Dangerous Eye Color Surgery Leaves Man Blind

the following program contains images of an actual surgical procedure that may be graphic and disturbing parents are advised that these images may not be suitable for young children sign for a doctor’s throw back all the way to our very first season when we met mark who traveled abroad to change his brown eyes to blue a dangerous procedure we actually warned him could leave him blind if you remember I was previously on the doctor show in 2009 mark is here in our audience I just came off the plane from Panama I just had my eye surgery John from brown to blue I’ve always worn color contacts and I just always hated having brown eyes every time I looked at myself in the mirror I just didn’t like it I wouldn’t even check the mail take out the trash without wearing color contacts I’ve had the beautiful blue eyes I was happy we told about risks of this surgery when he went down to Panama my best friend she did the surgery and she had no problems and when I saw her eyes I was like I need to get that done nothing was gonna get in my way dr. Steele was beside me screaming at me the risk for this particular procedure is entirely unacceptable cataracts loss of their cornea inflammation inside the eye and a severe form of glaucoma that would result in irreversible blindness the lens is the same lens used in cataract surgeries for the past 20 years it’s just a colored version of it no that’s simply not true young man it’s important to let your viewers understand that at 50% chance of eventually going blind is simply not worth I didn’t believe in here we are 2012 the right I would turn bloody red and I just ignored the symptoms next few years the vision went blurry and it would go in and out it’s my fault I should have seen a doctor and I didn’t and I thought the vision would come back and I am now blind in the right way I was naive young if I could go back to 2009 and tell myself and tell the world I would say do not do this surgery whatsoever you will be blind 100 percent yeah mark didn’t listen to our warning about the risky procedure his vision and his right eye will never return but he did have a second chance to save the vision in his left eye this materials been in his eye doing silent damage for a very long time slowly grinding away at the surfaces of the eye like sandpaper well treat his right eye first which is the eye in which unfortunately he’s already lost all his vision and then we’ll treat his left eye afterwards hopefully to prevent him from losing vision in that eye as well when we perform his surgery we’re going to be removing the colored material that’s been laid into his eye and we’re going to cut it up into smaller fragments and these are the 3d glasses out of the screen that will leave us to see everything the greater magnification mark it’s time to begin your procedure go ahead and bring your chin up for me keep your eyes wide open you’ll feel pressure and stuff from when I push on the eyelid look straight ahead and don’t look around mark let’s go into our main entry looks great ahead mark don’t look up buddy don’t squeeze best brown eyes I’ve seen in many many many years now we’ll be ready to start treatment on the left eye which is more paramount since this is the better function look straight ahead to four to mark maybe you live to be a hundred and twenty and see perfect out of this you


  1. I think brown eyes are awesome and beautiful. Blue is my favourite colour but I personally don’t like it as an eye colour. I find them a little creepy IMO.

  2. People saying is he Michael Jackson, convenient how first sentence he says is: ‘I was previously on the show in 2009’ the year of his supposed passing. Then his voice starts changing. It’s a valid point 😉

  3. blue eyed ppl: i want brown eyes they are soo beautiful
    brown eyed ppl: i want blue eyes they are soo beautiful
    be greatful for what you have now, dont change anything ur beautiful just the way u are

  4. I really want to have beautiful hazel eyes.
    Why only white people had hazel, light brown, blue, grey, green eyes? It's so unfair.

  5. I think..wen someone is that obsessed over anything that jeopardizes their well being in any way..need to see a psychiatrist…

  6. What makes someone's eyes truly beautiful is not its color, but its shape. The shape of someone's eyes is more important than the color.

  7. This is pathetic and so unrealistic… There's no such surgery in Panama, in fact there's no surgeon, in Panama, that would EVER perform such a procedure.

  8. Why on earth would you want to to do that to your eyes? Just get color contact lenses. Contacts are so advance these days you cant even fell them

  9. Just listen to a subliminal..
    It works maybe like I had dark hazel eyes and now I have blue…
    And it is safe you won't be blind :/

  10. Blue eyes and Hazel eyes are the most beautiful in my eyes and I can see why wanted to change his eye colour but there is no need for that. I think all colours look beautiful. After all… Your eyes stand out the most in your face and they reflect who you are so changing them is like changing your personality in my opinion. Personally, I wouldn't fancy having brown eyes but I can't deny that they're beautiful in their own way. Be happy with what you have. Ocean blue eyes. Warm honey amber eyes. Green and lemon tea hazel eyes. Chocolate brown eyes. Cloudy gray eyes. Pitch black carbon eyes. Pure honey sun kissed Amber eyes. Silvery white eyes. Fiery red eyes. Amethyst purple eyes. Deep natural green eyes. Rosy peach eyes. Whatever the colour is, be happy you've got it. It looks beautiful and nothing will ever change that ❤️❤️❤️ I wrote this comment specifically to let you all know that the colour of your eyes is appreciated and that you look gorgeous ❤️❤️❤️

  11. How about loving what color our eyes are? or just don't damaging them for another color? you can use eye contacts too!

  12. But you were born like that, i also have brown eyes too! and i love them my hair is also brown, i swear my family was cursed by brown hair and eyes, my sister,my brother,me,my dad but my mom? She is the black sheep in our family she has blue eyes and brown hair, she is beautiful. So are you all so…. love you for yoj please!

  13. IMO…..What God gave you matches your skin & hair colour.
    Blue eyes or brown eyes are beautiful.

    Examples: Johnny Depp would not look as handsome with blue eyes.
    His dark eyes are perfect.
    Take a Swedish person with blue eyes & blonde hair beautiful together.
    Not at all with Johnny Depp’s dark eyes.

  14. I have blue eyes and luckily don’t suffer to much from sensitivity as of yet anyway but my favourite coloured eyes are hazel and I do love deep brown eyes as well, love your eyes ok because they are beautiful.

  15. ابني مظروب في عينه عمره 12 سنه كيف اتواصل وي الدكتور ارجوكم😢😢😢😢

  16. Whenever u try to play with the nature, it slaps u back harder in its own way 🙌🏻
    All of us are perfect cuz GOD made us that way,
    Learn to love yourself, and accept who u are,

  17. If you have light colored eyes and telling people with dark eyes that they should love their eyes please shut the fuck up. You have never experienced what it’s like to feel “ugly” or “unattractive” because society tells you that your eyes are not as unique or pretty as people with lighter eyes.

  18. I was thinking of having my eyes changed because my eyes are grey and my whole life people have made fun of me for it but after this video I don’t want to anymore

  19. I use contacts to change my eye color. I wouldn't have any kind of surgery to change it permanently, though. I like that contacts (and thusly color) can be changed whenever you want. One day I'll want brown, next day green, following day gray. It's great being able to change the color based on your mood/style that day. And they are usually quite safe when used properly.

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