I welcome you all to the Physio classroom channel In this second video of the bell’s palsy management series, we are going to talk about eye taping eye care is an important part of bell’s palsy management and as a physical therapist, we advice our patients to tackle two important eye problems out of which the first is inability to close the eye completely and the second problem is dryness of the eye If eye care is not done properly in bell’s palsy, then such patients become highly prone for developing eye infections, scarring and even loss of vision. As a therapist, we give our patients two important advises so that they can do their eye care properly First advice is regarding proper eye lubrication and second is good eye taping Patients are prescribed eye drops and eye lubricants by the physicians to maintain moisture of the eye As a therapist we also advice our patients to use eye drops multiple times during the day and apply eye lubricant in night before going to sleep It is also very important for Bell’s palsy patients to do eye taping especially before going to sleep Eye taping not only help the patients to give rest to their eyelids throughout the night but also in keeping the applied lubricant within the eye In today’s video, I have with me, my postgradute student, Neha Jawa, who is going to demonstrate the eye taping technique The commonest eye taping or eye patching technique that is taught to the patient is to simply cover the eye using an eye patch or a gauze some what like this: and then apply tape across the gauze like this But the main issue or problem with this type of taping or patching is that the upper eye lid can be closed but the lower eye lid still remains drooped this results in inefficient eye closure So Neha, tell our viewers the best way to tape the upper and lower eye lid Use this taping technique at night before going to sleep and remove the tape in the same way as shown in this video in the morning In the next video of bell’s palsy management series, we are going to talk about the role and effectiveness of electrical muscle Stimulation in Bell’s palsy So keep learning, keep sharing and stay connected


  1. Sir I have one question regarding to other if a patient loss motor or sensory sensation in limbs what is the best tech we apply in patient to come sensation early..

  2. सर मुझे १/२ साल पहले राईट साइड में पैरालिसिस हुआ था,ब्रेन स्ट्रोक (कलॉट) आया था,अभी मुझे बोलने में थोड़ी सी दिक्कत रेहती है,मेरी जुबान राईट साइड से थोड़ी भारी हो गई है में क्या करू,थोड़ी सी कसर हाथ और पैर में रह गई है पहले जैसा ठीक नहीं हो पाया, प्लीज मेरी मदद करे,

  3. Sir Mere Muh Ka Jabda Bahar Nikal Aaya Ek Side Se Haddi Nazar Aati He Bahut Bhadda Lgta He Log Mazak Udate He Kya Kiya Jaaye Plz Reply

  4. sir mjhe 10 years phle bells palsy hui thi . nd meri eyes to close hone lgi thi bt aur kuch racover nhi hua means shi nhi hua nd meri eyes bhi small ho gyi h . nd sir jo exercise aapne bells palasy ki btayi h with massaging the face kya ab fir se krne se thk ho skta h plz rly sir plz help me nd rly sir

  5. sir eyes k lye koi eyedrop btaye waise main tearsplus drop use kr rhi bt koi aur best ho to wo btaye nd sir thanks phle wale ka rly krne k lye

  6. Bells palsy hue bahot din ho gye h. Ab mera face bilkul theek h but abhi bhi 5% rah gya h .kya mai exercise se recover kr sakti hu .3 saal ho gye hai

  7. Hi sir my father is strock left side paralysed patient in paralysed hand too much pain so we can't do any exercise with him so sir give some easy tips for exercise without pain

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