Eye Exercises for Improved Vision

Hey guys what’s going on I am Chris Sajnog retired Navy SEAL and founder of the new rules of marksmanship training
system in this video I just want to give you a few I exercise ‘as you can do to
help improve your shooting now let’s go ahead and get started so why is exercising your eyes so
important well your eyes are made out of tissue and fluid and muscle just like
the rest of your body and just like the rest of your body if you don’t exercise
it it’s gonna start deteriorating and you don’t want your eyes deteriorating
because you need to be able to focus on your front sight when you’re shooting or
even see your targets right so here’s a few exercises that you can do no matter
where you are and even if you don’t have a front sight focused ring like I sell
online and yes that was a shameless plug to buy one of my products but anyways
that’s my version of a joke let’s go ahead and start off with the first thing
that I do every morning and that is that I rinse my eyes with warm water now why
do I do this well you actually have ducks in your eyes that create oil that
help you be able to focus your eyes and keep your eyes lubricated so you can see
better I’ve shared this with my online members and many of them have said this
alone has changed their vision and improves it throughout the rest of the
day so each morning you wake up go ahead and try it out get some warm water and
rinse your eyes with your eyes closed the next thing you’re going to do is get
yourself a pen or a pencil I have a crisp sign AAG pen here these ones work
the best better than any other pens or pencils and you just want to do some
drills where you’re going to work on your eye movement so the first thing you
want to do is just put it out at the end and you can bring this in and I’m just
working on the movement of my eye and I know I’m gonna look silly when I’m doing
this so you can make fun of me in the comments below just make sure you like
the video and share it but that’s all i’m doing is i’m bringing it all the way
in and going cross-eyed when i go out now the next thing and you may have
heard of this but you can do i circles and rather than just randomly moving
your eyes around it’s best to track something because that’s what you want
to teach your eyes to do you don’t want to teach them to just move around you’d
want to teach them to track something like a moving target or a threat so i’m
gonna do eye circles but i’m gonna do it by watching the tip of my pen here you
can change directions there you go that’s it so you can do smaller ones you
can start speeding it up you can do different things but again you can do
this anywhere if you’re at work and you don’t have any work to do grab a pen
grab a pencil and do some eye exercises now the last one and since we’re using
all my products for this we’ll just bring out one of my coins on this side
it says my name Christina right here in small writing this is actually a poker
chip and I also have a board across the room that’s got some larger writing on
it so all I want to do now is I want to work on shifting my focus from near to
far and back just like everything I teach this isn’t a matter of speed I’m
not trying to do it as fast as I can I’m trying to do it as perfectly as I can so
when I’m focusing here on the letters on this chip right here they are crystal
clear and then I’m just gonna shift my eyes to the writing that’s on the board
and make sure it’s crystal clear now as soon as that happens then I can move my
eyes back but I’m not just trying to notice that oh yeah those are letters
and then move on crystal clear is what we’re looking for so crystal clear here
crystal clear they’re back and forth so there you have it those are three
exercises you can do anywhere with anything as long as you have something
to focus on here something to move around to improve your vision for
shooting remember to warm up your eyes every morning I think you’re gonna find
a lot of benefit just from that alone and I’ve got a few bonus tips for you
that I’m gonna throw out there now number one is get some sunlight into
your eyeballs now I’m not talking about going out and getting snow blindness or
anything like that but get some sunlight into your eyes if you’re always wearing
sunglasses that’s gonna actually hamper your vision if you think about like an
Aboriginal society like any group like that they don’t wear sunglasses they are
always out in the sunlight and they always die with crystal clear vision
like 20/20 vision and why is that well we don’t know if it’s because of the
sunlight but it’s a good place to start and then the next thing is if you can
drink a green smoothie every day the stuff in green smoothie like kale and
spinach are great for eyesight and if you do it over a
long period of time it’s going to help the health of your eyes and therefore
help your vision so that is it for today I hope this has helped you and until
next time keep paving your path to perfection hey guys if you like this
video and you want to learn more I put together 20 videos with the best
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