Endgame Director Addresses Vision’s Fate

Avengers: Endgame resolved lots of questions
that went unanswered after Avengers: Infinity War… but it didn’t fully discuss the deaths
of all of the characters who died pre-Snap, namely Vision. Speaking during a recent Q&A event, director
Joe Russo finally addressed Vision’s fate. Consider yourself warned: Lots of spoilers
ahead! So, who didn’t survive Infinity War? Loki died early on, after Thanos strangled
him. Later, Thanos sacrificed Gamora in order to
obtain the Soul Stone. But thanks to all the time-travel woven throughout
the story, both characters eventually appear in Endgame. However, Vision doesn’t. This left viewers wondering if the android
would ever be returning, or if he’s truly gone for good. Speaking at the Q&A event An Evening with
Joe Russo, the filmmaker was more than happy to discuss Vision’s fate… But you might be less than thrilled to hear
what he has to say. The bad news: Vision was definitely killed
in Infinity War when Thanos yanked the Mind Stone out of his forehead. Judging by a comment from Russo, that plot
point won’t be undone anytime soon: “Vision? He’s dead as far as I know.” Co-director Anthony Russo agreed with audiences
everywhere that it was heartbreaking to watch Vision perish at the end of Infinity War,
telling Wired in 2018, “One of the most tragic moments in the movie
and one of our favorite moments of the movie, of course, is when she has to take his life
in order to stop Thanos from getting the stone.” Then, it was doubly upsetting when the Mad
Titan reversed that effort to inflict the damage himself. At the end of the day, Vision’s death was
incredibly impactful and is probably best left untouched. But the android’s terrible fate goes one step
further; Anthony Russo noted that it was all probably even a little bit worse than what
we saw on screen, noting that actor Paul Bettany interprets Vision as… “… just someone who’s seeking to understand
humanity, and I think that with that final gesture, Vision really achieved full humanity.” If Vision finally became effectively human
in that moment, the fact that Thanos used the Time Stone to undo Scarlet Witch’s efforts
and kill him himself is even more devastating. Ultimately, if the powers that be decide to
rebuild Vision, it could potentially undermine his whole story arc, and diminish much of
the meaning behind his death. To complicate matters, Marvel Studios president
Kevin Feige revealed in April 2019 that the upcoming Disney+ series WandaVision and the
future MCU movies are linked, saying, And perhaps that goes both ways. If the MCU movies have an impact on the forthcoming
Disney+ shows just as much as the series will impact future films, Vision’s death should
influence WandaVision’s story. On the flip side, if WandaVision features
a Vision who’s very much alive, it might mean he has a place in Phase 4 of the MCU. Neither Disney nor Marvel have confirmed how
that’s possible in the context of the MCU, but Scarlet Witch actress Elizabeth Olsen
did tease that WandaVision would have a specific time setting. “They showed a photo of us in the ’50s? And I think that’s a good teaser?” Right now, anything can happen. Whether Marvel decides to keep him dead or
ultimately decides to revive him… “I am on the side of life.” … we can at least be fairly confident that
we haven’t seen the last of Vision. Check out one of our newest videos right here. Plus, even more exclusive Looper videos about
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  1. If he were to come back with the horrifying memories of being killed by his lover and then again by the one who his lover tried to save the soul stone from, don't you think he would cause him to have some villainous issues?

  2. Anyone know if there's a chrome extension that will block all keywords of Avengers Endgame sick of seeing this shitty super hero shit on my YouTube

  3. About Endgame…

    •HULK looked "incredible" FAKE (I guess Marvel inspired by the DC's bullsh*tverse)

    •THOR looked extremely stupid (and to be honest, I really think that HE is the one who died after what they did with him and not Ironman)

    •CAPTAIN MARVEL looked like a lesbian in that haircut (obviously)

    •Dr STRANGE, SPIDERMAN, SKARLET WITCH, BLACK PANTHER, STAR LORD, ect… Where they actually IN the movie??? Somewhere??? 🤔🤔🤔

  4. Vision was made from the stone which they all recollected in Endgame so he wouldnt exist unless they could perfect the stones energy outside of the stone and maintain

  5. stop making this some big thing. super heroes dies and come back all the time. no one with a brain or a life is going to be overwhelming devastated if they bring him back.

