Field of Vision – Nuuca

[in Hidatsa]: Take only what you need. Growing up here it was pretty quiet…
isolated. We played outside a lot. I made mudpies. Played with my dogs. My parents didn’t really have to
worry about watching me very much. Everyone took everyone as a relative. There were no flares. There was no dust
kicking up. It just seemed more lively with nature. Being outside was my favorite thing.
It really makes me remember my people, my ancestors. I’d really like to go like
ride my bike on the path. It’s a really tall steep hill and you could see like the water and the buttes that surrounded our reservation. I think like that’s all you need in life,
your connection to mother earth and how you even came to be from it. I was still really outdoorsy all the way
up into high school. I ran a lot. I was finishing up one of my runs, like going home, and I was running by the Sunset Motel and this guy starts yelling at me and I didn’t know if he was gonna start chasing me or what but I just like ran
the hardest I’ve ever ran and it hit me then that like my home wasn’t the same
anymore. This dullness just kind of drooped over
this area. It had physical traits. And just as our land is being used women
are being used. There’s been abductions and girls being
chased. The man camps… they kind of took over. It makes me feel really uncomfortable because like I don’t know who could be driving by anymore. The woman here… they’re being taken,
they’re being raped, they’re being sold. In the beginning it was a big shocker
but…. It’s just kind of like the norm now. Being safe within your home, within your
homeland, it should just be like a natural feeling, you know? And it’s, like, not. A people who are ripped of their
identitie,s who are slaughtered, why were we put on top of the biggest black gold
pocket? Was it to rip us apart some more? Or was it to help us? It’s such a weird test, I’d say. I would live without it if I could but it’s here.


  1. Great documentary about a problem that's been plaguing tribal lands for years. Thanks for shining some light on it in such an understandable way.

  2. Disturbing. Great cinematography on this one. That sequence with the drill [fracking?] the noise and imagery was crazy in that desolate landscape. The landscapes with the flames are insane I almost can’t believe a place so bleak even exists.

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