hi guys I said that I would do a glitter eye makeup tutorial for you guys because I think people like to look at my glittery eyes and I really want to show you guys how I do my like glitter eyes I think it looks awesome because every time I go out people like well your eyes look amazing and I can share this with the world so yeah I just like love glitter so much that I started to put it on my eyes so I think that you guys will appreciate it too I’m gonna move to my bathroom so I can show you guys because it’s got better lighting in there and like I’m filming quite late so it’s gonna get darker and darker so yeah this is the finished eye makeup look and it’s called glittery eyes by me hi guys so this is the finished look that I’m going to be showing you guys today how to do this look and yet it’s very fun thing to do realize I just really love glitter and I love glitter so much like I always put like glitter over my face when I go to parties so yeah this is such a cool like party look if you really want to but yeah I do it every day because I’m I’m weird and crazy so yeah I’m gonna capture you i’ma capture you okay first up I just want to let you know that I haven’t been sponsored by anybody and this is purely just me doing my makeup and showing you guys how I do glitter yes so yeah firstly we’re gonna do liquid eyeliner so yeah this is how we do it this is how we’re doing it okay I’m a very random and weird person in the first place so yeah you just want to delicately do a flick like how I’ve done as you can see and fill it in like try aim your flick towards like your eyebrow bear my eyebrow comes down a bit low but yeah yeah now you have two flicks on either side of your eyes you want to start by using Bobbi Brown and this is snow number one in the eye shadow thing and yeah going to do is you want to put it on that inner corner of your eye so see this is something that will make your eyes look a lot bigger um in my opinion I just like from eyes so yeah next you want to put eyeshadow on the top of your eyelid and this is by glam eyes and this is number two smokey Bron um so ya get a palette like this it’s got four colors and what you want to do is you want to get the lightest color and you want to put it on the base of your eye basically for the eyeshadow once you’ve highlighted the top of your eyes what you want to do is you want to keep going with the color so go from here to here to here to here looks a little messed up right now but it will get better don’t worry I’ve got a black eye liner which I’m going to put on the inner corner of my eye and yeah and it’s by Lacombe what you want to do is you just want to go like this and yeah you can see the difference between here and here see you to do it to the other side Allah this so far this is the fun part it’s the glitter part so first thing you want to do by Mac and where I got them if you live in London or anywhere in like England I got them from downstairs and Covent Garden so yeah I forgot these two um this one’s called gold and this one’s called reflex pearl this one’s called reflex antique gold and yeah I got it as a tester but it looks like that and it’s really nice um I’m going to show you what the other ones look like this one looks like that it’s very it’s like literally it reflects like glitter is so cool and also this one which is very sparkly so how I do it is I put eyelash glue on the inner corner of my eye so you have to be very careful when you do this I have a product called this thing which is also meant to help it stick to your eye because you can’t just put it on you literally have to stick it to your eye but eyelash glue works so much better when I do it for this bit yeah um get up what I do is I let you get a clump glitter now go like this I put on my life okay most people would be like dude you’ve got glitter all over your face but I’m also this kind of person that really doesn’t care you might want to put like something over your face to prevent a load of glitter getting over your face because this happens to me every time yeah just brush it off your face now we’ve got to the tree eyes as you can see these two glittery eyes I also bought from that there is this mixing medium cream which is also like the eyelash glue but to be honest with this it kind of like cracks up so for the bottom like side of my eye I just use eyelash glue but for the top so on my eyelids I use this because it’s so much better and yeah next thing I do is I just get this and I put it like so as you can see kind of go below it make sure to blend it out and next you want to use the 712 710 Twilight Zone and it’s this and I just use the black on it and what I do is I just put it here just for a bit more definition so on the outer corner just a bit of black firstly what you want to do is you want to get this lovely thing right here get a bit on your finger just like I so it’s open your fingers and put it on the top eyelid of your eye to pick your eyelid yeah I like to get a bit white put someone just on that bit of your eye to continue with the gold and what I like to do is I like to get to get a big bit of gold and go like this yeah so I’ve got block gold all over my face right now um but oh wow hmm and it’s the other side and I’m going to put it on the inner corner of it like on the crease bag I just do your liquid eyeliner over it again because it’s more likely that everything is kind of gone over the liquid eyeliner but I like to do it first so I know the basis and yeah and I can just do it over again great next I’m gonna be using the swisco which is the volume million lashes so Couture by L’Oreal and my mum to sport it for me here on the sky row basically thank you for watching if you enjoyed this video don’t forget to give me a thumbs up because it helps me out a lot and don’t forget to subscribe for weekly videos every single Thursday because upload most weeks and also I hope that you enjoyed watching this video because it was really fun to make and I really think this is such a fun way to like go listen up your dono party if you’re going to a party or whatever oh yeah ever you wanted to share this with you guys because sharing is caring and also yeah I really thought this was a really nice eye makeup thing and I think other people really enjoy it as well just as much as I have so yeah feel free to steal my look peace and love to all my peace lovers out there and I’ll see you guys next week bye


  1. If you've ever gone through a traumatic event you might understand how one can spiral downwards…except in her case a million people were watching and criticizing her while she was in torment. If u watch her newest videos you will see her almost totally back to her old self. I think she is a very brave and inspiring young woman, who's a rock for anyone who has struggled.

  2. not that I need to worry because I'll never wear makeup, but I'd be scared to get glitter in my eyes 😮

  3. I've seen your recent tweets and I'm worried about you you're an amazing person and YouTuber. I know I'm not a YouTuber but I'm always here for you. I hope everything is going ok lots and lots of love ❤️

  4. I haven't watched Marina's videos in a while and I've missed them so much! It's just so cozy to watch! You rock Marina!!! Looove

  5. Rpm hava enmplfy ? rpm. gente vao no utimo video dela e verão um comentario dizendo o seguinte se tiver algo estranho acontesendo faz um coracoa na sua mao e ela fez entao ajude
    descobrir oq ela tem em um video ela sosura relpem. q traduzido para o portugues é me ajude em outros videos podemos ver uma arma de fogo ela esta com machucados alguns dias atras ela postou um vídeo. no quintal podemos observar um dedo como se alguem tivese pbrigand o ela a fazer. e no mesmo video. no canto da para ver um folha oq é muito estranho esta folha pode ta escrito oq ela temq fala. se observar bem no olho dela vcs iram ver um homem … e em outro video quando ela pula escutamos barulho de corrente e tam em um comentario fala assim se tiver acontesendo algo estranho porste um emoji de gato no tuiter e o pedido foi atendido ela postou .. izso pode ser o namorado dela. ela tem se comportazo muito eztranha com olhares medonho e tal num videu q foi postado alguns dias atras podemos ver alguem na porta como se estiveze fazendo algo errado marina se estiver acontesendo algo mostra sua roupa. favorita para nos

  6. You👏are👏so👏good👏At 👏makeup👏
    I love ur content keep up the good work 👍👍❤️❤️

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