Fruits Picker I love | Smart Picker Tool | DIY | Fast and Accurate

Hello and welcome Take an empty bottle of soda. The plastic bottle 1.5 liter cut the bottle from the center into two parts Now I will create 4 triangles this is the simple way I am using for marking I will draw 4 lines inside the bottle I am making these horizontal and vertical line to make right size of 4 triangles watch the process carefully it is so simple This is the most strong shape of triangles which perform very well This is the basic ides of the whole tool now I am making holes on the tips and ropes will pass from here crossing each other I am using flexible thread. But you can use any strong thin rope or thread you can buy this mask from chemist. I love this tool Its amazing This the the main part of the video This is separate threat Working perfect Give me congratulations Real time testing


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