Dr. Pradeep Ramulu | Ophthalmology

>>My name is Pradeep Ramulu
in the Glaucoma Division at Johns Hopkins. My specialty is taking care of both adults and children with glaucoma. I became interested in
this particular disease for a couple of reasons. First, I think it allows us
to follow people over a period of time and really form
a relationship with them. So it allows us to not only
take care of them surgically, but also follow them
medically over many years and really get to know them as people. My research is really
focused on understanding how glaucoma influences the
individual and really moving towards how we can not
only treat you medically, in terms of lowering your
eye pressure and preventing progression of your disease,
but how can we move forwards to rehabilitate you, to make
your quality of life better, given the fact that you
may have already suffered some vision loss from this disease. My practice philosophy is
to really treat everybody as if they were my own family
member and really go for what’s best for them
in terms of their care. I think everybody who comes
to see me is somebody’s family member or somebody’s
loved one and I really take that very seriously that you’ve
honored me with that trust and I really try and treat you as I would treat my own loved one. (light music)

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