ETHEREAL VISIONS Tarot | Review một cách rất chill | nhihaydi

Hi, my name is nhihaydi, a tarot reader from Vietnam. Welcome back to discover the world of Tarot with me. Today i will give you a glace of Ethereal Visions Tarot in a very chill way. Please enjoy! This is the guide book, very small but contains a lot of informations You can find all of the key words here for each and every card. In my opinion, this Tarot set is very beautiful and suitable for beginners My friend got it for me on Amazon, i will put a link down bellow for you guys. Now let’s take a look at every single card What i like the most about this card set is the color, very royal-y (if it is a word) It bring out the 17th century vibe with the gold color around the card. Such a good lovers card, i think it appear to laugh at me for not having any love in my life at the momment But well, due to this Corona virus, i don’t think having a lover now is a good idea. The Hermit is my favourite card. Tarot told me that Hermit is my life’s mission Yeah may be that’s why i dont have a lover 🙁 So do you know what your life’s mission is? May be it’s the Hermit like me, so we can stay single together hahaha Death is also one of my favourite card, it’s mean change is coming And if i can get a Death card in my reading, will it imply that someone will enter my life soon? You have no ideas right? So do i :))) But i wish i can find someone soon. As you can see, the figure of female card appear more than male in this set of card. It’s because the author want to dedicate the set to his wife and the love of his life, Hope. He wrote: “Thank you for believing in me even when i do not.” So cheesy, dont you think? (And it’s not like im jealous) So in the major arcana, we have 2 new cards here. The Well and the Artist. The Well is the birthplace of ideas and inspiration while the Artist is the vessel of creation. But for me, the Artist imply some one with moody temperament. I used to have crush on a singer in the past, he was cool but as you can see, it did not went well. :'( Am i talking too much about my love life? Now let’s see the minor arcana cards. The first suit is Cups Cups delves into your emotional state and relationships The suit appears when you need to pay attention to your own intuition when making decisions. The card looks so happy, it make me wonder when can i achieve that happiness? Am i too greedy? But i think it’s a basic wish, right? Wish to be happy? Are you happy about your life? If yes, leave us some advices down bellow. Oh and please don’t get in my words. Those cards looks very beautiful as well. Now we go to the second suit, Pentacle. The suit relates to the physical aspects of life: Work, health, finances,… I guess the author want to encourage us to get our life together and make some money. Since we dont have love, we have plenty of time to work and be rich. Do you want to be rich? I do, i want to make a lot of money so i can buy more Tarot cards and build a studio of my own. In order to make better quality content. So do you have goals in life? I hope you can achieve it someday. But even if you can’t, i know you have tried your best so good job I’m proud of you! I don’t feel good today (the day i made this subtitle) And i don’t know why. Do you know why? I wish a knight can come and tell me why. My cards said that, im tired from a lot of things. Are you tired? Is there anything that make you bother? Moving on to the suit of swords. The suit of swords are associated with power and conflict, but be keen to remember: Swords have a double edge. They are reminders that there is a fine line between good and evil. so be mindful of your thoughts and ambitions. The suits of swords also ask us to get our life together, to be a better version of ourselves But unfortunately, they cant show us the way to do it I’m angry>.

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