Harry Quigley | Ophthalmology

>>I’m Harry Quigley, I’m
Professor of Ophthalmology. I’m a Hopkins lifer. I have been here since
1967 as a medical student and trained at Harvard, The
Bascom Palmer Eye Institute in San Francisco, but
here at Wilmer since 1977. I take care of glaucoma patients. I do research on glaucoma
and we educate some of the finest young people in the world. Our fellowship training
here at The Glaucoma Center of Excellence for Fellows is
considered the top program in the country and if you were
to come here as a patient, you would meet some of
these excellent young people and see them learning. The Glaucoma Center of
Excellence is nine of us, specialists in various
areas of taking care of your problem with glaucoma. Whether your problem is a
simple one, the question of whether you have glaucoma at
all, is a frequent question patients come with and
very often we can tell them they don’t have glaucoma,
despite having been told they do. If your problem is highly
complex, we have the most advanced and modern surgical techniques,
as well as other approaches that can help make your life
better with the disease. The last 25 years we’ve begun
adding other specialists who work internationally
in glaucoma to our group. We look at how the functional
effects of the disease can change the quality of your
life and how we can make that better through rehabilitation. The research done by our group
is the most cited research in the field of ophthalmology
in the last 30 years. We’re very proud of developing
new techniques for diagnosis and treatment of this disease. We look forward to seeing
you as a patient at The Glaucoma Center of
Excellence at Wilmer Institute.

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