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for tryout is with one of this region stoplight care specialist doctor or when
as men doctor has been graduated from the
illinois college of optometry and has been in private practice since
nineteen seventy seven he has received many awards for
excellence in optometry including recognition for his participation in the
vision u_s_a_ project anne is a member of the american optometric association
and the maryland optometric association amman others welcome back doctor as well well thank you were having back again i
do appreciate your time how it’s our pleasure i wanted to get by asking if you can
please tell us what the dry ice and romance well dr syndrome has involved throughout
the years of being defined many different ways but
riesling the latest definition is it said that multifactorial meaning many
many things he calls it disease of the art that can cause visual discomfort meaning
visual disturbance or blurry vision and also argues confrontations complaining of
discomfort trip now is also so seder with eight-term
quart pos more worried which means salt
content of the cures meaning the more soldiers
in the tears the more than i will burn and staying
and become irritated so that’s the general definition now years ago the definition did not include visual
disturbances that the day many patients and we see her practice
that are complaining of blurry vision it’s not just the reefer actively
remaining there near center for civic it could also mean they have a dry eye very interesting set would not put those
two together i would not think that blurry vision could be a result of dry ice editor of the most basic zone
put together an unfortunate most like your prep fish eaters have a hard time putting that together
also at what risk factors would you say
doctor aston contribute to this problem okay the
number one risk factor is in the whole host of the number one is being uh… the gender being a female the aging process medication such as hypertension
medication medication or diabetes firework problem systemic issues can
call the people are using computer a lot people replicators all day long beckoning has intensified on dry eyes syndrome on the environment
itself working next to a ah… ah… on here okay where appear dark they’re coming out
from calls it also camel pools in the environment and calls it on soho host of things they were part of
that the patient wears contact lenses it’s not fair profit a contact lens connection hindus some
drawing this patient of had laser refractive surgery
candies dryness also or even cataract surgeries from the main symptoms with
aging in being a female with top the list very interesting i want to ask you doctor has been how
common would you say that dr syndrome problem
is for the dealers that’s a great question and the studies have shown
depending published studies you look at it reaches from around proxy twenty percent is sixty percent of
the u_s_ population have dr the dries really varies between a mortal
drive to the severe chronic most people have dries half somewhere
between a marginal than a mile dry or a that’s a majority of them with k and a very small portion have very
severe dry eyes so the top now that the other factors the older you
get for greater chance you don’t have the dry eyes so the older population might have a seventy percent chance of getting tries significant numbers of the very
significant gains consider epidemic market at this point i’m which you recommend as successful treatment options that are
available talked rasmin to take care of the dry ice and well today we have a lot
of treatment options out there and introductions truly depend when the
type of dry you have and severe really begin example of their
kids are too general categories of dry eyes one is called the vapid too dry and one is called increased efficiency depending upon which trial you have torment how we treat the problem and then depending upon the severity of those problems that also helps determine how we treat
to try as far as options and treatment what’s the evaluations done and we go
over all the possible ways of treating it knows options will will range from prescribing over-the-counter are drops and their many different types of over
over-the-counter are dropped in the paper which profits best will prescribe some patients when the prescription diet
drugs some patients need aural medication some patients need a a a procedure
called late hygiene which can range from a single lid
expressions of just keeping the lid margins very very clean some patients needed surgery in some
patients need laser surgery so dependent on the evaluation which physically weakened type of dry all you have and how severe
it is that’s when we can prescribe the options and look at the results would you feel are now available based
on the many treatment options that you have oval to eliminate the dreyfus and
when we look at results will results was would be the patient has the mal so it working towards a little mile
drive by the success rate is almost a hundred
percent for those patients are you guys are
treated properly with the right medication and in the right sequence an expensive
which is very important a lot of doctors that you just describe
certain medications with regard rocks that world network or pop or drops and but there’s one more factor of all the
sequencing of them for example if the patient has a
developer deprive or a and i think we stood fishing too dry you always have to treat the event that the dry first if you tried to treat the opposite way
he will not be successful so getting back to success rate prognosis we call
it more jobs from wild ride freemen window
properly in the proper sequence it’s almost like a percent when you get into a moderate dry like
the success rate is probably right eighty two nine percent severe dries between twenty to fifty
percent says you can see the standard rise in most of the board of trade and these are the individual to have
very very severe symptoms how long would the treatments typically
take again i’m sure it varies based on each particular patient and his or her needs and how uh…
severe the problem is in general terms are we looking at
that’s a great question the unfortunate thing is what you’re
going to run on a riley is a life by disease it is no sure for dries we only can manager promptly the great thing about is if you have a
more jobs from old right in whaley have to use water to options
to treat to drive the rest of her life well-mannered ryan might need one two
three things unsavory might need four five six things four options but the
most important thing the patient has to understand this is a lifelong disease to a comparable to diabetes for
hypertension is no cure for our pretension is that your for diabetes stinking goes for drawers it’s always
onesies okay that is just a matter of as you’ve mentioned earlier how best to that control it minimize it and effectively treat it
with their options that you are hereby quinones mejor properly important management is for the patient
to return back to the doctor’s office to make sure they’re being managed
properly so it might be one suite formally have things under proper
control they might have to come back once a year
or once every six months paper in each case that weekend we only have a few
moments left doctor askmen and certainly you and your practice as
than i care specialist here in somalia maryland have developed the reputation
for excellence within your field and and specialty not wanted to ask you what separates you and your practice
apart from so many other eye care specialist in this week great question again uh… again most
patients think dry eyes are dries across the border provided through the same way
as i just told you earlier historic patients treated differently
depending upon their exact diagnosis and severity of their condition what separates us from the other eyecare
practitioners is our commitment to the treatment of the dry patient my partner who have to my brother had been partners and we found that the
uh… you try center maryland back in nineteen
seventy seven and so we’ve been doing this for a long
time to we have the experience we have commitment we have the passion
we love helping patients elf we have a technology goes along with
this when the technology comes down we
instantly if u doing research we buy the new instrumentation we still have the research we travel mug
for education going abroad in the u_s_ so and we have repeat team of o support
team here of technicians receptionist doctors that
work together primary for the past what’s best for the
patients interest we certainly our state of the art first
technology goes you can just tell but but looking at everything you have your
this beautiful location of yours not to mention the vast experience as you
touched on since nineteen seventy seven you all a bit here helping many patients and you certainly have many many
testimonials doctor has been in fact if i’m not mistaken a number of them are on your website for potential patients to review and look
over yes we electorate patients as a testimony when we have hundreds of them we’ve become when our winner websites
for other page to see how successful arab practices in their scope for those patients out there that are
suffering from a severe disease of dry yes indeed on that none of my thank you
again procuring isn’t being addressed in our
program doctor as well as our pleasure infected with having thank you

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  1. A life long disease …hearing that my heart sank …my chronic dry eye is making me suicidal .god I wish there was doctors like this in Ireland

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