E.L.F. Jelly Makeup.. Is It Jeffree Star Approved?!

what’s up everybody? welcome back to my
channel! hi how are ya?? now in today’s video we’re trying out the brand new
summer collection from E.L.F. cosmetics! bitch..
this is allegedly jelly makeup, jelly skincare.. it’s watermelon infused and all
over social media you guys have been like Jeffree review this collection!! so
I hopped on snapchat and I showed you guys the PR package we’re just gonna
start this video right now.. I’m a little jaded I’ve gotten a lot of PR packages
over the last few years so to impress me girl it’s a little difficult! but let’s
grab this.. the.. I can’t believe it a refrigerator look at the mini-fridge for
the makeup and skincare it’s inside here look at the cord look at the light this
has been plugged in for a few days the makeup and everything in here it’s cold
you guys gonna hear it listening okay so this is actually on I don’t know how
cold the climate in this refrigerator is but we are gonna find out in a minute
you guys whoa whoa alright here is what the P R package looks like there’s a lot
here like hi how are you there’s lip glosses there’s eye gloss there’s
moisturizer there’s face cleanser there’s primer there’s a brush and we’re
gonna try it all right now okay so everything wallah is right here we’re
gonna test it out now the first thing is actually a cleanser that is supposed to
get rid of makeup dirt and oil so we’re gonna wash my face really quickly and of
course you guys know I got my little skincare bowl you may recognize this
from me and Shane reviewing the Kylie skin so there is a cleanser and a lot of
people are like Jeffery first of all what how like how does it compare to
Kylie’s and oh my girl we don’t know yet but first of all here is what it looks
like now the products in the refrigerator of course are cold so if it
looks a little weird its defrosting live on camera it almost looks like a oh my
god Christian when you were a kid did you ever have the hubba bubba squeeze
two things yeah we’re gonna throw up a picture of those BAM
definitely reminiscent of my childhood I love the packaging I think for a
drugstore brand it’s definitely different and a lot of brands nowadays
are boring the house so for elf to really come hard with this and not have
their standard black packaging bitches shook so what does this versus this look
like girl I have no idea we all know that I test this out with Shane so
what’s the point of this it’s supposed to tingle notice what’s not tingle oh okay let’s review this but before we do
that you guys it’s time for a Red Bull and if you guys didn’t know I make metal
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head on over to jeffree star cosmetics calm we have new black metal ones we
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my bio ok let’s start oh all right so the watermelon jelly
cleanser is supposed to really get my face ready for the day now this item is
only eight dollars okay work let’s just try it out so allegedly this is going to
get rid of all the makeup oil and dirt it is watermelon infused it can be used
all over the face and eyes to melt away stubborn makeup cleanse the skin and
it’s gonna leave my face plump and hydrated it has water melon extract a
vitamin b5 okay so let’s see what really happens here I’m gonna put my hair back
for a second okay so I do need to wet my skin before I put the product on let’s
put these sleeves back honey okay let’s try not to get water
everywhere and ruin myself oh girl dampen the skin eh okay looking like a
drowned rat alright so here is the product of course let’s put some on my
hands oh it’s like baby pink oh my god it really does smell like watermelon it
smells delicious and the fact that the product is cold from being in the fridge
oh it feels really good okay so we’re supposed to rub this
over in circular motions rinse with a warm rinse with warm water and pat dry
okay no allegedly you can put this all over
your eyes I don’t really have any makeup on my eyes so we are not going to do
that bitch please mmm okay oh my god this smells so fresh
and just it smells really nice okay now I like it because it didn’t shut up
which means it’s not gonna give me that astringent really harsh foamy stripping
my skin effect thank God I think we’ve definitely massaged this
face enough let’s rinse all right got my washcloth let’s wipe this off it is so
crazy to do like skincare reviews in the beauty room it’s messy and I love it
okay I feel like Yoli glow right now getting my facial and snapchat hmm Wow
okay let me Pat my skin dry and let’s see how we’re feeling okay skin how are
we feeling let’s let this hair down a little bit honey
okay let’s actually feel our skin and let’s give you a real first impressions
okay I don’t want to keep comparing it to the Kylie review because this is
nothing obviously alike but an $8 product versus a park that is $20 plus
this one I already like oh my skin actually feels good and you’re probably
like Jeffrey how can it cheaper cheaper product work better you you know the tea
that that’s how the world works nowadays a lot of people are trying to trick us
but overall it feels good is it mind blowing and my life’s changed absolutely
not but overall a good start okay so there
is a water gel moisturizer and a primer so hi let’s open up our little
refrigerator and let’s get this bitch out hi honey
okay so oh this is a glued end like you see the cap is not in there by the way I
love how this looks I’m gagging at the packaging okay that cap is stuck in
