Dr. Kelly Unkrich—Nemours Ophthalmologist, Jacksonville, Fla.

[MUSIC PLAYING] What I love about it
the most is that I do get to still follow the
children as they grew up, kind of like a
primary care doctor. We just really get to establish
a relationship with the patient and their family. We learn everyday
from our patients, in terms of better ways to
perform the exam, better ways to calm them down, get
them to interact with us, and feel more comfortable
with the eye exam. I think a good time to come in– to bring your child in to see
a pediatric ophthalmologist is if you’re noticing
things at home, in terms of eye misalignment,
if you feel like you’re noticing the eyes cross in or drift
out, specifically if there’s a family history of
any of those things. We have a great team
here at Nemours. We do have the capability,
at Nemours, to perform electro physiologic testing. The unique thing to Nemours,
that is not widely available, is the ability to be able to
perform these tests on children without having to bring
them to the operating room for sedation. So we’re able to perform some
electro physiologic testing just in our clinic
without sedation and get a better idea of
their visual potential. We’re all that
special breed that enjoys taking care of
children and making them well.

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