Flashback Friday: Anti-Cancer Potential of Sweet Potato Proteins


  1. Sweet potatoes are one of the healthy staple crops out there! Tonight we're having a plant-based Sweet Potato Spinach Corn Chowder. Yum!! Thanks again Dr Greger!. 😀

  2. Hi, just starting getting interested for real in my health and I know nutrition is much better than diet. I have liked every one of your videos I’ve seen. Keep it up!

  3. Read about the naked mole rat. I guess its prone to disease and they eat raw sweet potato. May be a good video for you to do. I like mine raw shaved.

  4. Sweet potatoes are becoming my main staple food, the other one being oats. I also noticed that my face has become slightly "redder".

  5. Every morning for the past seven or so years since going low-fat, whole-plant-based, I've opened my morning with a Japanese sweet potato, cubed, cooked in the microwave for eleven minutes. I eat that and drink a cup of matcha. It makes me feel so calm, love it! And I also love hearing that it may be a cancer-fighting food, as well!!

  6. We put them in our smoothies everyday with the skin on them. I get the deep colored ones at Natural Grocers; par cook them in the microwave for about a minute first. Cut off about a 1/2" slice and blend with the other ingredients. Delicious!

  7. I like sweet potatoes… but when I let myself get roped in to the "superfood" hype and eat more of them , my teeth are adversely affected. Also… they are too sweet, it's almost sickeningly sweet tasting – as Greger would say – food is a package deal.

  8. You never fail, Doc. Thank you so very much for the constant gift of your research and intellect. Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas. 🙂

  9. Zinc at physiological levels is a GSK3 inhibitor and according to the research 1:27 sweet potatoes has anti-cancer properties due to its GSK3 down-regulation, Zinc has anti-cancer properties ? Moreover zinc has insulin-mimetic properties. For links search pubmed for "zinc insulin-mimetic"

  10. Where I live they claim its one of the best places in the world to grow sweet potatoes , there is even a sweet potato festival once a year, and they cost next to nothing

  11. Hey there Dr. Greger. There's a man named Bart Kay that is calling you a dangerous charlatan. He says that you're cherry picking and misinterpreting research. He says you're saying things which are factually untrue. He is willing to you debate you, which makes me think he's probably telling the truth and has the facts on his side, but myself and others are willing to be convinced otherwise. Usually the person who refuses to debate and only gives excuses is the one lying, and the person willing to have their position hold up to scrutiny in a live debate, is the one telling the truth, so simply refusing is going to undermine what you're trying to accomplish with this channel…

    You can check out his channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChi5M3k_K4yuRpWAp00xBQA

    I think a debate between the two of you would be extremely helpful for the rest of us, who want to know which of you is telling the truth…

  12. Just curious my fellow plant based people what you think about this video https://youtu.be/vBKa6d6j9_8
    Videos like this freak me out. Your thoughts?

  13. Dr. Greger… I saw somewhere that boiling sweet potatoes is the healthiest method for cooking them. Is there any truth to this? Also, I read a few studies that drinking the water that they're boiled in is beneficial for weight loss. Because of that, I add that liquid to my daily smoothie. Is there any truth to this theory? It seems logical to me to drink the boiling water as it takes on the lost nutritional elements from boiling them. Do you have any knowledge of and/or have u seen any studies on this subject? Thank you for all you've done and continue to do… You're an angel!

  14. It would be interesting…how the Sweet Pot.Powder from….(Bu….Powder) which i have….compare to the real fruit…are the benefits lower…or perhaps…higher in some areas … compare the fruit to the powder version from BP..? perhaps worth for a next Video !?

  15. Just wondering if there's any difference in nutritional value from the dark sweet potatoes and the light. I prefer the light. Baked light sweet potatoes were my main course at Christmas dinner today… Yum, with homemade cranberry sauce… and all sorts of wonderful whole food. Thanks for all the info you provide us.

  16. Eat right, but without descending into the shrill neopagan puritanism that pervades both the vegan and carnivore partisans. Otherwise, become just another quivering modern neurotic. Eat the Blue Zones way; that is, whole and plant-based minimally processed foods along with a little meat. Keep in mind T. Colin Campbell’s words from p. 236 of the 2016 edition of The China Study: “It is true that most of the health benefits described in this book have been realized at low but non-zero levels of animal-based foods.”

  17. I thought Purple Cabbage was the most nutritious food for your dollar; other Nutrition Facts information has reported such.

  18. Can you please investigate the use of toxic pesticides "Budnip" on sweet potatoes and so the toxicity of your preferred veggie.
    We get over here all sweet potatoes imported from the U.S.A ….. and i do not believe this mass importation
    is coming from good agricultural soil. Find on "Pesticides stop sweet potatoes from growing shoots" .

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