there mother oh my god
okay got that out jesus take the wheel they wanted to secure the package okay
let’s try the moisturizer oh it is sealed right here I love that now of
course if you guys did not know elf is all vegan all cruelty free and their
ingredients which I live for so this only retails for eight dollars of course
let me go on their website everybody now allegedly this is a skin a hangover hi
so it has watermelon Castro oil infused it is the unique gel to liquid texture
that will quickly absorb into the skin for a boost of instant hydration put
under makeup or alone well we need the moisturizer and the primer bitch so
let’s put some on it says apply evenly to the skin a morning or night all right
let’s take the seal off oh hello okay oh how this okay living I don’t
think simple packaging bite us to love how it looks aesthetically pleasing
alright ready okay oh it smells really good it actually smells amazing okay so
let’s take that and oh look what does this feel like ah whoa okay I see what
they mean by the texture kind of like oh okay
here we go Oh smell up such a watermelon whore that
I really enjoyed this okay let’s really get it in the skin now
I do have a big face so I will lead a need a little bit more and whoa the
texture is definitely interesting I like it may guys know I gotta cover my entire
neck hi grandma how are you feeling girl alright it’s been about 30 to 40 seconds
and let’s see how we feel okay this one feels nice but it isn’t giving me and
almost feels kind of primary if you know what I mean like it’s giving it’s like a
little tackiness there is a primer to try that we will do in a second but it
isn’t giving me like full like saturated moisture like my skin isn’t gagging and
living but it definitely feels supple and like a normal but it isn’t like mmm
you know I don’t know I’m sure I compare it to like my normal everyday routine or
if I put on like a primer like the Bobbi Brown and it isn’t like the best feeling
but my face does feel refreshed okay let’s move on to the dewy primer now
this will be retailing for $10 and what is this supposed to do everybody this is
a multitasking primer unique gel texture of course it is gonna work like glue to
grip my makeup to ensure that it stays put this of course has a lot of crazy
ingredients it has hyaluronic acid a vitamin A C & E watermelon extract again
so it says put on entire face evenly wait 30 seconds before applying makeup
okay cool umm I love a primer let’s see if this is any different than this oh
yeah you see that was a lot thicker let’s try that again
Oh almost feels like the gel cleanser which it’s obviously not but okay I’m
gonna take a little more feed js3 brush and I’m just gonna apply this oh we
still I think that is mmm I love that okay let’s see how this looks on the
face I love using a synthetic brush obviously you can use your hands but
this kind of applies it everywhere and if you’re wondering what the hell
happened here I was doing some skin work earlier and extracting so excuse my
redness whoa that is sticky and that is great
for foundation but look at my face it’s like oh I wanna see if you guys can hear
that usually sticky is a bad thing but I really think it’s gonna be great for the
makeup so holy shit okay let me do the side of my face be right back
all right the primer I don’t know how it works obviously yet we’re gonna lay down
some foundation real quickly but it feels really tacky I’m talking like
tacky I want to compare it to this crazy a hundred and twenty dollar assistly
primer that’s kind of how it’s making my skin feel which this is my favorite
primer of 2017 I believe so that’s a big feat it’s time to prom foundation
obviously there’s no new foundation to try it’s an elf video let’s just put on
an elf foundation what is this shade beige in the flawless finish foundation
I did do a review of this a full face of elf about four to five months ago if you
want to see how this performed fully I will leave it down below let’s quickly
put on some foundation right now and let’s see how it looks I’m gonna go in
with my morphe jeffree star pink beauty sponge ooh bitch
I remember how full-coverage this thing was yes ma’am okay
let’s cover my face and see what happens okay now first impressions the
foundation really stuck to that primer like it’s stuck now if you want
something that is a little more pore filling or you have like crevices or
anything that you want to fill wrinkles deep pores I would say that the poreless
putty foundation from ELF which I made sell out any record-breaking time I must
say myself that primer unreal this one pretty good elf might be coming as like
the king and queen of affordable primers so this one though it really laid down
the foundation I have nothing really to complain about except I can see a little
bit of my poor area and texture which I mean listen we’re about to do concealer
and powder so for ten dollars I’m like okay primer how you doing I need a
little bit of life to my face so let’s go in with a little bit of magic star
concealer shade c5 miss infamous robbery finally back in stock and there’ll be a
very big restock of every other shade hopefully next month you guys like my
2019 relax you know it’s so crazy Christian I’m sitting here and earlier
like I was really picking up my skin right here and I’m sure people on the
camera are like oh my god what the fuck like it almost looks so I almost looks
like an allergic reaction but I was really picking crazy and I was using
