Does Griffin & Reed Eye Care offer multifocal lenses for cataract patients? | Sacramento, CA

We’ve been doing multifocal lenses— I did the first one in Sacramento 12 years
ago—and, a gentleman who wanted to have that. And we’ve been doing them ever since, and I’ve found that with the right staff, again, and the right experience, we’ve developed
formulas through the calculations, so that we’re really accurate in the ability to find the
right lens to put in each individual patient is dependent upon being able to do those measurements accurately beforehand, and sometimes those that have had previous laser vision correction, the calculations are more difficult if you don’t have experience doing that. One, we want a patient who has very healthy eyes, to begin with. If, unfortunately, you have macular degeneration or advanced glaucoma that is decreasing your visual potential after cataract surgery, these are patients who should not be considered for multifocal lenses.

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