Eye Lift WITHOUT Surgery! How To LIFT Upper EYELIDS! Under $15

hi everyone this is Anne, I thought I
would share with you what I’ve been using that has really helped to improve
the look of and reduce my puffy hooded upper eyelids. I’ll do a demonstration
and show you how I apply this product to my upper eyelids every night and as
always I’ll go ahead and link the product that I’m showing beneath this
video down in the description box and I’ll link it to a couple of different
stores because I know that it can be a little bit tricky to find. This is not a
sponsored video the company knows absolutely nothing about me, I just use
this product, love it have seen some really great results from it and just
wanted to share it with you in case you also have puffy upper eyelids. If you’re
new to my channel welcome I put up 1 to 2 new videos each week so if you like
the content of my videos please be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss any of my
videos! So we have little fat deposits around our eye on our upper and our
lower eyelids and as we age our skin can lose elasticity in it and these little
fat pads can kind of protrude out and stick out causing puffiness and on the
upper eyelids they can cause a hooded eye look and on the lower lids they can
cause eye bags. So I found this product about 4 years ago when I used it on my
under eye bags and I had pretty bad under-eye bags they were almost like
double under-eye bags and I used this product just on the eye bag every night
for about two to three months and it completely got rid of my under-eye bags
and I really have not had any issues with my under-eye bags since then, some
days I’ll have a little bit of puffiness if I haven’t gotten enough sleep or if I
have allergies, but all in all it has solved my under-eye bag problem and the
product that I’m referring to and I have been using this on my upper eyelids and
it is really really helping with my puffy hooded upper eyelids and it’s by
Nivea it’s their skin firming and smoothing
concentrate serum and if you watch my other videos I’m sure you’ve heard me
talk about this product for my under-eye bags and also underneath my chin on the
turkey neck area and along my jawline to help tighten up my jawline I started
using this probably three weeks ago on my upper eyelids and it has already made
a world of difference in the puffiness that I have especially on this little
inner area of my eyelids. Because I know somebody will ask I have not had
any fillers done I have not had any facial plastic surgery done I do not get
Botox, I’ve been using this product on my upper eyelids as my very last product on
and you do want to be careful when you apply this because it is a slick gel
like product and a little bit goes a very long way and you always want to be
careful with products around your eye area so you don’t actually get it in
your eye and this product is technically meant for the body not the face but I
had great results on my under eyes using this and I’ve gotten great results so
far on my upper eyelids and I will continue to use this on my upper eyelids
for about two to three months and see what kind of improvement I get and again
I’ve been using it for probably about three weeks now and have already seen
quite a bit of improvement. This product has Co Q 10 and l-carnitine in
it and the reason I use the little concentrated version of this versus
there’s a gel version which isn’t as concentrated, the concentrated version
has 10 times more of the l-carnitine so I think it’ll just work better and
this is the one that I prefer to use. So it just comes in a little pump bottle
and all I do at nighttime as my last product on is I just take a tiny tiny
bit on my pinky I rub my two pinkies together and then I kind of leaned my
head back slightly and right on my orbital bone where you can
feel your orbital bone that’s where I apply the product I don’t go on to my
actual lid down closer to my eye from my orbital bone I keep it on my orbital
bone or even up from my orbital bone and all I do is I lean my head back I put my
pinkies right in that little fatty area and I just run them back and forth
across my orbital bone and again I do this as my very last product on at night
time. I just find it a little bit easier to apply it when I lean my head
slightly back then when I have it upright but you certainly don’t have to
lean your head back if you don’t want to I just find it easier for some reason to
apply it that way. I hope you found this tip helpful thank you so much for


  1. Hi Anne. I noticed that the ingredients include a fairly high alcohol content. Do you notice any dryness from using it on your face or neck? I have very dry skin so I was curious about that.

  2. Thank-you so very much for your helpful tips. This Nivea product is fantastic. I never would have thought to use it on my face. You are so clever and resourceful. I always look forward to watching your videos. Thank-you again for your suggestions. You have helped me tackle my problem areas.

