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hi Spoopy Matpat(AKA MadPat): When it gets dark, they will awaken… The children’s spirits will rise… They will kill you. They’ll just walk out in the morning, stepping over your corpses one, by one. YOU are intruders. None of you will survive the night… And what make you think the won’t kill you? Because I… am one of them! (Sister location trailer music) Normal Matpat: Hello Internet! Welcome to GAME THEORY! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Still available to consult on the FNAF movie storyline SERIOUSLY Scott, I’ll be waiting by the phone, Because I can practically GUARANTEE I put more collective hours of thought into counting animatronic toes, (starts listing) tracking eye colours, listing out the differences between pizzerias, diners and rental services, parsing out your phone guy calls and counting and REcounting and RECOUNTING again: the number of dead child carcasses left in your story’s wake, than LITERALLY anyone else out there. I mean, I’ve even gone so far as to do the UNTHINKABLE for these Sister Location videos: That’s right, I REread The Silver Eyes In an ironic twist, it took longer than the actual game. Now, here I am piecing together this script after, I kid you not, a weekend spent doing NOTHING but thinking about these games. Writing and REwriting timeline after timeline, to account for all the nonsensical easter eggs shoved into this 4 hours experience. And you know the conclusion that I’ve reached? That your version of events isn’t satisfying. That ANY theory I come up with that attempts to bend over backwards, and cobble together every line of dialogue, design detail and character motivation, will be over-complicated at best, and inherently FLAWED at worst. And that’s not me admitting defeat, it’s a fundamental problem with the series right now; this one just tried too hard to do too many things. You’ve got elements of the past four games, mixed in with FNAF world, mixed in with the book, ALL of which at this point has questionable canonicities, conflicting story-lines, and competing dates, couple that with characters that MIMIC other characters, characters that LIE to you and characters that may not even EXIST across the differently story threads of the franchise, and it’s unclear if this is a continuation of the books, If it’s a continuation of the games, or just an outright REBOOT of some kind. The best analogy I can think of is that it’s like the giant human glob you turn into at the end of Inside: a mass of limbs all struggling to work together to move in one direction, but all just flailing out, randomly. And honestly, it could have been EASY, with Scott saying that the original story was completed with FNAF 4, you could have just said that Sister Location was aligned with the book and FNAF World to start paving the way for the movie. But then you couldn’t help yourself Scott, you just had to throw in those FNAF 4 easter eggs, huh? And those put everything into chaos! And it’s not just me feeling it; based on what I’m reading online, a lot of FNAF theorists sense that the lore contained in Sister Location is a game changer, but then they don’t exactly know why or what to do with it, stuggling under the weight of explaining away Ennards and Babies, Mikes and Williams, Casual Bongos and Exotic Butters, what’s an easter egg, what’s a tongue-and-cheek reference, and what is actual CANNON. So understandably, there’s some confusion about what’s actually going on in this game. And THAT is what I’m out to solve in these videos. Picking Sister Location apart to definitively put together which details matter, and why this is such a monumental game for the franchise’s lore. So go ahead, keep your plots vague and convoluted Scotty-boy! I’m here to translate your madness to the world! First off, who are we playing as? Historically, the protagonist of Freddy’s games have had a varying degree of importance. There are those like Mike and Fritz, who, for all we can tell, were just names with the sole purpose of filling out the ‘TO’ line on a paycheck. Sure, they may have been red-conned into some importance now, but, they were never really intended to be that way. Then there was the crying child of FNAF 4, hospitalised and trapped in a waking nightmare; slightly more important, I would hazard to say. And the game RECOGNISES this, as, during your first encounter with the new animatronic, Baby, she calls out: (Baby) Answering the question of who you play as in Sister Location is more important than any of the rest of the games in the franchise, since it practically DICTATES every other element of this story: Why you’re