Engaging With Employees Vision | Vishen Lakhiani

For the longest time, companies
have told employees that you got to be engaged with the company vision. But what if we flip that? What if companies were engaged with
an employee’s vision of themselves? Bill Jenson said that this was going to be
a trend for the companies of the future. And he said that one of the best examples
of this was what we’re doing right here at Mindvalley with the concept called
the 3 Most Important Questions. When you join Mindvalley as a newbie,
we have all our people do an exercise where they dream about
their future selves. And they write down the experiences
that they want in the future, the growth that they want, and how
they want to contribute to the world. All of these pieces of papers essentially
become a blueprint to someone’s soul. When you look at the 3 Most Important
Questions results of any individual, you see who they are
and what they’re about. Now, imagine all of this on a wall,
a giant wall where everyone can see what each of their peers
intends to be in the future. And imagine if the entire company
was supporting each other, not just in business goals but in helping
each other attain their personal goals. People gather on this wall and see that
they have common peers who might want to, say, hike the Himalayas,
and so they organize a trip. People see that they have peers who
want to take part in sporting events, so they go and train together. And one of the most remarkable
things about this process is that for whatever reason, the crazy
ideas that people write down tend to come true in
an almost magical way. We can’t even explain it. This lady, Luminita Saviuc
wrote down that she wanted to be a bestselling author, that she wanted to
travel the world and be a photographer. While working at Mindvalley,
she wrote a blog post, on her personal blog called
“15 Things to Give Up to be Happy.” Nothing happened for the first six
months, then people started sharing it. It ended up becoming the most
shared personal growth article, probably in the history of
Facebook, 1.2 million shares. She got a book deal from Penguin. Today, she travels the world,
writes books, and is a photographer. Amir Ahmad joined us from
Sudan at the age of 22. He wrote that he wanted
to speak around the world. He wanted to be a bestselling author. While at Mindvalley, he wrote a book. That book ended up being picked up by
Foreign Policy magazine as one of the must-read books of 2013. Today, Amir speaks at Ivy League
universities and even speaks at massive events like the Oslo Freedom Summit. Jason Campbell said that he wanted to
someday be a public speaker and inspire people all around the world in sales
and entrepreneurship and marketing. He was once at an A-Fest helping with
logistics, making sure the soundcheck was happening and the stage was set up right,
and we had a speaker who felt sick at the last minute. Jason begged me to put him on stage. And I thought, “Okay,
what could go wrong?” I put him on stage, he ended
up being voted best speaker. Today, Jason is the host of Mindvalley’s
mentoring channel on making a better impact at work. Ronan wrote down that he wanted to be
a world-class sportsman and speak in a TED stage. He ended up competing
in the Viper Challenge, came out 1 out of 20,000 people. Next thing you know, he was invited
to speak at TEDx in Kuala Lumpur and later on in Paris. Today, he’s our health transformation
coach in the company. But all of it started with his
3 Most Important Questions. So imagine if companies operated that way. Imagine if, when you joined a company,
you knew that your bucket list, you’re going to be able to start checking
things off because of the energy appears, the way the company supports you. When you do this, everything
else starts growing. People stay longer. They’re more excited. They contribute more to our company. They are more engaged. In fact, Gallup did a poll of some 10
million employees and they found that people who answer yes to the following
question were the best people at work, and that question was, “Does my
supervisor or someone at work care about me as a person?” If people can answer yes to that question,
every other dimension of human performance elevates because we feel cared for. We feel supported. You might want to check out Mindvalley Mentoring for
Business, where we are bringing in the world’s best mentors to now come and give powerful, meaningful, life-transforming insights to people in companies and governments all around the world, to help you grow and become the best version of yourselves so you can check off the items on your bucket list.


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  2. We together Mindvalley have soooo much work to be done about that here in Brazil!! Thank you @vishen for transforming the world and allowing us to want to transform It with you !! In love with Mindvalley 's Vision and my work in there long before being an actual part of It 😍😍😘

  3. Thank you brother, I am thank you because my thoughts are changed. I think I am started my journey… One day we will meet each other… Once again thanking u…. Dear

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