Greg Hunt MP video message – World Sight Day 2019

well today is the World Health
Organisation’s world sight day in Australia vision 2020 is taking the lead
and I want to thank and congratulate everybody associated with vision 2020
for your leadership and your practical action in this space in Australia we
know that the challenge of eyesight is that over fifty percent of Australians
about thirteen point two million Australians have one or more long-term
eye conditions that can affect eyesight in some way shape or form across the
general population we know that 70% of long-term blindness is in some way
associated with macular degeneration that’s why we’re investing three million
dollars in a national macular degeneration plan to help with the
understanding to help with people to seek early treatment and early diagnosis
and above all else to ensure that Australians understand that there is
support in addition to that we’ve been advancing the keep sight program with
Oculo and others and that’s such an important way of providing support for
early diagnosis and intervention within indigenous Australia there’s a
particular challenge and that’s why we’ve set the very clear goal of ending
avoidable indigenous blindness on our watch in our time by 2025 and this is an
immensely important project we’re investing 42 million dollars in helping
to achieve that goal of eradicating avoidable indigenous blindness in
particular together we are making huge strides on trachoma and this is
something that can give young children a very different future from that which
they would otherwise have if their trachoma was not treated through early
intervention so I want to thank all of you for what you’re doing on the World
Health Organisation’s world sight day and to urge all Australians to seek
early diagnosis to seek an eye test if they are experiencing
in difficulties and to realize that in many cases that early diagnosis and
early treatment can make the difference so as people can keep their sight

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