  6. Really? Vision will be back. He was brought back in the comics, but remained grey, not colorful.
    And WandaVision isnt set in the 50s. Holy crap, try to understand that its not set in the 50s, but it will have a 50s style film feel.

  7. We all already know Disney plus brings Vision & Loki back to life. This is a fucking waste, along with most of these end game videos. Glad I haven't watched

  8. Shuri.
    She was dusted, so we were unable to know if she downloaded visions mind.
    Maybe we will find out in BP2..I don't think they would leave that to be explained via series.

  9. I honestly think that vision is going to come back but he’s going to be a little different then before. Shuri was working on him before the end of infinity wars so it’s possibly that she downloaded his consciousness and personality which they’ve done before and was ultron a plan in the beginning

  10. But I wonder if Nakia is Alive since I didn’t see her with Black Panther or in the movie at all

  11. He's just scrap , probably get fixed in one of the later films lol might be a main badguy

  12. Okay but the real question is, if the avengers put the the infinity stones back wouldn't Vision's go back to Vision? but he's dead so who would get it? Thanos? EXPLAIN

  13. Out of all the avengers, vision can’t die. He’s A.I. He can Bluetooth himself to an iPad if he wanted too… I think he’s in the cloud!

  14. I'm going to point out that vision died in Wauconda. There was 5 years Gap and my mind is drawing a blank what exactly is Vision made out of again?

  15. When the Avengers had done the time travelling and gathered up the stones to make the 2nd snap, Visions yellow mind stone was never implanted into an android body; it was simply extracted from Loki's sceptre and Ultron never happened. Therefore, as far as the 2nd snap is concerned – Vision never existed there!

  16. The Vision in the TV series will most likely be an alternate version from a different reality in the MCU multiverse. Spiderman FFH already mentioned that the snap tore a hole in the MCU's universe.

  17. She may use the time machine to go back get Vision and go back further, so they can have a little time.

  18. 2012 Loki escaping with the tesseract means Loki really isn't dead even though he died…like a Tom Cruise movie.

  19. I wished we had Vision in Endgame. Like couldn't they (the Wakandans) revive him in the 5 years they had?

    I don't know, but maybe because they didn't have Shuri's intellect to help revive him back then. But now she's back, I hope we do get to see Vision again in Phase 4.

  20. I don't get it – if Thanos came forward in time and died in the future, then his search for the stones could not have happened anymore. That means the stones are all still where they were before Thanos took them. That includes the brith of Vision, and would mean Loki, Heimdall, and Gamora would still be alive in this timeline.

  21. That Vision death was so sad. 😭 I doubt Vis will come back but I would buy a Vision Jr. being built like in Young Avengers.

  22. Who cares about Vision, hes so lame. He can’t even use the stone to fight against Black Order. Boo. You know who I miss? Jarvis and Drum-E. They are the best robots in the MCU.

  23. Endgame: exist

    Looper: Is endgame? When is endgame? What is endgame? How is endgame? Is he endgame? Is she endgame? Endgame? Are the Russo endgame?

  24. so If Vision is really dead, what did Captain America do with the Mind Stone? Is that what allowed him to hide in the past.. did he use it to fake Carter's dysphoria? or was it a side effect from him having it near her for so long?

  25. Vision never had an infinity stone, he had the solar gem, so they could make his return by using that as a substitute for the movie change.

  26. Oh fuck off Vision can't be dead as well as Stark too maybe Stark's little girl brings him back from the dead with the power of thor, but no Vision this is not right.

  27. I never really understood Vision. He's a damn robot made from Vibranium, and he got a soulstone in his head, still he is pretty much completely useless. Age of Ultron – can't even defeat an inferior AI with a body made from scrap metal. Infinity War – constantly gets stabbed, and is basically defenseless.
    He really shouldn't be this weak.

  28. Would be great if they tried to rebuild Vision's body and Ultron's programming ended up taking over.

  29. I hope Vision comes back because honestly i feel like he has been useless since his debut in age of ultron

  30. 2014 Thanos (aka past Thanos) was dusted by Tony's snap so his later Infinity War self couldn't have killed Vision. Time travel sucks.

