♪ (old-school video game music) ♪ – “Eyes: The Horror Game.” – Of course, it’s a horror game.
Oh my… okay. – Oh no! Come on! – That doesn’t look fun.
The eye’s bleeding. (laughs and groans) – I’m assuming it’s not,
like, a funny game. – Maybe someone’s
being stalked or something. – The piano music’s making this
a little bit more, you know, suspenseful. – “Just wanna talk about
this break-in business. I already checked it for ya.” – “You could get at least 20 bags.
I have the front door key.” “Anything else?” – “Make a map. That place is huge.” “Logged out.” – Oh, Lord, give me strength. – “Find at least 20 money bags, then get back to the exit,
hide and/or run from threats.” – “Preserve your stamina
for dire situations. Use a map and Eyes to move safely.” (rattling noises)
– Oh my god. It has to be a flashlight? – I have a flashlight.
Every horror game has a flashlight. – (groaning) I don’t like this already. (loud thumping)
– I hear so many things. I am so uncomfortable right now. (wind howls)
I’m literally so uncomfortable. (loud footsteps)
– I’m already scared, and I don’t even know what
the money bags are supposed to look like. – Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Is that a money bag? – Is there one in there maybe? (door squeaks)
– Yeah, there it is! (door squeaks)
– Oh! Found one. (wind whistles)
Got one. One of twenty. – What’s this? Click– (swipes bag) I got a money bag,
(laughs) and I didn’t even mean to. – Walkin’ around. This already has a vibe of,
like, Slenderman. – (sighs) Oh, stuff like this… (deep breath) …okay,
I just need to take a second. Okay. (exhales deeply)
Push through. (scribbling noises)
“M to see the map.” Okay, I’ll look at you. Oh. (chuckles)
(sarcastically) So helpful! – What the [bleep] is that? – He’s a really crappy map drawer. – Okay, so probably as I walk then, I’ll probably fill out more of the map. – How do I– oh, just push it. Just– oh. Oh jeez. – Ugh, this is so creepyyyy. I’m just waiting for something
to pop out at me. – “I can’t leave yet.
I need to find 20 bags more.” Okay, so this is the exit. – There’s an eye thing.
Is that good or bad? Let’s click on it–
(shrill ringing) Q to see? (wind howls)
What? – Go down to the creepy basement. Oh, what is that? An eye. (shrill ringing)
Q? Q to see. What’s going on. Whoaaaa! (wind howls)
Oh, okay. Does that give me a hint? (loud footsteps)
– Um… (shrill ringing)
Click. “Q to see.” (nervously) Oh! Oh. Whoa! (loud footsteps) (wind whistles)
Uh… So I think I just got
a sneak peek through the wall. – Um, I don’t wanna go under the ladder. That seems like that’s gonna
lead to my death, so no. – Let’s keep goin’. (loud footsteps) (rattling noises)
That’s not a good sound. Mice, what’d you find? (ghostly moaning)
What’d you find, boy? Get him! (rattling noises) I hate it so much. I hate it so much. Why do I have to walk under the ladder? That is literally giving me the worst luck. (sharp gasp)
(creature growls) What do I do?
♪ (creepy music) ♪ Did I die? I have to start all over again? – Let’s just go up these inviting stairs. (in game: anxious panting)
Yeah? Run? Run? (creature growls)
AAAAH!!! Oh my god! I don’t like that. (rattling noises)
– Oh! Run. (quick footsteps)
Run, okay. (ghostly moaning)
Where do I go? (in game: anxious panting) (bewildered) Where do I go?
(creature growls) ♪ (creepy music) ♪ That wasn’t a very scary–
that wasn’t very scary. It just looked like a stupid floating head. (rattling noises)
– Run? Oh shit! Shit, shit, shit, shit, shit, shit. All right, SHIFT is to run!
(ghostly moaning) I-I-I– how do I turn off my flashlight? Oh, I’m boned, I’m boned, I’m so boned. I am so boned.
