Fieldsports Britain – Cat vs Fox – night vision in action

Music] Welcome to Fieldsports Britain. Coming up
20 times world champion, George Digweed, fights his way through the crowds at the British
Shooting Show last weekend, to show you the best kit on offer. UK Sport has given shooters
100’s of 1000’s of pounds in advance of Rio 2016 and is it mainly due to one man. It is
Olympic gold medallist and double trap world record holder Peter Wilson. First, no ordinary
night vision. It is a bad time to be a fox when Roy Lupton and his buddies have found
a way of turning night literally into day. Over the past few weeks we’ve brought you
all sorts of night vision footage ranging from the “awful” to the “it has potential”
… to the “not arf bad.” Roy was responsible for the first lot of NV
– with Crow picking up the baton for a night of quality rattingů Now Roy has called in
the big guns and is expecting infra-red envy from all over the world. After my last attempt of night vision when
we got those blurry images of the rats and I got severely berated by Crow, I decided
that we would call in the big guns. So hopefully we are going to out do you on this one Andy
and I have called in a very good friend of mine Darren and he is a very clever chap when
it comes to night vision and setting things up. So we should get some absolutely stunning
footage. So do you want to talk us through what we have got set up on here then. Yes very simple set up tonight. We are using
the new Cannon XF100 pro … cam corder which is absolutely excellent in night vision mode
and two Bosch … luminators. So we should get some HD footage out to 300 yards plus.
It is all powered by a … powered battery. So it keeps it all compact and light weight
and hopefully David is going to have some fun operating the new camera tonight. And on top of the rifles we are going to be
using … One of my home built night visions. Just nice
simple home built night vision. And again that is just from a CCTV camera. From a CCTV camera. Yes, and a Nightmaster
800 infra red torch. Excellent stuff. And what do you reckon the
footage we should get through our scopes. What sort of distance do you reckon we should
be able to get with our scopes? Easily we are going to get 200 yards. Yes, superb. Obviously the aim is to bring them as close
as possible to try and get some decent night time footage. Excellent stuff. Well I have been looking
forward to this for a long time. So I am definitely looking forward to getting my own back on
Andy. So we are going to get out there and see what we can do. This fantastic set-up really does turn the
darkness into light – offering hundreds of yards of crystal clear vision. The industrial-strength
IR CCTV spotlights sitting either side of the camera are usually found around prison
walls or building sites so it’s no wonder it’s offering us a chance to see into a whole
new world. Tonight’s footage isn’t only being supplied
by the night vision camera. We’re also getting footage through the scope, that is if Roy
doesn’t make too much noise getting it set up. It’s not easy keeping quiet with leads,
screens and rifles in a snug Argo. With a Fox Pro 40 yards in front of us, the
fun begins. For the first time ever, David on the camera is the one spotting the foxes
– and directing the shooter in. Two appear behind us … it’s awkward for Roy to get
into position, plus they’re close to the horizon, so no safe backstop. For now, it is great
just being able to watch them. Unfortunately the fox has come in behind us
which is the worst possible position we could have had because he is now sitting on the
horizon and probably picked up our wind as there is a little breeze blowing towards it
and it is just sitting there and I am hoping it might just skirt round. Then another appears in front and to our right. Darren is in the better position than Roy
and takes his chance. Not only is the NV rig good for spotting them,
it’s good at finding them too. Let’s slip back into normal vision for a quick chat with
Roy. Well that was brilliant wasn’t it. We had
the fox come in from behind us and she was just sitting right on the horizon so we just
couldn’t do anything with her. And just as we scanned around another fox started to come
in through the bracken and was making its way round on the caller. And really interesting
because we were obviously sitting back and we just watched the fox working all the way
around the caller so again just trying to work the wind although it was only a very
light rodent distress we were using still working all the way round and I think we got
some footage of it still actually scanning back and forth still not a 100% whether it
wanted to commit. And it was still a good 80 yards out from the call and where I was
I couldn’t get back into the argo without making a lot of noise and so I passed the
rifle over to Darren and he made a fantastic shot on it and we got our first one of the
evening. So what I would like to do now is just carry on especially while we have got
the kit. Try for another two or three and just see if we can get some really
good results from the foxes coming right into us. It’s a great start and we can’t wait to get
into another part of the estate – this fox doesn’t want to come any closer and Roy isn’t
happy with a shot here either. We have a quick pitstop and then we’re onto
some fresh ground … we don’t have time to set the call out this time and just make do
with some hand calls – at 90 yards it’s a straight forward shot for Roy. Second fox of the evening. And from the size
of it I would say a vixen. Let’s have a look. Yes, so probably the vixen that was calling
a bit earlier. So very, very pretty little fox that one. Excellent. Second one in the
bag. And as we were coming down here there was another fox just up to the left, but we
