Coronavirus Conjunctivitis (COVID-19/SARS-CoV-2) Update 17th March 2020

A Recent Update on The Coronavirus COVID-19 It has recently been announced by the AAO
(American Academy of Ophthalmology) that the current strain of coronavirus may infect the
eyes. Several reports suggest that the virus can
cause conjunctivitis when infected water droplets come into contact with the eyes. This could occur from touching or rubbing
the eyes after coming into contact with COVID-19. It could also get into the conjunctiva of
the eye when someone coughs or sneezes. The virus may infect the conjunctiva directly,
so its important to distance yourself from others if you suffer with this infection. Currently the WHO (World Health Organisation)
is urging people and governments to keep testing to help contain the spread the virus. So it
is recommended to speak to your health care professional if you do have conjunctivitis
symptoms. If you have conjunctivitis you may experience
redness in the white of the eye or inner eyelid. You may have more tears than usual with a
thick yellow, green or white discharge that can form crusts on the eyelashes after sleep.
The eyes may feel itchy, burning and you may experience blurred vision. If this is the case it is usually recommended
to start using medicated eyedrops such as chloramphenicol consistently to help prevent
the spreading of the infection. During this time, it is important to practise
social distancing, especially if you may have been infected. We must aim to keep the virus
from spreading to the more vulnerable in our society such as the elderly and those with
underlying health conditions. In our previous videos we discuss COVID-19
in more detail and share some foods and herbs that can boost the immune system. Be sure to select our playlist at the end
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  1. Actually I got this Eye infection last year beginning April. This year everthing is different and I am alert and warned. Especially having your recommendations to support my immune system. Thanks alot to tell and remember and handle it in my daily routine 😊

  2. Thankyou so much! Great information! I never knew this.. take care! I always thumbs up your videos. They are always great! Bless you! Stay safe everyone 🙏💛👍

  3. Hey Ryan, please make a video about Silent Reflux / LPR. How to maintain a diet during silent reflux, and how to heal the throat from irritation, post nasal drip and clogging congestion of phlegm in the upper chest. Specifically, silent reflux it is, not much heartburn but throat tightness, coughing to clear the throat etc. (different from the typical Acid Reflux and GERD). Thank you so much. The information and help is much needed. Also, any healing plants to consume.. etc.

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