Eye on Oversight – The New HHS OIG Hotline

The HHS OIG hotline receives tips and
complaints from all sources regarding potential health care fraud waste abuse
and mismanagement in HHS programs. With nearly 115 thousand complaints received each year, OIG’s hotline is one of the largest in terms of volume of increased reviews. Nennette Day: so the hotline is the public
face of the Health and Human Services Inspector General. We are basically a
complaint hotline but we accept all information coming in where people have
concerns about what’s happening in any Health and Human Services program. Much of this information has led to thousands of referrals for further action
therefore it is imperative that users understand the complaint reporting and
submission process. We completely revamp the website and the reason we did that
is that we wanted to make it more user friendly a better experience if you do
need to file a complaint. By doing that we have guided questions we have made it mobile compatible and we’ve provided a lot more information on the site for
people to go to to understand the types of complaints we investigate the types
that we don’t so it’s a lot more interactive it’s mobile compatible and
there’s a lot more information available to the complainant. Although there are
three ways to submit a tip people are encouraged to do so through the website.
It’s the preferred method because of its efficiency and also because a lot of
complaints when they come in require supporting documentation maybe somebody
has billed you incorrectly maybe you have an email maybe you have a
spreadsheet some sort of supporting documentation you are only going to be
able to get that to us through the internet OIG officials also stated that once a tip is submitted individuals will not
receive further updates from the agency. Well, one of the things to understand is
that we are a law enforcement entity and we can’t confirm the existence or
nonexistence of an investigation so we are not able to provide status but we
want people to understand that without these complaints we couldn’t stamp out
fraud waste and abuse.

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