. To me yeah it says “I’m gonna be the hero for you; but your faces don’t look the part.” It’s putting disabled people power away in a way…. telling community “let’s feel sorry for them”

  18. – We should make an add for people to hire disabled people.
    – How should we make that ?
    – By not hiring disabled people in our add ?
    – Sounds about right !

  19. To add a bit info. The campaign was from Ardetsförmedlingen which is a national employment service run by the government. It is through them you get work aids like hearing assistance devices etc when you got a new job. But most people working there hardly know about it and it can take a long time and effort to get help from them. Even if you already got a job they force you to register as employment seeker in order to get help.

  20. I live in Stockholm (I can even tell you at which subway station the picture was taken) and those ads got taken down real quick. Why they were even approved in the first place? A mystery. They've had other campaigns before with actually disabled people so I'm wondering what they were trying to achieve here…

  21. The whole issue around abled bodied peoples attitudes towards hiring disabled people terrifies me…
    Next year I am starting my first 'real' job in the financial services sector, after university. My new employers have no idea about my disability. (For context, I'm currently HoH and will be deaf sometime in the next 5 years) I'm actually terrified of what this means for my career, and it hasn't been started yet…
    I have been through hundreds of job applications, and everytime I disclose that I'm disabled I immediately get treated differently.
    I sometimes feel bad that I hid my disability from my new employers, but being honest about it has been destroying my career before it's even started….

  22. It's because you have a very defined view of who you are. I'm not going to say everyone but most of the stories I hear about disabled people is that they had to figure out who they are in relation to their disability. At some point an able body idiot is going to make them uncomfortable and they have to recognise it. They have to define what that means. And just slapping someone's face on them erases everything they did to get to that moment. It's disgusting

  23. i worked for a tech company that hired a deaf guy…he was brilliant
    but no one in the small company knew how to sign
    he read lips, but we techies are bad at communicating and usually talk too fast and make terrible eye content
    i dont think he felt very comfortable and he left after 6 months
    the issue of employment and the disabled is huge

  24. regarding 6:05, about why it's uncomfortable for them to crop the models' heads and put famous people on instead:

    – it's objectifying – the disabled people in those ads are literally *just bodies*. they have been completely removed from the context of their faces, and are being put on display as The Scary Thing That Could Happen So You Should Feel Sad.

    – it's saying the same thing we've heard a hundred times: a disabled person's worth is measured by their perceived worth before they became disabled. they're acting on the assumption a viewer wouldn't care about the images of actual disabled people, and had to make them "important" by using prominent ableds. fundamentally flawed.

  25. As a person with a disability ( Spina Bifida) that’s kind of disturbing and very very wrong! I mean I have a weak left side. And it’s like telling us how we can’t do anything! Really?! It’s really outrageous and I’m so beyond sick of people telling us what we can do let alone the AD’s on billboards and tv telling us the same.

  26. The people that were photographed didn’t know that they were gonna do that either. Therese felt so bad and went through a lot of work to take them down and to apologize. Such an awful idea.

  27. What they were probably trying and failed to do by putting these celebrities faces onto disabled bodies was to get people to look at us in a more humanized way, but didn't it cross their minds that that could be done with idk actual disabled representation?

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