Deaf Person Reacts To A Quiet Place 2 Trailer | Rikki Poynter

Hello everyone, welcome back the channel
and Happy New Year. As you can see, I’m on my stream set up because I’m going to be reacting to
the trailer for ‘A Quiet Place II’. I have seen and did a video
a Film Friday’s video – for the first ‘Quiet Place’ so I’m really excited to be able to do
a reaction to the second trailer. This did come out while I was gone
for the holidays in Jersey. I had not seen the trailer at all. I wanted to wait until I was back home
in my filming space so I could do a genuine reaction
for you all. So, without further ado,
let’s get started. It does have captions,
so I’m very excited about that. I would hope that the official trailer
would have captions because you do have ASL
and a deaf person in this film. So… (LAUGHS) Alright. Oh God, are we ready?
I’m ready, let’s go! (SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC) Let’s go. Come on. Day one. What is day one? Oh, we get a back story! Oh yes, this is what
I was so excited for. This is what we all wanted. Aww. Ah, there are those monsters. We’re running over people. It’s not OK! People are running around
for their lives! Uh-oh! Oh no, get out of the way! Oh, that’s not good. Ah man, we’re back to the present. The baby is born. Well we knew that,
the baby was born in the last movie. Millicent’s carrying a shotgun. Yeah, we got deaf people with shotguns.
I’m happy with this. Uh-oh. Baby! Oh my God. Uh-oh. Part II A Quiet Place
or ‘Quiet Place Part II’ in March. Wow, I think I might like this
more than the first one. Don’t get me wrong,
I loved the first movie but I am someone who likes
a more action-packed sort of movie and you know, ‘A Quiet Place’
was more um, quiet. (LAUGHS) Although I’m going to miss –
I forget what his name is. I’m going to miss the dad, you know, but…I’m excited to see
who these new characters are, I’m excited to know what the back story is. We all want to know how
these monsters came about. We had no back story whatsoever,
I don’t think. Maybe we had… Did we get even a split second of
a back story in the past? I don’t think that we did, honestly. So, they have that now, get our questions answered, which is why I’m really happy
that we got a sequel to begin with. So far, I’m not seeing a lot of ASL. I don’t think I saw any ASL
in this trailer so I hope that occurs
a little bit more often. It probably will. I’m really curious to see how
they’re going to get baby to not cry very often. I don’t know if that oxygen mask
or whatever it was is going to help but I… Yeah, I’m really excited. It comes out March 20, I think, and I’m someone who doesn’t
really like to go to the cinema if I have to pay for it, even though we have
caption devices now, but just because caption devices
fail very often. But because of this and because I know y’all are probably
going to want me to talk about the film when it comes out, I probably will end up doing that, and I just really want to see it. So, yeah, that’s my reaction to this trailer. Let me know if you are
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out of your day to watch this video and I will see you later, bye. (ROCK MUSIC PLAYS)


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  2. Trailer Tuesdays! Ya know what, I haven't seen the first movie myself, I'm a Netflix/DVD guy myself
    .EDIT : Oh, and the dad was played by John Krasinski.

  3. Yeah the whole reason I was excited when I saw the trailer for the first film was because there was sign language in that trailer. So it will be interesting to see if there is less or more signing in the second film. I’m not much of a horror film fan but I will go see this because I loved the first movie. I hope they don’t pull some “Oh she’s cured and doesn’t need to sign anymore because she chooses to wear her CI” bull because that would piss me off. So I’m cautiously excited about this sequel. Lol

  4. Uhh i think I know why the baby have a oxygen mask on, it's in the closed insulated box = less sound if it cries but it needs air in the box so might be the reason for the mask

  5. Just out of curiosity why are you wearing headphones. Are you like not fully deaf and can still hear enough that headphones work or is it just for style?

  6. Thanks for the review 🙂 The trailer only seemed to caption the dialogue and didn't include many background noises – maybe just "(Bottles clang)". Do you think the captions in the full movie might be more detailed?

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