Expand your VISION to change your life | Motivational Video 2019

(upbeat music) – You’ve got to have a bold and compelling vision for your life. How many of us wake up in the morning, please if I can just make the rent, please if I can just pay these bills, please if I could just pay
that holiday for the Caribbean, everything will be okay. But in order to change your life you’ve got to look further. You’ve got to decide what
do I want to be celebrating 24 months from today, who do I want to become? If I wasn’t afraid what
action would I take, like who would I really
want to be in this world? So you’ve got to have a
bold and compelling vision. Whatever you want in life, set the vision every single day what one small step can I take to bring me one step
closer to my dream life? I feel really good for what I’ve
just done so I started by asking just on a piece of paper how do I want to feel? And if you’ve been watching the blogs you know I want to feel energized, happy, free, and inspirational. So beside each word I wrote down what does it actually mean to be happy, what does it look like to be free? And I’ve started writing down some things that I would need to see, to experience, to have access to to have those feelings. And then this is where the magic is. Taking those actions,
they then become goals. How do I make those things reality? Because if I make those actions reality then it makes sense that
the feeling will follow. Happiness is about becoming the person that you know you can be. It’s about being in
alignment with your soul, with what you’re here to do, with the expression of who you are. And this is the truest
thing you’ll ever hear, even if it sounds crazy and hard to do. To get something you want in your life is having a vision for it, right, seeing it with crystal clarity
like down to the details. Go and experience it now. Get a feel for it now, make it real now. If you can expand what you
think is possible for you and really step into it, embody the vibration of what
it means to play at that level, who you need to become, the way you need to think, then wow, the impact you can have on the world is unbelievable. ‘Cause your vision is so important and if you haven’t believed
me up until this point I want to stress that what you expect for your life you will get. If you feel luck, if you feel fear, if you feel afraid, if you feel trapped, all you’ve got to do is
reconnect with your vision. You’ve got to look forward and ask what am I trying to build? What am I trying to do? Because your current situation is not your final destination. I’m here today because three years ago I was crazy enough to
set a vision for my life and I woke up every day and asked what is the one
small step I can take today to bring me one step
closer to my dream life. The process doesn’t change. You’ve got to start with your vision to get those clippings
in your vision book, make it clear, make your request. And then you’ve got to
ask what can I do today to bring me one step
closer to that dream life. Who do I need to become to make it happen? Take the steps. You will find happiness
and joy and ecstasy when your purpose aligns
with what the world needs. And I promise you now that
it might not happen overnight or in a week or in a month but if you commit to a
compelling vision for your life for a year, 18 months, two years, within two years you could
be living the exact vision of your perfect, ridiculous dream life. It seems impossible right now but if you do a little bit
every single day it adds up. You can have, you do anything you want. What you seek is seeking you. This is your year, this is your month, this is your week. Get out there and make it happen. (audience cheering)

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