Galaxy Book S Review: Featherweight, Ultra-Thin – And No WiFi Needed


  1. So, to sum up: bad screen, terrible keyboard, bad performance, compatibility issues and no obvious upside other than 4g LTE. No thanks.

  2. Hey, for video editing check-out A cloud-powered web app, perfect for video editing on the Galaxy Book S. It comes with 1-minute rendering on videos and real-time collaboration.

  3. 2:16 But are those compromises enough to reduce the phase variance to below 0.1 and keep Voyager at slipstream velocity?

  4. Like your way on how you present the product with your Outfit and facial expressions.. Keep it up. You are a true professional with your work and I like it. Thank you. Keep it up!

  5. I know this laptop isn't made for this since it's ARM based, so I've been on the fence about purchasing the Galaxy Book for my Girlfriend but would it be able to run WOW and Sims? I bought her a Lenovo back in 2017 with an Intel Core i3 and stock HD graphics card that runs them fine, but that laptop is dying and she's really into always connected laptops. From what I've read this Snapdragon ARM Chip is more efficient and powerful than an i5, so I'm sure that would be fine. I'm just worried about the lack of a graphics card. Like I said I know this isn't made for that, would it even be able to open the launchers for the games? I can't find any info online.

  6. I never understood why laptop never came with mobile data support. I get we had mobile cards but still. And this shouldn't be some new product category.

  7. It is a beautiful thing and impressive. Samsung is really becoming on par with Apple. They just need to partner with some higher end software companies for the Tab S6 to make it really great with this laptop aswell

  8. Been keeping tabs on this device, and watching reviews on it. Thanks MrMobile i know this device will meet my needs.

  9. I know these are fruits from different baskets, but should I consider exchange my surface pro to a laptop like that one?

  10. Tried this in store last week and was very impressed. It's so light and the screen is gorgeous, and the LTE and incredible battery life are huge draw cards. PWA apps work very well and for everyone other than creatives, this would do nicely.

  11. To be fair, your not buying that compter for intensive tasks, it's like the MacBook Air. By the way, progressive web apps are better for everyone, developers don't have to make an app for each platform and users can use whatever platform they want, the only thing we need are more capable web apps.

  12. I honestly don't get it. Aren't these just worse mobile devices? Worse because the standard windows GUI works so poorly for many applications.

    Wouldn't most users be better served with the slack and evernote apps on an iPad?

    It would make sense if these machines could run more powerful windows software, but they can't, so, what's the point!

  13. Had this for about a week then sent it back. Beautiful piece of tech but sadly I had to return it. Couldn’t run the programs I needed it to.

  14. So I guess I'll just keep my x360 w/ LTE modem and 8-10 hours of battery life. All the hoops they jump through to end up with THIS? Smh.

  15. a 4G/5G gaming laptop, with no datacap, would really be a master of all trades.

    sure, current battery tech won't allow you to game long, but anything else my aero 15x goes a solid 6-7hrs with normal usage (2 or less in games) on a 94wh battery

  16. I fail to understand why this channel has such less subscribers. This should be at 5M at least. Quality of production, script, and Mr. Mobile's voice, all exemplary.

  17. Funny thing is, when I use a Chromebook I almost always prefer the web app to the android app. There is also a Chromebook Plus for Verizon that has LTE in the Verizon store that would be an interesting comparison device.

  18. no thanks ill buy the lg gram at 15 hours of battery life with a 17inch screen. my phone can hotspot all the data i need which is not to much on the go.

  19. I wish I got this laptop, I have 2 year old laptop, I really need an upgrade, but I'm struggling with money 😢

  20. serious question: what percentage of people who are out for a mac can change their decision and get a windows pc because of say, hardware?

  21. Instead of keeping your device on standby and losing battery, you can instead hibernate it (with hibernation you won't lose any battery juice).

  22. Mr. Mobile. I danced to the tune when the video started. I got excited when you started talking. I get goosebumps when your throw your punchlines in the script. I staw in Awe when your phenomenal writing prowess and oratory skills describes the mundane things with that grandeur. The way you deliver yourself in these videos is nothing short of a perfect movie scene. May you get the recognition you deserve. And when you do we all will be clapping and cheering for you there. God speed my man.

  23. I will unlikely buy anything Michael reviews but the reviews themselves are so interesting I just have to watch them.

  24. I don't understand all the huff and puff about the one hand opening……what you don't have two freaking hands? I hate it when reviewer keep bring that up.

  25. For the first time instead of wanting the product I envy the fact that he's outside… Oh that quarantine life…

  26. Never understood how Blinkist worked till I saw this video…A big thank you for that… Great video as usual anyway… Would like to see more such always connected machines in the market with more power and bettery life in the future…

  27. I must be doing something wrong (or right) since I get about the same battery life (on a brand new battery) on the mid 2015 macbook pro I bought a few months ago. I'm not an apple fan either, I more or less had to buy it since coreaudio and final cut pro x are honestly way too good.

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