there, what the endings mean, what this location stands for, how this fits in to the overall timeline It’s a BIG DEAL! Now personally, based on the silhouette in the mirror, my first guess is to say that we’re playing as Rick Astley (XD) and Scott is just committing the most elaborate Rick role in history! (music) I mean just LOOK at that hair! It’s an exact match! And let’s face it, Scott has proven that he’s not above trolling us… But assuming he has a little more respect for the fanbase than that, there could only be ONE possible conclusion here: In Sister Location, we play as William Afton! Purple Guy himself! And NO, I’m not just saying that because the eyes in the ending are purple, like literally everyone else on the internet’s been saying, sure, it’s a nice detail that may HINT at Scott’s intentions, but it’s NOT PROOF. For PROOF, we begin by turning to the in-game dialogue: On your quest to unlock the game’s ‘fake’ ending the animatronics taunt you with these little bits of dialogue, spoken by a young girl, in a British sounding accent: (Girl) (Baby) So we know that whoever the player is, has some sort of connection to this mysterious young girl, but who is she? Well, throughout the game, between nights, we hear the same girl pressing her father to let her play with Baby, saying things like: (Girl) From that small snippet, we can not only tell that our character is her FATHER, but that he’s also in some way the CREATOR, or has some level of CONTROL over the animatronics. This in turn narrows the field down by QUITE a bit, to TWO men: William Afton, and Henry… No-Last-Name-Given. The two co-founders of Fazbear Entertainment, as introduced in FNAF’s Silver Eyes. By the way, low blow Scott – forcing people to READ in order to have ANY sort of clue as to what’s going on in the franchise now?! Cuz’ seriously, without reading the book, you would have no clue the importance of William Afton. Ah well, That’s what I’m here for ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) I read it so you don’t have to! Kind of like the nostalgia critic… Anyway, based on the girl’s accent, and William Afton’s similar dialect at the beginning of the game: (W. Afton) It would SEEM as though we have ourselves a match. Today on Maury: You ARE the FATHER! (cheers in background) Let’s not be too hasty there Maury! We can be even MORE sure. In the games ‘real’ ending, you get yourself tricked, becoming animatronic fodder as the machine scoop out your internal organs and replace them with endoskeleton cords. Now this REALLY bothered me, since it’s like the antithesis of what we expect from our stories when we beat the game. Here I am, wanting to finish my night ‘n return to home to my basket of EXOTIC BUTTER but NO, that’s reserved for the ‘fake’ ending. Becoming a flesh suit is SOMEHOW CANON to the series. I wanted to write it off as jumping the shark, like ‘hey, we’re getting a little bit too absurd right now’, but then I realised this is a franchise built on haunted animatronics, chasing you through a PIZZA restaurant, after they’ve been killed by a serial killer, hiding in a mascot suit, filled with killer springs… So uhm… crossing the line of absurdity… Yeah, I think we’re long past it at this point. Becoming a flesh suit is an oddly specific event to be integral to the lore, and yet, there it is…! So we’re left with two options: Scott’s either completely lost it at this point, or he has some other plan for this character; and indeed, he DOES, as the novel once again shows us why this odd story turn is so important. In its pages, we’re treated to all sorts of lines that make it clear Mr Afton is the the one who gets himself STUFFED. Page 407: Quote: End quote. And again, two pages later: Quote: (Interupts quote) Uh- sorry, Dave is the fake name for William Afton in the novel, he’s hiding out in another identity… long story… Anyway, just go with it (Quote:) End quote. And there you have it, that totally just spelled it out for us, didn’t it? (Matpat quotes the quote) In fact, the book makes a huge deal about Afton’s eyes, OVER and over again, like when the character John describes seeing Afton kidnap his friends, on pages 120 to 122 Quote: End quote. Died along time ago, you say? Like, perhaps, in an underground murder bunker, doubling as a distribution centre, perhaps? Now real quick, let’s pause here and have some real talk to Ennard, Baby and the gang… Guys, we’re gonna have a bit of an intervention here. If your goal is to blend in with the outside world and look like us… look like any other human? Choosing to go with the PURPLE EYES is NOT gonna be helpin’ your cause all that much. Artificial Intelligence? More