  3. Awesome, Anne! I've got this product already, so I'm going to try this on my hooded lids. Do you notice if it also helps with crepey skin on the upper eyelids?

  4. You're a true beauty ❤️thank you for sharing. MaryEllen is right…..a lot of us have jumped on the band wagon Thanks to you my neck looks better Xoxo

  5. I was using this product per your recommendation on my neck and now I will try it on my upper eyelids, thank you so much , always great info.💋

  6. Love your tips and tricks. I am confused about one thing, how does the serum have have more Carnitine than the gel? The Carnitine is much further down the ingredient list on the serum vs the gel. Thanks. ❤️

  7. I bought two bottles of this product after watching you talk about it for under eye bags. I don't have under eye bags but I do have that pesky fat depots that cause jowls. The problem with me is that I'm so inconsistent about using it. It just gets to be so many things to remember to put on. But after watching you, I'm going to also start on my fat lids, which I've always had but now that I'm older, there giving way to hooded eyes. You my dear don't have hooded eyes, not to my eyes. In fact, a close up of your progress would be helpful for us to follow how this works out for you.

  8. I'm using it now on your recommendation Anne-Marie on my neck and under eye area. It's also available on the Iherb website in case some of your readers live outside the US like me.

  9. Your eyes look beautiful Anne. I have been trying this out on my neck. I've only been using it for about a month. Looking forward to seeing how my neck looks a couple of months from now. Hope you have a wonderful Sunday with your family! Love you…Laura

  10. Hi Anne I no you said it was your brithday in the fall as you call it over there but you did not say when your birthday was so I want to wish very happy birthday with a big hug from and send some flowers to you 💐🌹🌼💮🎂🍸🍰🌷👠👗👛💞🙌😼🐕xxoox

  11. This is the product I tried to get here but don't think they sell that particular one in UK I think it's under another name because I really wanted to try this 🙂 Looking beautiful my sweet friend, hugs, Susan xox

  12. Thank you Anne. I would love to see your daily beauty routine. Also what you do weekly and monthly. You make skin care affordable!

  13. Hi Anne-Marie! I had to stop by. My lack of firmness on the right side under my chin, was not caused by aging, but botched surgeries where I lost a large amount of weight, and had several hematomas, which caused mental confusion & more. How long did you use the Nivea under your eyes & was it 2x a day? Thanks, cutie. It's being stubborn. I hope I don't see anyone take this idea or anyone's. Bless you my sweet friend. Love u xoxo

  14. You are the reason I bought this product. I haven't used it enough yet to see if it will work for me, but I would like to get just a fraction of the results that you have with the product. I agree with MaryEllen…you come up with the coolest ideas/products. Take care 😀

  15. Great tip – and thanks for links to other retailers, as well. Next you need to do a video showing how you style your hair. Love it!!

  16. Using it under eyes to no avail. I guess everyone is different. Also using it on my neck. It does help there. TO be honest, I'm 75 but don't look it. After a while nothing works.

  17. You do know the main ingredient after the slip agents is salt and alcohol in this? The salt is what pulls the extra fluid from your skin. In long term goals probably not the best solution for any area then indicated. Salt and alcohol is very drying causing the formation of more fine lines, wrinkles and a general break down of the skins barrier and collagen causing a slacking to the skin. If you are currently having problems with fine lines, slacking to skin or the like you may want to find an alternative. I hate to see people ruin their skin over a quick fix. HTH

  18. Wonderful tip and so glad to hear this! I know some YT's were trying this out for eye bags and puffiness. Guess I'll be looking for this at the drug store soon cuz I sure need some help with my eyes. Thanks so much for sharing this!

  19. ok I bought some of this and haven't seen any results , how often to you use this on your face and neck area?

  20. Thanks Anne for sharing this treasure with us. I am 66 and my upper lids and lower lids have gotten "fat". Due to health reasons, surgery for me is out of the question because I take anticoagulants and would need to stop taking them to have any type of surgery or dental procedure. I am going to try this and will let you know how it goes. Thanks again.

