Dr. Sarah Logan — Nemours Ophthalmology, Jacksonville, FL.

What colors do you see? [MUSIC PLAYING] Hi, I’m Sarah Logan. I’m one of the pediatric
ophthalmologists at Nemours Jacksonville. I think pediatric ophthalmology
is a really rewarding specialty because we see kids
during a critical part of their development when
their brain is still forming. So a lot of kids,
when they come to us and if their vision is
not quite right or they do have a problem, we still
are in a period of time where we can have
a lot of success and get their vision better. My favorite part of the day
is after a busy day in clinic when a kid that you really
ticked off will give you a hug or give you a high five
mainly because they’re happy they’re going home and
you’ve completed your exam. But they also realize
that it wasn’t so bad. And often, if they
have to come back, they realize when
they come back it won’t be so bad the next time. I would like my patients
and their families to know that the
responsibility of taking care of their children’s
eyes and their vision is not something
that we take lightly. We work really hard to
gain the trust of a child since it’s really hard to gain. And we know that when
they come to see us there’s lots of fears and
anxiety about the exam, but we work really hard to make
that experience go as easily as smoothly as possible.

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