How does social distancing slow the spread of disease?

(upbeat music) Instructor: If you are sick, and then come in contact with friends, family or co-workers, you can easily infect them even before you show symptoms. And when those people come in contact with their friends, and family, and co-workers, well, disease can spread rapidly and that’s the big problem. But when we get sick, and we stay away from others until we feel better, or until we are no longer contagious, the spread of disease slows down. We only have so many doctors and nurses to care for patients. When lots of people get sick all at once, the healthcare system can’t keep up and many people can’t get the care they need. Enter social distancing. If we all do our part to do simple things like stop shaking hands, avoid large crowds, and stay home from work and school, we can slow down the pace of disease, giving doctors and nurses the time they need to care for everyone. And that means you can get healthy faster, and then we can all get back together.

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