  21. I'm trying the Nivea Skin Firming gel on both my droopy eyelids and under-eye bags. I can already tell it is starting to help, especially on the under-eye bags. I think my big worry on the eyelids is that the skin will still be loose. I'm definitely going to do my dermaroller once a week, but I am going to try to get one of the eye creams you mentioned as well. Lately, I've heard about doing face exercises to tighten, and I was wondering what your thoughts are on that. Thank you for your wonderful videos! I'm a new fan!

  22. hi anne, I used it for about 3 months and didnt see any results. How long before it takes effect? Love all you do thanks doll xo

  23. Love all your videos 🤗. I have a question: if you could only buy 1 skin care product (besides retin-a), what would purchase?

  24. Hello Anne-Marie I have just subscribed to you and love your info . Would you please tell me your skin care routine every night before you go to bed as I am new to you and I am very curious. I am having so much fun going back and learning all of your fun videos on YouTube .Love You !!

  25. I've been using this on my eye bags for a month and see no improvement. Are you massaging it in or leaving it as a "coat" on the skin?

  26. I know you said that you don't get the gel really close to your eye, but have you ever accidentally gotten any in your eye. I want to try this so badly but sort of scared. It sure has seemed to have worked for you. Also, does it have a strong fragrance? Thanks

  27. Hi my gorgeous friend! I use this every night on my almost gone double chin! I was stopping back by to let you know that I watched this…like last week but didn't have time to comment so just letting you know that I was here before I removed you from my "Watch List"! I hope you've had a wonderful week and that you have a great weekend! xoxo Mary

  28. ah ha!!! it has been a week now and my puffy eyes are so much better!!! but I use a narrow paint brush. Thank you so much

  29. OMG Anne this product sounds like the miracle to all…really I can't believe this is also helping with hoods too,as I've got the same issue heavy hooded eyes now that i"m older their getting worse so I def need to order this and also try it on the eye bags as well and jawline…I should just order a case lol….Hugs hon…xoxo Dee

  30. Anne, I like your calm voice. I am glad you are having good luck with the Nivea. I would like to see before and weekly photos of progress . Angie, Hot and Flashy Does alot of photo pics of skin when reviewing products. Close up in natural lighting .I hope you will consider.

  31. I have been using this for months on my double chin and it has helped a lot. I never thought about trying it on my eye bags or lids, but will start tonight!

  32. This product is not available either in stores or online. I emailed the company and they said it is discontinued. Are you using anything in it’s place? Loved this firming and smoothing gel….😟. Also love your vids

  33. OMG! I can't believe this..Yesterday was my 52nd birthday, and for the first time ever in my life, I had puffy upper eyelids..😞
    You're such a godsend, and a beautiful angel as well! You look so incredible, hopefully I can learn as much as possible from your videos!💝

  34. Unfortunately every store (Amazon included) is sold out of the Nivea firming and smoothing serum. Do you recommend any other product for the upper eyelids? Thanks!

  35. Hi Anne. Since this video I have been using this on my wrinkled skin on my eye lids. In 2 months the wrinkles have almost completely gone. I am now starting to use it on my tear troughs which are genetic and very prominent. Surgery would take them away but it's very expensive so not really an option. Thank you so much for your research. I love your videos. ❤❤

  36. I have had really good results from using this product after watching your videos a few months ago. Its easy enough to get a hold of in the uk, and i bought my mum some for Christmas as she feels her turkey neck isn’t one of her best features lol. Thanks again for sharing this. 😊

  37. Okay I am impressed. This stuff has made a difference in my eyelids… no kidding. I am older than you so was skeptical that it would work for me but it really is working and I am so very happy. Thank you for putting out your helpful videos!!! Xoxoxo