(quick footsteps) I’m out of stamina.
Okay, well… Hi, ghost. I am boned. (grumbles) Go! Leave me alone. Where do I– I’m dead.
(creature growls) Ah, I died. (laughs) Can I try that again? – I’m gonna leave the room? I think the eye meant though that something was coming after me,
and I don’t like that. (eerie rattling noises) (in game: anxious panting) No, come on. Come on.
(ghostly moaning) No. OH, NO, NO, NO, NO!
(creature growls) What is that?!
Run! Run? Run where? Hmmmmm. (giggles)
I panicked. There was a floating head
and it told me to run and I didn’t know where to run. – Why would I go into the base–
oh, hey, look! A money bag. (swipes bag)
Yeah! One out of twenty. Money bag! Hey, buddy.
How do I get up there? Come on. Can you jump? Oh yeah! (swiping bag)
Yeah-ha-ha! He’s got hops. I like this guy. Another one! Look at ’em. Wow. Look at– another one,
and then an eyeball. (shrill ringing)
Q. Here we go, lookin’ around. Lookin’ around. What does that even do? All right, looks like
a generator or something. (loud footsteps) Run? All right– (creature snarls)
NOOO! WHAT THE–?!!! I ran into it! Why’d it
tell me to run into it?! – Play again. Yo, no lollygagging this time. I already know there’s one–
Oh! And they changed spots. They change spots. – Let’s just get down to it. We need money bags,
and we have to avoid the floating heads. – I know where all
the stuff is on this floor, and she doesn’t come in,
so I can make a quick sweep of this. – See, now I’m scared
it’s just gonna be there. Now I don’t know where the bitch is. – I wonder if there’s a way
to tell when the ghost is coming. No? (loud footsteps)
Oh, that must be what the eye is. You can see the ghost. So maybe I’ll save that for
when something starts moving. – Open the door. Please don’t already be out here. I’m gonna get this eye.
(shrill ringing) Not gonna use it yet
’cause I don’t need to. – I hate the wind. Like, it is making me so mad. – Let’s try going this way this time? – Let’s, uh… let’s be faster
about this this time. – Well, upstairs is a no-no.
That’s a bad idea. But is downstairs a bad idea too? Like…
(wind howls) (loud footsteps) (wind howls)
(in game: anxious panting) (ghostly moan)
(wind howls louder) (creature growls)
(sharp gasp) I think I died again. I didn’t look. (rapid footsteps) – I just, like, know what my fate is, so I don’t even know why I’m… (rapid footsteps)
Oh, there’s one. (glass door slides) (swipes bag)
– In the piano? Oh, there’s one in the corner! (rattling noises)
Oh, something’s shaking. Q. (ghostly moaning)
All right, he’s comin’. I just don’t know where that is. – All right, uh, let’s see. There’s no– oh, here we go.
We got two in here? All right. And a third eye. All right.
(shrill ringing) Let’s see. Where is she? She is not on my floor. Okay. – Let’s see here.
Oh, got an eye. (shrill ringing)
Got a bag. Got another bag.
(swipes bag) – So I think if I see any shaking objects I should just run away. I should’ve learned that.
(wind howls) Ugh, I should probably go in
the rooms and check for money bags. Mmm… I’m still kind of scared. Oh! (delighted gasp)
I got a money bag! – I think she’s everywhere I go, so, like, whatever. (wind howls)
(sharp gasp) Hi! (swipes bag) Oh, there’s another one.
This is a good room for me. Okay, four. – Money! Money!
(rattling noises) Just stop shaking!
(in game: anxious panting) Okay, Q.
(ghostly moan) Oh, he’s coming through the ladder!
Where do I go?! Where do I go?! (shrilly) There’s no where to goooo! I don’t know! AH, he’s coming! (rapid footsteps)
(whimpers) Can I hide? I don’t think this is a good strategy. Maybe he passed. (rattling noises) (in game: anxious panting) Uh-oh. Stuff’s happening.