  31. He can't be there cuz 2014 thanos's dead so the snap would have never happened in the first place and he never got the gauntlet

  32. somebody picked up Vision's body
    and fixed some of his wiring
    he now has a lot of his old memories
    but a completely different personality
    maybe even villainous

  33. So why was Shuri downloading/uploading his consciousness during the Battle in Wakanda in Infinity War? I would think that they are going to rebuild him. I don't trust none of these interviews, I rather pay more attention to the dialogues of the characters.

  34. Russo’s response to multiple deaths is just that… they’re dead. Yet other people return through time travel. 🙄

  35. "Reviving him could undo the meaning behind his death and his story arc." Give me a break, no it won't. People love the character, he was only in three movies. More people would be happy than not to have him brought back. The Russo's really screwed up a lot of characters in Endgame. They shouldn't have directed it.

  36. Why Tony Starks love of Cheeseburgers will shake up the MCU Multi-Verse IN ways you can't Fathom!

    Extra Pickles and Ketchup!!!!OMG111

  37. Vision did not become human. Never have never will. He's a robot. No soul. People need to quit over thinking this simple concept.

  38. Hey, guys, vision is a red superhero who can fly, has super strength, is nearly indestructible and shoots lasers out of his head and has a cape and in his first movie appearance he had to kill the leader of his own kind to save the earthlings since his leader was trying to take over earth. Leading to one of the next movies in the franchise to be about superheroes fighting superheroes because of the destruction that happened in the previous movie. Now does that sound familiar?

  39. their going to bring him back but without the mind stone he won't be all the way their most likely he will probably act more robotic and be unable to reciprocate wanda's love since the stone is what was allowing for him to evolve at an exponetial rate

  40. Here’s a crazy idea. Ultron wasn’t destroyed but just went under, and when Vision died he begin rebuilding/taking over Vision…?

  41. Next video: After spending most of his lifetime as an intergalactic military warlord, can Thanos find real peace and happiness in retirement as a simple rustic farmer ?

  42. Even if Thanos didn’t have the time stone he could still get the mind stone if he glues it together with Flex Glue

  43. If Joss Whedon had stayed on as director of the Avengers films, we would have likely seen a lot more of the character. The Russos seem to dislike the Vision.

  44. Couldn't they have time traveled to the most recent Vision right before Thanos and done the Wakanda surgery take the stone back to the present rebuild Vision and do the stone removal again then take the stone back to the past?

  45. Finally someone remembering Vision! It like no one want him to exist anymore. For me he will always be the hero I remember.

  46. That's horseshit! They did Vision so wrong in Endgame. They couldn't bring him back with all the others?!! Why? Cuz the mind infinity stone is Vision and the two are inseparable? Funk that! He never got his redemption from a pathetic role in Infinity War where he was bitch slapped the whole movie. Sorry, that's 🐎💩. Biggest fuck up of Endgame. You had the f'n Marauders but no Vision? Yeah cuz we can time travel but we can't fix a dented forehead on an Android that we created?!! And Wanda is cool with that? I thought they had a series coming up? What is she gonna do, have Vision propped up like a fucking marionette and have delusional episodes of witty banter with herself while impersonating Vision? I can picture the erotica now, fumbling to get his lifeless doll body in the correct position only to discover he can't get it up CUZ HE'S DEAD. WTF?


  48. The Avengers spent too much time and energy protecting the Vision, and it's a major reason Thanos won.

  49. Honestly I’m glad that I know what all went on with him after they revived everyone with the time travel in Endgame except him, it really left me wondering but I’m really sad that he’s dead. I really loved Vision and Wanda’s relationship they were so pure 😭 I do hope they bring him back in some way. I think that Wanda will still be reeling from his death afterwards and she might seek some sort of closure or even try to resurrect him.
    I think that when they all went back to get the time stones so Thanos couldn’t use them, they should have gone back in time and just grabbed Vision and taken him to the future. There may be something that prevented that, idk or they just didn’t think of it.

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