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hi everyone welcome back to my channel as you can see this no Meccano filter therefore we’re going to do some type of skincare demo today we’re going to aloe to it we are going to do a review of the Ferrero the brand-new iris I massage it’s not a new product but black color it’s brand new thank God they have a different color like pink purple and blue I think it’s a slightly too girly the black one actually was pretty nice so I’m very happy to have this and I get started let me show you how it’s going to work [Music] okay so if I start to a cool review this is the arm massage tool for the eye area and it’s mimicked it capping motion around the eye so it’s almost impossible to do this on your eye for like a 30 second or so all the work so when you turn on smashing it gives you the emotion capping they add a two different mo in there if you turn on right away this one beside top capping you also have a pausing and they’re kind of oscillating a little bit so help the circulation faster if you press again you get a sense of a difference for not tapping so if you’re very sensitive you want to do the taps twice so that’s maybe more gentle if you are more what about aging you can leave the first first more oh so you can reduce the speed faster slow pretty cool right so let’s let me show you how when do highs now if you look at my skin I’ll be such discoloration right here this is my biggest problem and I’m really thinking about try to do something a chemical peel or some type of laser treatment I haven’t done anything like that because I’m so scared of the needle my pain tolerance was minus 200 let me touch I’m hurting so I’m so scared trying different things the other issues I have is my eye area gets a little closer now I’m always a puffiness around my eye and I think that’s a lot to do with my allergy and I try a lot of skin care product you can really remove the puffiness because the allergy so I rely on a lot of massage technique that helps a little bit so today we’re going to do a two different type demo you can see this is definitely more puffy this is less puffy so on this one women use the Ferrero iris I massage just use the i lotion around here and for this one we’re going to use the SK to sign-sign and then followed by the massage technique see how that work around my eyes pretty cool huh ok2say time I’m going to use the SK to sign thine ass on this eyes only and this takes about a couple of minutes for them to really absorb the skin one thing I want to show you the proper way to use the IMS I see so many people do the wrong way I also lead us to eat I mean that’s not the best way to do but so I want to tell you how to do a problem the way that’s the best way basically so let me just get this correct or hold on to this one okay so when you remove the packet you need to remove the plastic first we kept our stick is a very hard and you don’t want it that touch your on the skin I’m going to get a little closer now okay okay so you want to place this the smaller ramp inner corner outer corners of bigger size that’s what you want to do I see a lot of people do reverse we need to reverse it’s nothing wrong but it doesn’t really go in here so this is what you need to do okay so now we’re going to leave this on for a few minutes while we do demo for this I I’m so smart okay so if you look at the iris massage by floor arrow is safe that you want to fly clean around here so I’m going to use my SK 2 facial trim and I the reason why I selected I lotions because my concerns puffiness and dark circles so I want to use to treatment that help address that normally you guys know that my techniques to massage the eye cream before I apply around the skin the center’s we’re going to we’re going to use the tool to massage so I’m putting a little bit more than usual so once again here this okay I’m going to get close to it and hear that so if you first turn on this did you hear that this is tapping and the pause so that is it like a spa technique and if you’re sensitive you want to avoid that so now we’re going to press one more time okay if you hear that the pauses on that now it’s simply that tapping me so we’re going to use tapping my now instructions that you just do a very lightly from in the corner to the outer corner for about thirty seconds I would say that when you do to go all the way in here really work the way out and then you just do the one funny eyebrow so that’s the first thing and then I want to do another one show you the first one the capping whoops the pause okay this is definitely more stronger I can feel that like this around it is called the T sonic technology okay all right thing I need this because my ice is disaster let me turn this off oh you can also speed up and speed down too so okay so I’m just going to massage a little bit more what do you think not too bad okay so now this is my own technique of course that you know as a skincare Esper I want to find different technique I have this eye mask on the bow I would say two minutes now now we’re going to turn on this used is over the eye mask let’s see hopefully won’t move too much I will get a little closer so okay so basically that you forcing the ingredients on my mask going underneath the skin so the masks you technically you should give a better results and I do a lot of technique like this using the mask and use the machine over it so but again this is my own technique I mean I don’t notice my person trying this so you’re the first one to see how this work because I can say remember this eye has a really bad puffiness so I really want this to be less noticeable I know it’s not going to go away is impossible but hey leave a comment below if you if you don’t have a very liar I massage too and let me know how you like your love to hear from you guys I definitely feel the colorblock it’s good this is the new color so that I’m happy to have that okay I think that’s long enough turn up okay so I’m going to remove the eye mask now okay just kind of go around the idol of it the thing about this type of machines you don’t want to overdo if you overdo it’s going to be too harsh for your eye area so I’m going to look just to show you I mean I still see puffiness but how do I say that it feels better and I think probably need to do a couple more treatment beside in just one time so and I went on YouTube and look at different people to review a lot of people swear by this so for now I I think it’s really cool to have it because tapping motion I know I know for said that if you do the tapping massage it help the blood circulation faster so now you have a machine to do it for you so you should get better you know so okay that’s my time y’all by the way after you do the eye mask almost forgot you want to use the lotion on top okay so let me finish this up maybe I need to do both okay and then turn on the power try it again I am very tempted to do this but I don’t think that’s the intention okay oh you know what look at this I mean look at a difference this one was worse before the more puffiness more dark circle now with the eye mask and eye cream this thing’s a little bit better looks brighter here than this one definitely hmm pretty cool what do you think leave a comment below let me know it’s been about three minutes after a massage both I if you recall earlier before I use anything my both my eyes really star and then this one has a major puffiness this is little puffiness but after using a treatment in the iris I massage you can definitely see it’s a little bit better wow that’s pretty cool I liked it I want to say thank you so much to take and watching my video and I’m bear with me that I have no makeup on flawless looking skin and this is real me you know no makeup to skincare and I do feel like I feel kind of weird I have full-on makeup and do skincare review I think I want to be more real that’s what I do so hopefully that I want to thank you most on Omega my face I will say thank you so much for follow my youtube channel I really appreciate that and don’t forget to subscribe on youtube right over here it’s very important I know a lot of you watching but not following me and why it’s important to following me honestly I feel so loved it you can follow me that’s a big biggest reason and plus anything any new video you’ll be the first to know how every Wednesday so press the square button follow me that’s very important and also don’t forget to follow all my social media right here I want to thank you so much for continue support my channel both YouTube and Instagram out of social media you made me feel so good and I’ll continue to do a cool video to show you guys and leave a comment below let me know what happened either you want to see for the future alright I’ll see you guys next week bye [Music]

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