didn’t have the chance to call her or anything like that, but we just decided to shoot this
one as we were coming down. We will go up the top and set the caller up and see if we
can get the other one to come in. Darren sets up the FoxPro on a stick for this
next stop – and we back up into a good position. The rodent distress call has an immediate
effect. The wide angle of vision means Roy can be guided in – The foxes can’t see us
but they can hear us – this one looks at the call, then us, then back again. Next, we get
a different type of customer. We spot a cat at the edge of the field that’s making straight
for the call. Without hesitation it gets to within a few feet and stops. The original two foxes are still loitering
in the undergrowth. After five minutes, one makes a move …
it makes sure the cat knows who is boss. Roy
has him in the scope but not one up the spout. Looks like this Charlie is in luck – until
he gets re-acquainted with the cat. Squeezed the trigger and I was smack on the
fox and unfortunately it went click and nothing happened and luckily she just ran down a bit
and stopped and we managed to take the shot. So number three in the bag. Do you know why she stopped? Sorry? Do you know why she stopped? No idea why she stopped. Because she bumped into the cat. Did she? With the sleet coming down hard and the batteries
running low we’re on our last fox of the evening. We try to get it in close, possibly sacrificing
the chance of a shot. With some perseverance it eventually gets itself into a clear position
and Roy has fox number four of the evening. The technology has opened up a whole new world
and makes Roy appreciate just how many foxes are on this ground – if you didn’t get a flash
of the eyes you’d never know. Unfortunately rain stopped play. We were going
to carry on and see if we could go into the wee hours and see how many we could account
for because the way we were going, even though we were just getting used to the kit making
a few balls up along the way and a little bit too much noise we were still getting them
in and we started to get some really, really good reactions and hopefully some fantastic
footage, but with this going and with some very expensive kit we didn’t want to get it
too wet. So that really leaves me to say thank you very, very much to Darren bringing all
your kit down. That was absolutely superb mate. Thank you very much. My pleasure as always. That was … the results we got on that were
phenomenal, especially the vixen that came in with the cat. That was brilliant wasn’t
it. Fantastic night and thank you very much for coming down and showing us all your toys. Excellent. Well Roy’s pretty chuffed with his efforts
and we don’t think Andy will have an answer unless of course he gets Zeiss to lend him
their military truck which spotted this mouse getting run over by a plane at half a kilometre.
Yes – maybe that’s the answerů Now shedding light on events from around the
world, it is David on the Fieldsports Channel News Stump. [Music] This is Fieldsports Britain News. The baby who lost a finger in a fox attack
in South London is recovering well, after surgeons sewed the finger back on again. London Mayor Boris Johnson is holding talks
with council leaders to discuss the what he calls the “growing menace” of urban foxes.
The fox entered the home through a back door and had been trying to drag baby Denny Dolan
out of the house when the child’s mother kicked it and it ran away. To highlight the dangers
of feeding foxes and making them lose their natural fear of humans, we ran this film of
a fox grabbing a dead piglet dressed in a baby-grow, sitting in a buggy with a recording
of baby crying in the background it sounds remarkably like a distress call -Click on
the link to watch the film. Meanwhile, a hospital unit has taken the step
of putting up a “Fox Alert” poster. It’s in response to a charlie being spotted in the
maternity wing’s main lobby of Manchester’s Wythenshawe Hospital. The British Shooting show appears to been
good for both punters and traders – which is a new website where people can buy
and sell guns and sporting days had a very successful weekend. The site which has set
up by shooters for shooters provides a cost effective way of reaching the right people.
Aimed at the trade as well as the general consumer, it is easy to use and is designed
to deliver good service and value for money. A 65-year-old Scottish gamekeeper has been
cleared of illegal snaring after four years of legal procedures. The court in Scotland
found David Taylor not guilty, who has been gamekeeper on the Purdey conservation award-winning
Lochindorb Estate for 50 years. Following a trial at Inverness Sheriff Court, Sheriff
Ian Abercrombie has ruled the snares were set legally and at the correct height and
locations. And finally, the science is in – fish don’t
feel pain. Anglers back to your rods. Animal-rights people: reel it in. A team of seven scientists at the University
of Wyoming conducted extensive research to determine if fish have either the receptors
or the neo-cortex, part of the brain, to feel pain. They don’t. Instead, scientists say,
fish demonstrate an unconscious reaction to being hooked. Meanwhile, researchers in Japan
have found ways of watching fish think in real time. You are watching a zebra fish contemplating
a single-cell creature swimming around it. You can tell it is thinking because different
parts of its brain are flashing. You are now up to date with Fieldsports Britain
News. Stalking the stories. Fishing for facts. [Music] Thank you David. Well from one heart throb
to another. Peter Wilson is the subject of this week’s Taylors Travels. [Music] This week, Taylor’s Travels meets Hello! Magazine.
