DIY Homemade Hand Sanitizer Formula from WHO — Updated

this is a do-it-yourself homemade hand
sanitizer formula endorsed by the World Health Organization WHO with the
quantity scaled down for home use. the formula calls for one cup of 99%
isopropyl alcohol 1 tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide and one teaspoon of
glycerin. before you start, put on glasses or goggles to protect your eyes from
accidental splashes and extinguish all flames. we have one cup 99% isopropyl
alcohol and if you can’t find ninety nine percent alcohol,
read the description section for what to do, pour that in all right, 1 tablespoon of hydrogen
peroxide 3% which you can get in the drugstore, and 1 teaspoon of pure
glycerin, available in the skincare section of your drugstore. it’s thick
stir it get it off your teaspoon then we’d add water to meet the target amount
of 1 and 1/3 cups. cap on that to make sure it’s fully mixed give it a few
shakes. let’s fill the container, the dispensing container make sure your spring in the right
direction there you have it the WHO approved hand sanitizer formula. I almost
forgot be sure to label your dispensing
container hand sanitizer 75% alcohol. in my first video available on March 3rd
through March 4th I had the quantities of hydrogen peroxide and glycerin
reversed. sorry for the error. if you made a batch as shown in the old video it
will still work even though it does not precisely match the World Health
Organization formula. the important part the final alcohol content is still
correct at 75%


  1. Just a comment on the application….doing the rub – is not as efficient as wiping off – spray on, wait – then wipe off with a paper towel as if it was toxic. ( not reusing the same side of the towel)

  2. Hello, please can you help break down this formula into percentage. For example, I want to use a 1 litre jug.

  3. This gentleman is not using the correct measurement for the alcohol. He is using the 1cup which is used for dry ingredients.

  4. He is using a measureing cup for dry ingredents make sure you use a measureing cup designed for liquids.

  5. Vodka and a few drops of tea tree oil might also work, but I am no authority on this matter, it's just an idea, I am using saltwater and tea tree oil, only because there is nothing else near where I live, stay well friends, wash your hands with whatever you have and cover-up <3 😀

  6. First teach them how to distil alcohol the main ingredient of the sanitiser. Rubbing alcohol is equally scarce.

  7. Oh just wonderful as these are more answer that deal with ingredients that NO ONE CAN GET so this is worthless. I've tried to get two of these now for over a month and they tell me all the hospitals are getting the peroxide and alcohol.

  8. Now all of a sudden people want to be clean WOW it is so sad and true that it seems like it always takes a tragic to wake people up to come to realize

  9. People used to laugh at me or look at me strange because I use paper towels to open restrooms doors and always over wash my hands and hand sanitizers I carry around with me all the time now all of a sudden it's not funny I feel sorry for ignorant people they are the ones that should look in the mirror at themselves in wonder

  10. You should have rubbed it on the top of your hands as well. To be effective you need to use enough so that your hand stay wet and do not dry them off.

  11. Your trick doesn't work there's no more alcohol in every stores i went to ! some are selling a quart online for 90$ not a store i seen is restocking supplies are all out !

  12. Hello Dear.could you please tell me to make 500 ml hand sanitizer how much ml should mix of %91 isopropyl alcohol,%99.5glycerin and %3hydrogen peroxide.thanks

  13. Hi, I see here the hydrogen peroxide is 3% the one I got is 6% didn't realize it until it got home. Can I use it that way or do I have to dilute it with water to make 3%

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