(loud ghostly moan) WHAT THE–?!!! That one got me. He could go through doors too? This game is evil! – Ah, ah, ah! (creature growls) ♪ (creepy music) ♪
I don’t know what to do! (laughs) (rattling noises) (ghostly moan)
– Oh! Aaaaaah!
(rapid footsteps) Where do I go?! Yo, I’m gonna juke you out! (creature growls)
(grumbles) – Come on!
(rattling noises) What is this bull[bleep]? Run. She found me again.
(rattling noises) Okay. Oh, bye, Felicia. Just don’t look back.
(squeals) Come on. (ghostly moan)
I can hear her behind me too. And everything’s shaking as I keep walking. (loud ghostly moan)
Run! And I can hear her again! Ah, [bleep].
(ghostly moan) (creature growls)
Aw, come on! – Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no. Uh-uh. I’m out. Uh-uh. No thank you. Um, how do I get out?
How do I get out? No, no, no. Come on. (wind howls)
Get out, get out, get out. Okay. NO! Uh-uh.
(ghostly moan) (whimpering) No, no, no, no! (creature growls)
AAAAAAH!!! Jesus, that scared the–
I hate it, I hate it. – (Finebros) All right,
we’re gonna give you one last try. – All right. But I think I can get it.
I think I can get it. – Okay, I’ll go a different way. – Oh, I’m so scared right now. – I never know where to run to. I don’t know if that’s just ’cause, like… I get really stressed
and black out for a sec when I see her,
or what it is. (in game: anxious panting)
(ghostly moan) (rattling noises)
(ghostly moan) – So she’s here. (moan grows louder)
(deep gasp) I just saw her from the door. – I don’t think she’s near me yet. Ooh, what’s in there? (deep gasp) I can go in here? Oh! More money bags.
More money bags. Okay, where you at? All right, she’s fine.
She’s not– Oh, she is maybe coming down the stairs. – Ooh, hi!
(glass door slides) I have three now. – Oh, I hate all those doorways.
It’s like Scooby-Doo. (rattling noises)
Nope, I’m out. – Okay, I gotta–
(rattling noises) Ehhhh. Okay.
(swipes bag) Number four. All right. She’s like Slenderman, where– oh, pfttt. I was standing right next to one. – Oh shoot. She’s close. (rattling noises)
Okay. Good thing I just got in here. All right, here we go. 5/20. (shrill ringing)
Okay. Got another eye.
I think she’s close. – I don’t get where I am. (in game: panting)
(swipes bag) But it’s okay. (gasps) Hi!
(swipes bag) – I’m waiting for her to leave. But I wish– there’s not enough– oh! Hah! Hey, there. All right, okay. – Yes!
(swipes bag) Okay, I got four. Is it gonna get
more difficult as I get more? (swipes bag)
Five… (gasps) Dude, they’re everywhere! Were these here before
and I just didn’t pay any attention to them? (footsteps)
Oh, don’t– up here, please. (gasps)
(swipes bag) Eight.
(rattling noise) Uh-oh. I think I hear someone. – I only have one eye! I’m gonna use it. She’s downstairs! Let’s go. Let’s go. (rapid footsteps)
We need to go. Oh my! Let’s go. Let’s go. (in game: panting)
Come on. Run. Get in the room. Get in the room.
Get in the room. (wind howls)
I don’t care what room. (shrill ringing)
Get an eye. Get in a room. Get in a room. Go.
(rapid footsteps) Okay, pro strats. Pro strats. Okay, we’re in a safe area. (swipes bag)
We’re in a safe area. – Okay, um… let’s go in here. Ooh. (wind howls)
What is this place? (jarring buzzing noises)
Naaaah! (swipes bag)
Ah, what is that? I don’t like the noises,
the high-pitched noises in my head are bad. (swipes bag)
I have eight! That’s pretty good.
That’s double my record last time. – Okay.
