Demo: How to host a telehealth video appointment – Telehealth by SimplePractice

Teletherapy doesn’t have to be fancy –
this is my teletherapy setup in action. So, SimplePractice makes it very easy to
start my session, since they have the integrated telehealth feature. I can go right to appointment, I click on it and then I can just click “start video session” and I’m there. I want my computer to be at
eye level with me so that I look like I’m looking
at my client. I’m not looking down at them. and then I’m gonna put on my headphones so that I can hear them well. Hi guys, Hi! So now I’m in session with my client I have my headphones on
so they can hear me, I’m looking at them at eye
level and I’m ready to begin my therapy. So, I like to start by asking
how the client was just like I would in an in-person session and then, of course depending on
their goals then you can move into what the activity is. Wow you did such a great job in therapy today! Bye! And then, at the end it’s all there
in one place, you can quickly write your progress note and then you’re done. One way to remove some of the barrier of complexity is to make the login and telepractice session
as easy as possible and as simple as possible for the client. I really like that with Simple Practice I can email them and
they get a link right there and they can open the session right from their email, they don’t have to download
any extra software. They can simply click on the link
and there you are. If you haven’t tried telehealth yet, I highly recommend
testing it out during your free 30-day trial.

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