Gov. Baker issues stay-at-home advisory, effective Tuesday


  1. Good, $ 400, is not enough. Make it $500, penalty for extreme stupidity. Now travel, should be included. When saying travel, is that within state, or from state to state? Travel is a sporadic means, to exacerbate the problem. So be stricter with fines, and stay home policies. Thank you for control. However consistent harmony must be enacted in sll the USA states, period! Work with boss Governor Coumo, of NY. God continue to inspire and bless.

  2. Ima stock mngr at a grocery store outside pcola FL. And and none of are people cant find masks and gloves anywhere as long as this goes on everywhere it will not slow the spread ! Before the virus are tiny 5 thousand sq foot building averaged 8 ta 10 thousand a day and now we only have 3 cases in our county an its made 25000 a day since this started ! Nomatter how much i order only half of the order comes in ! And the shelves are empty 3 hours later and getting worse by the day ! So please be careful and are elected officials need to think about the spread at the second busyiest places in the world right now the grocery stores !

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