  38. Hi Anne, thankyou so much for your replies – do not worry if you dont always have time to reply. You have a really stylish and classy look……a bit like Lady Penelope from Thunderbirds perhaps. We spoke about exercise and nutrition a little time ago. I have totally cut out all sugar (switched to Stevia), and all harmful fats gone – just avocados and coconuts now…plus lots and lots of fresh fruit and veg , and raw spinich and kale / brocoli / beetroot smoothies (in an unsweetened apple juice base) – skin (and your whole body) will really appreciate and respond to this. In my cardio workouts – whether static cycle, jogging or heavy bag – I do lots of short stints – to exhaustion – which stimulates HGH (Human Growth Hormone) – see burst training or HIIT cardio videos – when HGH is produced – your whole body cells (incl skin) will reproduce much faster – and your skin etc will have a faster turnover rate (and resting heart rates etc will just fall off a cliff too lol)…..

  39. Anne I just started watching you so maybe you have adressed this before but do you get any treatments besides what you do at home? I think that you look amazing

  40. I just ordered this on amazon and wrote you on your other video about the under eye area and your latest video today so you’d see it. I wanted to share that it’s back on amazon as of this morning. It cost 11 dollars and change and it’ll be here tomorrow. 🙏🏻. As my 21 year old daughter would say…HOLLA😂 I also ordered the peel for my chest and the fading creams/lotions. My husband might throw me out. Hahaha. So maybe you have a room I can rent. lol Thanks again. You ROCK!!!!🙌🏻😘

  41. Hi,
    I can't really imagine you having any flaws at all…so either your tutorials work very well, or you are just a stunningly beautiful woman…which is my belief…xo

  42. Hi Anne, I'm watching a lot of your videos and believe as well as a lot of other viewers of yours, that it's refreshing to watch someone that hasn't had face surgery. I do appreciate it. What is your opinion on facial exercise? Thanks for all you do. Xoxo

  43. I searched the internet for the Nivea product and as you said, it seemed to be sold out.  I wrote to the company through and this is the response I got:  
    "Thank you for your email regarding NIVEA Skin Firming & Smoothing Serum.  We're sorry to disappoint you, but this product has been discontinued due to declining distribution and decreasing sales. It is a difficult decision to discontinue a product, and we sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. Unfortunately, we no longer have inventory nor do we know of retailers stocking the product. We do not have another product like this in our current line at this time. We appreciate your interest in NIVEA Skin Firming & Smoothing Serum and will share this with the appropriate persons."

  44. You are totally awesome 😍 I have sinius issues since a kid that is a bane on my looks …thank you for helping us of all.ages!! You ROCK!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  45. **FOR EYE BAGS:**NIVEA CONCENTRATE SERUM: European version but SAME product as the sold out US version! https://amzn.to/2GLWy9j (Yes, it has cellulite in the name) OR https://amzn.to/2r4LnzC also available in the UK: https://go.magik.ly/ml/jwpm/ xoxo

  46. This product is now over $100.00. I guess the demand went up so much that they figured they could push this up with the high end products. Well priced out of my range.

  47. I have looked everywhere for this product. I can't find it. When I go on the internet, they want about $80. for it.  It also mentions that it might be discontinued. Please let me know.

  48. All the links above bring me to the product but at 125 – 150USD. Guess Nivea caught on and jacked up the prices.

  49. I’d love to try this, but can’t find the serum. All I see is the gel and cellulite version. Your thoughts on those, please.

  50. I have hooded eyelids and it's from my childhood and I m above 20 now will this product work for me…I just want to get rid of them

  51. Also, by lifting the upper eyelids, you mean your eyelids are more exposed? Because that's not good… You want as little eyelid exposure as possible to look better, I hope that it lessens eyelid exposure tbh, because I will try it for under eye bags at least…

  52. Thank you for the video, I ordered from Boots the chemist in UK and its half price, so ordered 2. Thanks again

  53. Thank you Anne. Always looking for a solution to under eye bags, I just checked the links and it looks like it takes almost a month for shipping. Did you experience this?

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