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  1. Every time I put heavy creams under my eyes I get milia….which leads me to picking them out with a needle….which leads to a mess…… 🤨🤨🤨 Sculpla or Caudalie and a gel/cream are my combo.

  2. Hi Penn!!
    I have oily skin even on my eyes!! Crazy!! I like to use The Derma E face oil on my under eyes. I never let that area get too dried out or I look 1,000 years old!! Loved this💗

  3. I use alot. The Timeless serums all over my face including eyes, the B5, Coenzyme Q10 and Matrixyl Synthe 6. Then I follow with a very small amount of Timeless Eye Cream which is more of a very slippery gel. I do this everyday and at night the same with an addition of SkinMedica TNS Eye repair on the lower lid area. I might be over doing it?

  4. We are SO lucky to have you and your expertise as a licensed professional here on YouTube. You are such an asset. I have normal skin, but under my eyes is dry, puffy and crepey. Will definitely check out your recommended products. This video is one of the best I've ever seen on ANY channel. Original and informative. Brilliantly done. Love you, my sweet friend. – xx, Carla

  5. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us. I am a big time eye cream user. Currently I am using Skin Better Science & Epionce. Penn, how do I find your on line skin care store? Have a blessed week.

  6. Thanks Penn!!! I needed these suggestions so bad for my underlies. What do you suggest for between eyelids and eyebrows? Mine are very dry also. xoxo, Cindi

  7. I want to clarify about Milia. Heavy creams alone do not cause milia. They can just add to an already present problem or exacerbate the potential. Milia are present on some people who don’t ever use a heavy cream in the affected area, so it’s not all about creams.
    Heavy creams just aren’t good around the eyes. 🙂
    I hope that helps.
    I think I’ll do an entire video on milia.
    Maybe I’ll go all Dr.Pimplepopper and video some milia removal 😬😳

  8. I have been using eye cream since 18 and out of all of the areas on my face, it’s the least wrinkled. Wish I paid attention to my neck and smile lines lol. I do have bad dark circles tho.

  9. Great tips my sweet skin guru beauty!! I liked your quiz! I’ll have to try the laroche possay mist! I love a good mist!! I need an essence too! I bought the puff off but haven’t used it! I’m going to! Great tips muffin!!! Love you!!!! And Thank you for the sweet mention!!! That was so fun!!!❤️❤️❤️

  10. Question…what nail polish shade is this? Super pretty. So glad I saw this video. I had no idea Cetaphil had an eye cream. I'm going to try it. I also didn't know Bioderma had a mist. Going to try this too. I normally use my fave, Avene thermal spring water. Also going to get this urea eye cream, I have literally tried so many eye creams and mostly high end. They are nice but nothing has yet to wow me. I have oily skin, but dry, crepey undereyes. This was super helpful. Thanks so much for the great suggestions.

  11. I have specific undereye concerns so I always use one. But I often wonder if it’s worth it because I never see a massive improvement, whether it’s high-end $ or low.

  12. Thanks, Penn, this was super helpful! I've been using the Mad Hippie eye cream and like it. I'm going to try the Cetaphil with the Bioderma spray! Thank you, thank you! 😍😙

  13. Good Morning Penny, thank you for another excellent video and I just love that you provide affordable options along with your incredible knowledge and awesome tips!! Love you! Hugs, Nathalie xoxo

  14. Love this video. Now you just made me buy that affordable eye cream. I’ve been using eye creams since I was 21. I do believe in them. Prevention is better and over the years it pays off with me. The most expensive eye cream I’ve used was 3Lab and now I’m loving the Shiseido. I’ve tried a lot on the market while others are meh, the few that I love I tend to stick to them. Love your videos. I wish more people would notice how good your videos are. 🙏🏻❤️

  15. I have the cetaphil eye cream and I’m so glad you informed about adding some water to boost the hyloronic acid to boost the hydration. Totally makes sense and I’ll try that Penn:) Also, more on milia please, where it comes from, why it happens and how to avoid it.Thanks love,💋

  16. Thank you… I'm a dermatology nurse and love many products for my aging skin yet I'm tired of spending a small fortune on many of them. I'm going to have my husband see if he can find this eye product in Japan as he travels there monthly. Thank you for the tip!

  17. I love watching your videos! You are an encyclopedia of skin and skincare knowledge!

    I use 2 eye creams. I use one at night that has a retinol in it. I just began using a different brand, that was a bit on the pricey side, but I'm hoping will last a long time. Then in the morning, I use an eye cream from Timeless that has Hyloronic acid and has lasted forever!

    I am going to add these eye creams to my list, and give them a try once I run out of my current supply!

