Fresh Prince of Kentucky Eye Care

This is a story all about how our lives got flipped-turned upside down and we’d like to take a minute just sit right there to tell you how JohnAnn became the boss of eye care. [Music] In Louisville, KY born and raised in her office is where she spends most of her days Chillin’ out maxin’, relaxing all cool, but don’t let that trick ya ’cause she ain’t no fool! When a couple of techs who were up to no good (not working up patients like she thought they should) Instead of getting in a fight she decided to share,>>”You’re all staying for a meeting at Kentucky Eye Care.” She whistled for a tech and when she came near She said, “stock all these rooms and get it in gear!” If anything we can say that our boss is rare, but then we thought naw forget it, its just Kentucky Eye Care We better clock in by 7 after 8 or she’ll yell at the tech,>>”Yo homes now you’re late!” We looked in her office, she was finally there to sit on her throne at Kentucky Eye Care. [Appaluse]

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