I’m visiting Olympic shooter Peter Wilson at his home in Dorset. The Dad moment was one of the most memorable
that the Olympics produced. And here is that Dad. Definitely a Dad moment … and Mum. Just
because Mum wasn’t there, Dad was a little quicker, Mum’s knees didn’t quite manage to
make it down those flight of stairs, it is very special to share those moments with your
parents and it just happened that Dad was there first. It was great to be able to give
him a hug and of course I wouldn’t want to do it again on national TV if I could help
it, because everyone remembers that moment and I think Dad is a great deal more famous
than I am because of it, but he is an integral part of my journey and without him I wouldn’t
be where I am today and so it was great to be able to give him a hug and thank him. I didn’t do anything. I just helped him fulfil
his ambition. It was him who decided that that was what he wanted to do. At the time
it seemed like a very far fetched dream, but to his internal credit he made it happen.
With the help of Al Maktoum I think without him he would never have got to where he did. Since the Olympics Peter has been showered
with sponsorship opportunities. He has carefully chosen quality British merchandise. Here he
is shooting the new Holland & Holland Sporter. It is a real thing of beauty. I have never
held such a beautiful gun in my life. So I feel I am really privileged. I feel as though
I am holding a piece of history. And that is what is really nice about it. I have never
felt so proud to hold a gun before. All the guns I have ever used have been real tools
of the trade. They have been a tool, they have never been cleaned. They have never been
looked after. I shoot them every single day and this is a little different. This is beautiful.
So, as I say I feel, it is quite nice, it makes you smile while you hold it. The gun you used in the Olympics that you
won gold with, what has happened to that? It is at home. It has actually gone for a
service. Every year it gets serviced. In fact it gets serviced twice a year. It gets a pretty
big battering. It gets heavily used. I shoot anything up to 60,000 cartridges a year through
it. Peter and Holland & Holland are both at the
top end of shooting. What does it take to join the bottom end? I don’t think there is any need to worry about
becoming a professional clay pigeon shot. I think that all that matters is enjoying
the sport and what it has to offer. Be safe and have an amazing time. Get involved and
have as much fun as you possibly can and keep smiling because it is the most incredible
sport and it can offer so much. So immerse yourself in it. As I said of course be safe
and have fun. Shooting is one part of country life and hunting
is another. The Wilsons live in the heart of the South Dorset hunt. Since the weather
is closing in, Pete’s girlfriend Michelle decides that now’s a good time to watch the
hunt in action. To start with, we can’t find them. A few calls
and a few wrong directions later, we reckon we know where they are. At the top of the hill we’re in the perfect
place What is the weather like? Horrendous. As well as dad, or ĹDAD’ as he is now known,
and mum, Pete’s other great rock is his girlfriend the sporting artist Michelle McCullagh Yes, I have been shooting and had a go. But
I haven’t succeeded in doing very well at the moment, but I enjoy doing the clay pigeon
shooting. I have quite enjoyed doing that and I have been coached by the best, but I
have only been out a few times and I do enjoy it. I love beating, so I thoroughly enjoy
doing that. Getting involved. Yes, I love getting involved and being outside
and going through countryside I wouldn’t necessarily go through. Pete is not just the golden boy of shooting.
