Dr. Seydel on a Memorable Patient | Griffin & Reed Eye Care – Sacramento Ophthalmology

This patient who came to us seeking to
have refractive surgery LASIK surgery and he wasn’t a candidate because he was… he has keratoconus, which is a corneal dystrophy. So he couldn’t see
very well at all, I mean his best corrected vision was like 20/200. And, Dr. Reed said “no sorry, you can’t do the surgery. Come back and see Dr. Seydel, maybe he
can fit you in special contact lenses to get you some vision back.” So I fit these
contacts on him, and he says, “these aren’t gonna work.” And because it’s a very
tedious process to fit a keratoconic patient to get him to see well—it takes
several visits. So he left, and he was supposed to come back in a week. He never came… he didn’t come back. So months go by and then he’s on my schedule again. I fit him with these other lenses and kept trying this lens, that lens until
one worked. At the very end of the exam I got the right lens for him, and he was
actually reading the 20/20 line. And the guy just changed instantly! He was like,
“dude, I can see the… I can see the line! Oh my god, this is great! I can’t believe
it!” So he was so excited. So, and I was too, because you know, it’s a good feeling to
make someone to be able to see, who was having trouble. So we go up front to
checkout, and we’re gonna see him back in a week. So we stopped at the front desk, and our waiting room is very large. And we have sometimes five doctors working at
one time, so we could have maybe 30, 40 people in the waiting room. He kept
grabbing my arm and saying, “dude, I can totally see!” And he looked out the window and there’s an office next door to us it has a sign with, you know, the office
spaces on there. And he’s all “dude, I can totally see that sign! I can’t believe it!”
He said, “I’m like a blind man that’s been made to see for the first time, and
you’re like, Jesus!” And the whole waiting room just erupted into laughter. And I
felt so good! So, it’s things like that that make this job rewarding.

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