(swipes bag) – (softly) Yes. Stairs. Okay, let’s go up.
Don’t turn around. – Is there a door I haven’t been in? Or does it lead to the same place? Ooh, this looks– mmm.
Mmm, I’ll do it. (wind whistles)
(in game: panting) (curiously) Ooh!
There’s three! (swiping bags)
Hi! Cool. ♪ (playful humming) ♪ (in game: anxious panting) (rattling noises)
What are you? (ghostly moan)
Aah! (creature growls) ♪ (creepy music) ♪ (giggles) I’m not surprised. (wind whistles) – No.
(wind howls loudly) (creature growls)
(startled gasp) Uh, that one scared me a little bit.
I didn’t really see it. I was kind of looking off
in the other direction, waiting, just listening for her to be gone. (paced footsteps)
Okay. Do I go to the basement?
Nope? Okay. (wind howls) (in game: anxious panting)
Oh! (creature growls)
YAH! Oh, come on! (chuckles)
♪ (creepy music) ♪ Ah, that was– I had zero warning that time. – You got this. I like how I have to give my pep talks when I come play games with you guys. This is not fun. MONEY!!!
(rattling noises) (swiping bags)
RUUUUUN!!! I’m going into a dungeon though.
This is not a good idea. (rattling noises)
Literally a dungeon. (wind whistles)
(swiping bag) This is a seance. Get out of here. – (hushed) Jeez… she’s so scary. (in game: anxious panting)
(ghostly moan) (rattling noises)
Okay, ten out of twenty. Halfway there. Halfway there. Let’s go. Oh! Open the cabinet and easy money. Oh, I can play music.
♪ (swanky swing music) ♪ – Oh great.
(rattling noises) Oh, no, no, no, no, no. (ghostly moan)
Come on. Don’t do this to me, girl. (creature growls)
AH-HO-HO-HO!!! [Bleep]! (giggles uncontrollably) That one– that one was scary. She appeared out of nowhere. Oh man. – Oh, eye!
(shrill ringing) Where are you? Where are you? (ghostly moan) (rattling noises)
All right, he’s coming. I’m gonna–
(ghostly moan) (wind howls)
(moan grows louder) AAAAAAH!!!
(creature growls) I ran back! I shouldn’t have went back. Ugggggggggh. (swipes bag)
– Okay, 15. Gotta get five more. Come on. ♪ (music plays in background) ♪
(wind whistles) Maybe… maybe I just run for it? Like, ugh, I don’t know. (wind howls)
She’s gonna be right here. She’s gonna be right here.
This is where I died. AAAAAH GOSH DARN IT!
(rapid footsteps) (rattling noises) I was so close! AAAAAH!!! ♪ (creepy music) ♪
(dejectedly) 15. Dang it! I was so determined on that one. This is so hard! – Thanks for watching us play Eyes
here on the React channel. – Leave a comment of what game
you want us to play next. – Don’t forget to subscribe.
New shows every week. – Goodbye! – Later, ghosts. I’m out. ♪ (old-school video game music) ♪


  1. 3:41 – I have to agree here. I might understand if there were more forceful animations, and/or if this was just a prelude to the monsters to come. However, that head on her own isn't really very frightening, nor are her animations.

    In fact, just watching this, I feel compelled to reach out and hug her. I lie to you not.

  2. -*- คิอออออ เล่นไม่เป็นกันจริงดิ โรงเรียนเราฮิตกันทากเลย ตั้งแต่ตอนเราอยู่ป.6 และก็เลิกลากันไป แล้วก็กลับมาฮิตกันตอนม.1 อ่ะนะ ตอนนี้เราอยู่ม.2 ใกล้จะสอบขึ้นม.3 ละเนี่ย เกมนี้เล่นกันเป็นทั่วโรงเรียนละ เราเล่นจนเบื่อเลยอ่ะ5555 เห็นคลิปนี้แล้วอยากกลับไปเล่นอีกรอบนึงเลยแฮะ

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