He is an ambassador for all country sports. Winning the Olympics in London was just amazing,
but being able to shoot a pigeon or even a brace and just come home and dress them and
cook them is just as exciting just in a different way. So I am very fortunate at the age of
26 I have won the Olympic Games in London. And I am also fortunate enough to be able
to come back here to Dorset and and be given the option to go out and shoot the odd pigeon
or two and cook it of an evening. So I know that sounds so simple, so basic so sort of
prehistoric, but it is just wonderful. It is a wonderful thing and I am so lucky and
don’t want to take it for granted. On behalf of the Countryside Alliance, we
ask him to make this appeal. My name is Peter Wilson and I am really looking
forward to the national shooting week between the 25th May and the 2nd of June. Thank you Pete. For more information, visit [Music] If you want to see more of the films we made
with the Countryside Alliance please click on the screen which has appeared just up there
in the sky behind me. Now George Digweed has a taste for shooting kit. He takes us to the
British Shooting Show. Finally a fieldsports event that doesn’t give
a stuff about the weather – the British Shooting Show heralds the start of what will be an
exciting 2013 for shooting sports, and the place is rammed – at times too busy, but there
was some good business being done to fill the gap created by the downpours of last year. We spotted a couple of our YouTube pals in
the crowds and asked them about the show. The general feeling seems to be that life
is good in the British countryside. It is heart warming to see this many people
in the industry. I think when you go shooting you go to the gun shop and you buy your kit
and then you go to the field and you are out there on your own or may be with a shooting
buddy. You do kind of feel that you are on your own in the sport. But when you are out
and come to an event like this you realise you are one of many. If you are interested in shooting sports that
will be here. Target, hunting what ever discipline. Are you going to open that wallet today? I might. If you see a cloud of dust on the
horizon it is me deciding to spend money on something. The event covers all shooting sports from
air rifles for a few hundred quid right up to the exotica – and it also attracts some
familiar faces from the shooting world like our own Crowman who is always happy to stop
for a chat, as is Mr George Digweed who – when not having snaps taken with fans – is keen
to create mischief. Last time I am ever going to speak to you
ever again. Sometimes if he can goes out with Mark Gilchrist he can get up to 12. It is unbelievable what he says I can tell
you. Andy Crow. Andy the Crowman Crow. Star of state screen and one or two other
… No, no, no Sporting Shooter. Look you have
got there three subscribers, where is Dom Can you move him along please. No one was safe from the 20 times world champion
… If you are looking for a name to the face
it is Charlie Jacoby Fieldsports TV. To be honest with you I don’t know why Teamwild
have got security on their stand. I mean really and truly it should have been flanked all
the way around here. Are you over 14, or over 17? What stone? That is going to come out, that
rock is going to come out. You have completely blown that now. Excuse me. That is a given. I hope you have
got that. That is a given. Come back. I am not going to be abused by you. I can
be abused by far better people than you. A great time was had by all at a good spirited
event. Even though I didn’t get to the Shooting Show
this year because I was in Wales that Saturday filming the ummm – yep ahhhh filming theeeee
… Rugby !!?? foxhunting! Honest – watch it next week. This week, by all accounts the
Shooting Show was a blast. From Britain to the world. It is Hunting YouTube. This is Hunting YouTube, which aims to show
the best hunting, shooting and fishing videos that YouTube has to offer. We start this week with the definitive pigeon
shooting film. It’s by BASCFilms. The woodpigeon is the UK’s number one agricultural pest and
causes millions of pounds of damage to agricultural crops every year. Pigeon shooting expert Will
Garfit introduces the art of shooting over decoys in Pigeon Shooting – an introduction. Sam Badham sends me his latest video, rough
shooting in snow. As they were snowed in and his buddy Tom owns a 4×4 or two they thought
we’d do some rough shooting. They found strategic locations and kept the birds flying backwards
and forwards between them. Now, here is a natural history film, but not
like you see on the BBC. Some of it is filmed upside down as Tweedsandpheasants tries to
press his mobile phone camera to his binoculars while out walking in Gloucestershire last
August. It’s a family of foxes that got pretty close. He admits that there is no shooting
involved but says he thinks Roy and the rest of FieldsportsChannel might like to see it. On to fishing and the scourge of the non-Scot
Andy Richardson teams up with Greig Thomson for the River Dee opening and some top-level
salmon fishing. Fish are caught. DragonoftheEastblu sends in a slightly different
fishing film He says that Canada enjoys several programmes dedicated to Fishing and Hunting
and, in his opinion, the number one is “The Fish’n Canada Show”. They have been going
since 1987 and also run a radio show. Here is their latest. Adam Reese of so loves
Fieldsports Channel’s shows, he says, that he decided to have a go himself. Here is a
small film he made of one of his springers showing a bit of training on a blind retrieve
and a bit of walked up shooting. “Forgive the garish “blase orange” vest,” he says,
“it’s the law here”. And here is Western Pennsylvania, USA More recommendations pour in for EdgunUSA,
the grand panjandrum of airgunning videos on YouTube. . This one is Spiraling Pellets
– Nemesis of Air Rifle Accuracy, which highlights the horror of wobbly pellets Finally, we’re in Hungary for a Wild boar
drive. It#s everything you would hope – wild boar, driven. You can click on any of these films to watch
them. If you have a YouTube film you would like us to pop in to the weekly top eight,
send it in via YouTube, or email me the link [email protected] If you want to go back over our older Hunting
Youtubes you can click on the screen up there. If you want to watch our new series Schools
Challenge TV again it is appearing in the sky behind me. This has been Fieldsports Britain. If you
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will put here this week. Or go to our web page just here and
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This has been Fieldsports Britain.


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