like Artificial Idiots. (good one Matpat) Do your homework, Humans don’t have purple eyes. I mean seriously, you have a blue-eyed animatronic just WAITING to go. Look, there’s Foxy, he has brown/orange eyes. Great. Anyway, I digress. Who am I to judge. Maybe we’re all left to assume Afton walks around in those cool coloured contacts. Anyway, it’s not just the eyes that give away Afton as the animatronics meat puppet, his overall physicality has undergone a DRASTIC change over the years, as well. On page 418, We hear that Afton started off: ‘Financially shrewd Santa Claus, huh? No one said the writing of this book is any good – There’s clearly a reason why only 500 people made it all the way through this book. And I say that, because on Amazon Kindle they actually show you the most popular highlighted sections, and like, they all drop off by midway through the book, so… I can only assume that I am the ONLY person who made it ALL the way through. (XD) The things I do for you… (sure Matpat, sure.) Anyway, soon after, our financially ‘shrewd Santa Claus’ is accused of murder, is RELEASED due to no bodies being found and then he skips town. However, when he comes back, he’s a CHANGED person. Quote: (he continues quoting) “as if he had forgotten how to smile” “he looked like a poor fest simile of himself” End quote. So when he comes back to town, he’s not only lost a tonne of weight, but he looks like a poor copy of himself? So that’s us reading the SUBtext of these lines, but you don’t even have to read BETWEEN those lines! Afton tells us directly in the quote I used at the top of this episode! Quote: (continuing quote) ‘, he said.” I mean let’s face it, it is HARD to argue with THAT one. He is OUTRIGHT saying, he is an animatronic. Reading the book the first time, y’all assumed he’s like ‘oh, he has a kindred spirit with these animatronics, because he loves them so much, and he dresses as one’ and this and that, but OH NO! After playing Sister Location, it takes on a WHOLE NEW MEANING. Now there are two major complaints against ‘Afton Theory’: One, that Baby’s first lines are: (Baby) and two, that none of it makes sense if Afton bleeds out in Springtrap in FNAF 3. But there’s an easy answer for both of these situations: First, think back to the FNAF world ending, where ‘Desk Guy’, who, in our last episode, we establish as Henry No-Last-Name-Given, William Afton’s partner in the Freddy Fazbear’s franchise, confesses to building Baby. HE’S the CREATOR, the one Baby would be most familiar with, and not necessarily Afton. So Baby not recognising Afton isn’t all that much of a stretch. And regarding Purple Guy’s death, we see in the book that William is covered in scars, scars left over from surviving one major round of spring-trap failures. Quote: (continuing quote) “he raised his arms and turned slowly in a circle,” Also note that we never actually see Springtrap DIE in FNAF 3, just collapse into his own pool of blood and shiver there: the light never drains from his eyes! And Silver Eyes shows that its not only possible, but that William HAS indeed survived a springlock failure in the past. So could the FNAF 3 incident be the reason he has all those scars in the book? ABSOLUTELY! Also, according to the timelines, the events line up! All of the events of Silver Eyes take place in 1995, placing it LONG AFTER any events that we’ve seen in the games thus far, with the exception of Fazbear’s Fright, which may have been hallucinogenic dream sequence anyway… So all-in-all: we play as Purple Guy in Sister Location Handy_Unit: Thank you for selecting… Casual Bongos But why? What does all this mean for the plot of the game? It actually explains a lot, but from here, it also tends to get really complicated, because now we’re dipping into the FNAF 4 surveillance footage, FNAF 4 locations being tied to Sister Location, child experimentation and the identities of Baby and Ennard. So instead of rushing my way through it to get it all done in time, I’m gonna pause right here and hold all those explanations for the next episode. Now that we know WHO is playing the game, we need to know WHY and how it affects the rest of this series as we know it. So click that basket of Exotic Butter to subscribe and be informed of when the next half of this theory comes out. And in the mean time, listen to these casual bongos and do me a favour and vote: Sister Location! Yay! or Nay…? Was this the game that you were waiting for? Or did it end up under-delivering? Click on one to choose, and I’ll let you know next time how you all voted, and in the meantime, remember: It’s all JUST A THEORY A GAME THEORY! Thanks for watching!