rubbing alcohol so hi everyone for the first time seeing my allergic reaction
so let’s keep of blending and pray my face doesn’t fall off we all know magic
star concealer is a nice breathable full coverage formula look at that you guys
hi you want airbrushed skin girl this formula is everything whoa okay magic star an elf really look
cute together I am going to set my face do a little bit of bronzer and be right
back to finish the review let’s continue now let’s open up our refrigerator one
more time whoa okay first of all there is this brush right here the stipple
brush hi stipple and steepling girl okay this will not come out what I’m gonna
break the damn storm and these are glued in here holy shit okay I got the
products out that gorilla glue Jesus alright I got the crazy glue off so
let’s try out the flush blush now this has two shades we are going in with what
is this shade called a no fucking idea that’s what shade work it’s called this
is a unique jelly textured blush it is going to melt into my cheeks for a sheer
wash of color and Sheen without stickiness it has vitamin E argan oil
and it’s gonna give my skin a radiant glow okay guys let’s give it a rule the
shade is called peach pop and I’m supposed to blend with the apples of my
cheeks with this brush now of course here is this brush it is a part of the
collection and what do we think this retails you guys this of course is vegan
the brush is synthetic and this is eight dollars okay let’s open her up why does
it look like oh wow look at that Christian just shake it in there give it
a whirl oh woah oh my god okay that’s crazy look at how it looks like let me
just try this on the back of my hand really quickly oh look at that
what okay that’s a lot of product Jesus H let’s give it a whirl on the apples of
my cheeks oh wow okay definitely share obviously a
lot of product came off on the back of my hand so let me go back in oh wow it’s
weird cuz I expected it to kind of go like what like cuz it’s jelly but it’s
going really pretty me because it’s the brush mmm I need more product okay whoa
that’s crazy if you ever go to ham like this take a sponge share that bitch
right down like oh no ma’am now blush like this I don’t live for I
think it can kind of look a little streaky now here it’s kind of pretty and
when I turn this way almost looks like I got punched in the face and I’m not into
that so let me try to dull this down a little bit okay that looks a little
better I was looking a little rough all right
miss jelly pop balázs definitely a little weird not my favorite I’m not
really liking how it’s looking exactly I think the color is pretty but the
formula a little weird okay now let’s try the face and eye gloss these retail
for only six dollars there’s two shades now this says get the wet makeup look
with glossy lids and dewy skin multi-purpose face and eye gloss gives a
sheer wash of shimmer to the cheeks and eyes creating a mesmerizing glistening
dewy effect we’ll see about that no glue all over this okay one is more
pink and iridescent oh it’s a little coming hold on okay so that shade looks
like that whoa okay the other one looks like pure diamonds look at that whoa
okay I got it I got it feel this like what does this feel like is it gonna be
sticky whoa okay on this skin though whoa okay I’m a little shook is this
going to be really sticky that’s what I’m afraid of
okay well only one way to find out it says face in eyes oh my god you guys I
hate I glossed I rarely use them on my channel because usually you like look up
and your eyes are glued together does this do that let’s find out
oh my god it feels really weird and like it’s not supposed to be on the I oh
that’s what my nose looks like I’m sweating whoa okay what do you think
Christian it definitely looks wet cool it looks actually kind of cool huh
I know as weird as I’ve tried the eye gloss where I like when I blink it like
really sticks it’s not sticky like is it supposed to set this is tripping me out
okay so I was checking the site really quickly because I was like what the hell
all it says is is use your finger to warm up the product dab lightly onto
cheeks and eye is best worn alone for a natural dewy look so I wonder if you put
this on your like bare skin without foundation how it would look because it
can kind of pull the product away but I’m a little shook that my lids don’t
feel sticky let me test it now okay it is a little sticky on the skin so if you
were to walk by like a dirt windmill or something or like go walk in a grassy
field that may really just like give you a new look and be stuck but alright let
me try the other shade here this is crazy the texture it’s just bizarre I
don’t wanna like ruin my foundation but I mean this is what we’re here for
okay whoa oh my god it looks like I’m like freshly like just had sex with a
little bit of glitter on ah and I’m padding with my finger obviously
and it’s not pulling all of the product off which is really nice I’m a little
shook right now huh pretty it’s like skin glass honey oh my god I’m
a little shaky at how pretty this looks like I almost wish the blush wasn’t
there cuz it’s still kind of bothering me but look at how it looks on the skin
it’s like oh it’s really pretty I’m shook okay only thing is I did touch my
bridge of my nose with it and the foundation did kind of lift off which I
assume that it did say use on a bare face me know so Wow I like how it looks
I’m shocked because I really don’t like glossy things I gloss I’ve always hated