    I've heard people say that they can't use Hyloronic Acid because it drys them out. I always thought that maybe they were sensitive to something mixed in with the Hyloronic Acid they were using! I will pass along the word — it could just be the skin is too dry to begin with! 🙂

  18. Such great information here Pen! I will definitely be checking out that Cetaphil cream!! Thanks for this. I learn so much from your channel.

  19. Hey Penny! I devour your videos! I learn so much from you. Just a couple questions if you could help. I produce like no oil in my skin, super dry and sensitive. I want to get the benefits from urea. I was using Eucerin urea face cream every night but found it to be sensitizing. Could this be the urea? Should I try alternating nights? Also what would be a good overnight exfoliating for someone with my skin type? I have swipe on lactic that don’t seem to do much and glycolic can be drying for me. Thanks!!!

  20. I ordered the Sukoyaka Suhada Urea Moisture Eye Cream after I watched your video. It said I would get it between Oct 3rd-9th, but I got it today. Yay. I like it. It's lightweight but creamy and didn't irritate my eyes.

  21. I always learn so much about skincare when i watch your videos. Just enough info not to be overwhelming. Thank you! Have to balance binge watching you against Netflix!!😂

  22. I have used eye creams all the time, but I do have drying there especially now, and sometimes a bit of darkness, but not to bad. Thanks for sharing the two eye products, that was helpful, have a good week!!! Love and blessings xoxo <3

  23. Wow! Such an informative video. I need to try that urea eye cream and the the essence one. Yes I do use eye creams. With an s lol. I like the ordinary caffeine one and the Dr gross one. Another great video gorgeous! 😍❤️😍

  24. Hi Penny! Thanks for the great info!

    How were you able to clear the hyperpigmentation around your eyes? I recently purchased the Obagi Clear Fx, can I use this around the eyes?

    You looks great!

  25. Oh man do I ever need a good eyecream! Thank you Penny. And thanks so much for your suggestions on less expensive ones. Luv ya lady

  26. I’m so grateful I found you! When I smile I have so many wrinkles under my eyes that I hate smiling when my photo is being taken. I have very oily skin but my undereyes are so dry and crepey.

  27. New sub here. I appreciate your professional opinions and suggestions on skin care and products. Where can these two products be purchased? TFS! 🤔😊😍🍁

  28. Actually just was thinking I definitely need one. I had a huge eye puffiness situation which I managed to calm down with both the "Breylee 24K gold caviar collagen eye mask" and the NuFace which I have only used a couple of times but wow, it really helped. I'm hoping that I get long-term results if I keep using it.

    Have a question about hair. I am a natural blonde but it has become a darker blonde over the years. I used a dye a few days ago and was really happy with the lighter yellow it gave me. But now after only one wash, I have a duller more brownish color – I did dye it brown in the Spring and I really hated the results and had to wait quite a while to take it blonde again. Now it seems to penetrate through. I used the Garnier Nutrisse with avocado oil. I've super fine hair and it has just a few strands of grey in it. Thank you!

  29. I’ve already added Sukoyaka Suhada Urea Eye Cream to my Amazon Japan cart and can’t wait to try it! I’ve used a Eucerin Face Cream with Urea around my eyes for crepiness and it helped, but it was too greasy. I know that urea is a fabulous ingredient and far underused in US skin care products.

  30. Thank you so much! Very helpful! Wow I did not know that when you get those bags under the eyes when you laugh is a sign of dehydration, no wonder I always had them! I never drank water until just a few months ago I started drinking 2 liters a day and my skin has changed drastically, it's amazing what water does to the body, I don't get those little bags anymore when I smile/laugh. My under eye are IS very dry and I never use eye creams because I've always thought it was a waste of money and I just applied my all face moisturizer to my under eyes, I will definitely will give those eye creams a try! I'm a new subscriber ☺️ I have a question, do you have any videos concerning "nasolabial folds" that's something I'm very insecure about. Last year I turned 33 and I started noticing them 😭. Any suggestions on how to reduce them?? Sorry for the long comment, I tend to ramble a lot lol. Thanks for the video!

  31. Hi Penny, I have both the Hada Labo urea moisture lotion and the urea moisture eye cream you recommended, plus the Sculplla poly L Lactic acid Stem Cell Mist but my under eyes are still dry and crepey. I am 61, I was so desperate I went and got this extremely expensive DMK facial, now I am way worse, my under eye skin got irritated and red and is now uber dry and peeling, crepey and wrinklier. What should I do?? Please help me! I reached out to the esthetician lady, and she said that I couldn't expect that in one facial it would "fix" it, and that she had never had a client "complain" or had these results. Now, I don't know what to to do…??

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