Glaucoma Specialist: Felipe Medeiros, MD, PhD

I’m Felipe Medeiros. I’m an ophthalmologist and
a glaucoma specialist. I manage patients with glaucoma or
those who are suspected of having glaucoma as well as
patients with cataract. And these two conditions
are more common as we age. My approach when managing patients
is to first listen very carefully to what they have to say about their
conditions so I can get the best possible understanding of how their
condition is affecting them. And then based on that, I strive to apply the best available evidence-based
knowledge to help them, to help manage their condition,
always keeping the balance between the risks and benefits of
the tests and treatments that I recommend. As Director of Clinical Research in
the Department of Ophthalmology, I’m involved in setting up clinical
trails that aim at developing innovative treatments for
these conditions. But when I’m not seeing patients and
not doing research, I enjoy spending time with my wife and
my little daughter and I also enjoy travelling and drumming,
that’s one of my passions as well.

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