every formula but a little shocked but yeah it does still feel wet see over
here my finger it did lift some of the foundation so if you want to try this
without foundation it would probably even extra sickening but it’s still late
still looking pretty last product of course hi with all of this jelly stuff
there has to be a jelly juicy gloss so okay oh my god
there okay so there’s four lip glosses we got a crazy purple we have a pink we
have a strawberry kind of moment and then we have an orange okay
so there’s four shades retail is five dollars now what is this supposed to do
it’s a lip gloss you guys do we really need to talk about it let’s put on our
damn lips and see what happens okay now I have foundation on my mouth let’s
maybe take that off a little bit and see how juicy is it gonna look oh I love the
applicator really easy there and saw she looks oh I smell really good it’s like
watermelon Jolly Ranchers hi how are ya that is Blasi let’s say come dripping
stunning glossy oh it feels good literally no stickiness at all they
really did that it’s very water Melanie but it isn’t
like I want to gag like you know some sense it’s like okay obviously I’m not
getting a lot of hot pink miss on the lips I’m getting very clear about the
gloss papa laughs aw honey I’m ready for a fucking orgy okay so let’s just see
the other purple like is this actually purple or is this just clear like elf
don’t try me so let’s just kind of go that way I mean there’s a little color
in there barely missed tinted moisturizer the house yeah so basically
no shade all the shades are gonna kind of look the same like let’s try this one
like it looks dark there and then when you share it out like if it was on your
mouth yeah there’s not that much color I mean it’s a little bit they’re not you
know not too bad but spare me oh my god okay I I had no idea what to expect it
came in a refrigerator you guys and I was like what is happening around this
house I think I’m ready to give my final thoughts I definitely want some mascara
this needs a lash or something on it so I’m gonna go in with the hi it’s an elf
video let’s go in with the elf plump it up mascara really good for the price
point are you so you kidding me like they’re just
insane so let’s see how this looks with the gloss but I want to start off by
saying this collection is definitely giving me like 90s nostalgia I love it
it’s it’s like giving me exactly what I need it kind of reminds me of my
childhood I loved the aesthetic of it now let’s talk about the formulas and
now that’s good I think what really stands out to me was the primer it was
so sticky but in a really good way it really hugged that foundation I’m
looking at my skin and I’m like not not bad at all now of course we use the
jelly cleanser first I thought it was actually really cute I’m not into
cleansing all the time you guys know my skincare routine by now
but I think this is pretty good I didn’t have tons of makeup on to remove to see
how it really worked in that sense but it was cute for the price point work
okay now what else you guys we tried a lot of stuff now the water gel
moisturizer was not my favorite it was kind of basic and not like the best on
the planet but it did work it was cute my skin was just kind of like give me
more okay the primer of course we said kind of lived for it I can’t wait to use
it again the blush it was the only thing I wasn’t like obsessed with I didn’t
really like how it looked me I’m into that cheek though whoa I’m into more
like I just love a powder blush that’s just me forever all the cream blushes
jelly blushes not for Geoffrey Lynn okay the lip gloss I love it I mean I’m sure
you like Geoffrey it’s a lip gloss I know but the texture the smell the
packaging I think it’s all important and for five dollars honey how can you even
say no to that so do you need all four no I think you need one because it
really all kind of look the same but when I look in the monitor it’s really
glossy now the face and eye gloss I cannot believe it but I love it normally
I’m not into this type of look I am into blinding metallics glitters I love a
highlight moment um but this is just kind of different maybe because it’s new
for me but that’s like no makeup like kind of makeup look I’m into it which is
shocking so I have an announcement to say you guys the elf
jelly pop dewy primer the jelly pop face an eye gloss and the
jelly pop lip gloss are all jeffree star approved yes the other stuff I didn’t
approve because I wasn’t in love with it and if I’m not in love with the product
you guys I’m not gonna approve it you guys know their drill on this channel
also the brush it was cute very unnecessary elf has so many brushes
though so if you already have something similar yard you have something similar
um but Wow I can’t believe that I love a face and eye gloss I don’t know why I
can’t get over it but I’m feeling really pretty this collection was so fun it’s
aesthetically pleasing and now I want to go suck on an otter pop and maybe a ring
bob is so stand off below what did you guys like on me what did you hate by the
way of my allergic reaction or whatever was happening is kind of basically gone
thank God I was a little worried but yeah let me know what you guys think I
was very pleasantly surprised with this collection and for the price point you
can’t beat it so thank you guys so much for watching today’s video I will see
one the next one bye guys


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