  1. Michael Afton: first, my sister thinks I'm our father, then the animatronics think I'm my father, and now a theorist thinks I'm my father as well. It's not my fault I look almost exactly like him. Geez.

  2. Henry made Baby, so the "her" their saying is Henry's daughter. So It's not Afton who we play as. This was probably already said, but I like to give my own thoughts if I can.

  3. Halfway through the video I walked back to my room from the kitchen and walked through a massive invisible cobweb.

    I don’t normally hate spiders, but when I do…

  4. I just finished reading the book and it feels so satisfying to be familiar with the quotes in this video… 😂🤩

  5. I feel so accomplished to be one of the 500 people who completed “The Silver Eyes”.

    Queue the Graduation music

  6. Hi matpat I have figured out how many characters there are(including vr):
    First game:freddy,Bonnie,chica,foxy,golden freddy,5 souls,mike,phone guy,purple guy.
    Game 2: Fitzgerald,other night guard,toy animatronics,mangle,withered animatronics,shadow animatronics,puppet
    Game 3:springtrap,phantoms,phone dude
    Game 4:nightmares,nightmare,freddles,plushtrap,crying child,older brother
    Game 5:Funtime Freddy and foxy,ballora,minnirenna,bidybab,electrobab,lolbit,baby,Elizabeth
    Game 6:rockstar animatronics,lefty,lemonade and fruit punch clown,mediocre Melodys,trash and the gang,security puppet,helpy,ad person,(can’t remember the others but there’s like 15-20 more)
    Game 7:all of them
    Vr:all plus glitchtrap(except golden Freddy and ballora but she’s not important)

  7. Just for another video can you make my theory that I have so… golden freddy is Fredbear he [Fredbear] had an accident with his springlocks then he had been transferred into golden Freddy's body at the time of the accident golden freddy at the time of the accident was just a lifeless body set away and forgotten. But puppet had found the body and had transferred Fredbears soul into the golden freddy suit. Therefore crying child cant be golden freddy because golden freddy is fredbear the robot who had started the madness and had bitten the crying child. But it's just a theory a game theory!

  8. Can I say something

    Remember your theory that the fnaf 4 and sister location house wasn’t William Afton’s and that it was Henry’s house? Well, when you looked some coding didn’t you find “AftnRobotics”, I mean it doesn’t really make sense that William’s animatronics are in Henry’s house? Or maybe it was just Scott torturing us with red herrings, OR, JUST MAYBE, Henry and William became partners again, though Henry could have taken the kidnaping pain machines from William Afton and use them. JUST A GAME THEORY

  9. I just realized Ennard’s name is like Innard as in your innards and ennard ends up using Michael’s skin and becoming his Innards

  10. watches video
    Matpat still has more fnaf mysteries and I have me almost wanting to poop myself….yep I'll live I guess
    Fnaf will never end so he still has work

  11. 12:21 correct me if I’m wrong, but do we NOT see an animatronic with a skeleton in it walking the halls in one of the games?

  12. MatPat: "The player character is William Afton AKA Purple Guy who is trying to find his daughter!"
    Scott: "cool story, bro."

  13. I don’t recognize you…. you seem new… it is a strange thing…. to want to come here…. there is a space… under the desk…. that some one before you…. created and it worked for him…. I recommend you don’t make eye contact…. It will be over soon…. they will lose intrist…

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    Me: WHAT?!?!! WHY NO ONE TELL MEH!!!! XD (the books were good I read them all)

    Who do we play as?
    I don’t know maybe the NAME ON THE KEY PAD!?!?

  16. MatPat, I'm not saying you're a bad guy; you actually are a really good guy; that comment tho on the writing of the book… kind of rude.

  17. I know that this applies to nothing, but the eye-opening animation at the beginning of the episode was super good. We usually don't get actual frame by frame "animation" from this show and that was really good quality.

  18. Mat pat : this is the finally game!! YESSS YAYYYYY! * Scott : your wrong mat pat! makes more games mat pat : NOOOOOOOOO!* mat pat : why…..whyyyy?!*

  19. We play as Michael Afton not William Afton Michael Afton William Afton son that is the crying child bully Brother will play house as him to try to get our sister who is baby well her spirit possesses baby and yeah so we don't play as William Afton we play as Michael Afton

  20. You read the books but you disapprove me


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