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Hello there today is video is going to be on dangerous Beauty myths you should probably never try. We’re gonna give it a go. I will be the test dummy. If you enjoy these kinds of videos give it a thumbs up! Because for every thumb that you give another one is donated someone in need also I’m having a giveaway on my instagram and Twitter which I explained in my last video So make sure you check it out Basically you can win it all gift cards from Tarjay Wouldn’t you like to win this follow me on my instant and Twitter to find out how this idea came about for my friend [Karina]+ Garcia she did a video on dangerous beauty hacks that are dangerous that you should probably never try I’m gonna link it down below because it’s an awesome video and it totally inspired this video, but sit back relax I have no idea what I’m doing there might be some graphic content. So you have been warned so without further ado Let’s get on into this So the first dangerous beauty myth is taking lemon juice Sorry, I’m just already in pain. It’s taking lemon juice to lighten your eyes, so people actually do this what they do is They [just] put some drops of lemon and then they go [up] to the sun and basically let their eyes Soak in The uv Rays and then their eyes will turn lighter. So what I’m going to do is basically put some lemon juice into this oh That stuff is bitter, so I’m gonna pour some in here not try it these things at home people [so] I’m just gonna pour in a few drops, okay? I’m scared to go scared. I’m scared ah that’s disgusting Alright, so it definitely stings a lot and your mascara will be running your makeup will be ruined. Oh My God guys in my work I’m gonna put in a little bit more just to maybe get a lighter okay. I don’t know your mother having a sensation is so insane What? What the h*ck Awesome unless you don’t mind the burning sensation. It’s Gonna make your eyes lighter Alright, so it was just temporary clearly, but my eye is in so much pain. You guys like just hurt so bad What on Earth uh? yeah, no um Thanks, but my eyeball is recovering from the horrific [mists] of this lemon juice Let’s move on to the next James beauty miss this next one is probably even crazier so basically how to get rid of dark bags Dark under eyes, so supposedly it’s due to Nasal congestion This is what it says when your nose gets congested Veins that usually drain from your eyes going to your nose becoming widen and darker Which is what causes this we’re gonna rinse our noses with salt water [oh] what I’m doing is taking about 1/4 of warm water, and then I’m going to take 1/4 of salt and This is [gotta] burn all I’m gonna. Do is dip my straw into the water as you can see I’ve grabbed some and this is The worst day of my life ok officially here we go Okay, wait. I can’t do it. Oh [yep], breathe this reason. I’m not mermaids Oh, I feel [assault] [I] feel [exhaust] sorry I got it for my nose feel like I’m looking bad year After about five minutes of doing this I under eyes have consumed all the [saltwater] They’re much more pronounced now as you can see huh the saltwater Clearly does not help with this [stay] with [me] guys this beauty myth is Dangerous So in the 1940 wartime sparsity made women resort using sandpaper and buffed themselves to remove hair I’m going to take some hairs off with this buffer sandpaper buffer. Let’s let’s do this this can’t be that bad I mean come on. I said here’s a beautiful body here that my parents gave me oh ally Is that actually working? Maybe it’s just an illusion, but I think I’m seeing some hairs in there surely This did no bueno [to] my hand my veins are about to pop out all right guys this next one. You’re Gonna love Basically you’re in mouthwash For the time of [the] scope and listerine Romans use your mouthwash to freshen their breaths and get whiter teeth That’s good smells good, [too] it All right, I’m [back]. I’m ready to uh to gargle down this excuse mess. I have no aim. Wish me luck All right, Dennis make sure you don’t catch this on [on-camera], okay, cuz I’m not gonna freakin car go Shoot it Dennis whoo-oop Good. Did you really think I was gonna be that girl that garbled her own beat? On YouTube okay. I’m not going that far because I’m not thirsty for subscribers Hey guys, so I hope I didn’t take you this far into this video to realize that this was all a [joke] Gotcha the intent of this video [and] the purpose of this video really was really take into account everything that you’re seeing through here Hearing through here. That’s going into this and make sure that the thing that you [are] viewing and That is being you know transcendent into you are things that are positive to you not things that are toxic to you I know We’re always being told not cool the way look let’s all for this let’s change this don’t talk like that Don’t wear your hair like [that]. Don’t do these movements, and they’re just always trying to change it. Don’t do crazy [dangerous] internet Trends like the Kylie [Jenner] Lip challenge Or like waist training are things that you don’t know the Long-term Effects of I was basically [at] this video give it a thumbs up if you enjoyed if you liked the message [let] me know down Below with the most dangerous beauty myth. You’ve ever heard or which of these were the most dangerous I hope you guys have an amazing day don’t forget to be weird embrace it Love yourself because it’s better to live weird and die normal That’s it for today. I love you guys. See you later That was ugliest kiss ever bye Dada Dada Da-da-Da-Da-Da-Da. I like my apple juice I’m also I’m musically because I like to pretend like I know how to change the camera Angles and stuff up


  1. That was so rood and that means I did this to your video 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

  2. Okay but like when i was younger I actually believed this 😂 now looking back at it I could tell it was fake 🤔😂

  3. when natalie put the lemonin her eye it got small and the other is huge i put lemon in my eye too and my mom was so confused i had colord eyes i was in pain for half an hour i regret it sooooo mutch but my real eye color is grey blue and brown and that lemon turned my eye color all blue i kinda liked it😂

  4. Why do I not believe that the lemon juice changes the eyes. Who else was so scared when her eye was bleeding also I almost died….so not real looking

  5. Poor Natalie

    -Her eyeball had blood coming out of it
    -She sandpapered her skin
    -She consumed salt water
    -she drank pee

    All for our content

    Edit: just finished the video-

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