Eyecare Specialties – Get To Know Dr. Yeager

Hi, my name is Dr. Yeager. I’m a new doctor here at Eyecare Specialties
and this is just kind of a little video help to get to know me a little better. So, I actually grew up around Cole Camp Missouri
and went to Cole Camp Highschool. It’s a nice to be back here in my hometown. I just recently graduated from University
of Missouri Saint Louis College of Optometry. So, just getting started here with Eyecare
Specialties. Couple things about me, I like to hunt and
fish a lot, those are both 2 of my big passions. Great area for all that stuff here in Midwest. Why optometry for me? I was actually shadowing one of our other
doctors, actually Dr. Liesemeyer. One day, actually I was there for an exam
and he said you know, you should think about doing optometry. So, I did some shadowing with him and really
liked it, and here I am now. So, like I said, really happy to be back in
my hometown can’t wait to see everybody. So, if you need an eye exam or anything with
your eyes give us a call here and come see me either in Sedalia or Clinton at one of
our locations.

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