Dependent eye care (English subtitles).

Hey, what’s up? If the doctor has prescribed the eye wash, we may feel a little intimidated, maybe it’s embarrassing for us to ask for us to ask exactly how it is done, and they do not explain it to us because it is considered elementary. Well, fortunately, today we’re going to see how it’s done: •The first thing is to gather all the necessary material, i.e. sterile gauze, sterile 10 cc syringes, single-use gloves, and physiological serum. •It is important to wash your hands with soap and water, otherwise we would contaminate the outside of the gloves when we put them on. •Now it’s time to reassure the relative by explaining what we’re going to do. •It should be placed on his/her back. •We load the syringes with physiological serum, one for each eye. •With one hand we open and hold the eyelids open. •And with the other, we perform the cleaning of the eye, instilling the physiological serum from the lacrimal to the outside. •And finally, we dry with a sterile gauze, a different one for each eye. The idea is to avoid moving microorganisms from one eye to another. And this is it. Thank you very much, and see you in the next video!

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