¿Cómo cocinar las verduras para que no pierdan nutrientes? ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Hi, I’m Raquel Domínguez from www.operacionbikini.es
and today I want to talk about vegetables and which It is the best way to cook them. I have already told you many times about the important
which are the vegetables in the diet. You should include them in all your meals. What do not you like vegetables? Do not worry, here I tell you how to eat them
almost without noticing But, the way we prepare them can
greatly affect the nutrients of vegetables. So, so you know how to prepare
your vegetables and be able to take full advantage of your nutrients today I will tell you that different
types of cooking you can choose and which are its pros and cons. Because although the heat can degrade some
nutrients, especially vitamin C, also can increase the bio availability of others,
so let’s go there. Well, the first cooking method you have
at your disposal is to make the vegetables steam, and this is also the best option. When you make your steamed vegetables, not only
you minimize the loss of nutrients, in addition you make nutrients like beta-carotene
or the luteina are available. So getting a steamer is an investment
in your kitchen You and your vegetables will thank you. And we went from the best method to the worst. And it will surely surprise you. What is it? The boiled. Never boil your vegetables. That because? Well, because when vegetables enter
contact with water the loss of nutrients It is much greater. We could say that is that the nutrients
they literally stay in the boiling water. And the longer you boil them the worse. Although generally boiling vegetables does not
is a good option if you are going to take advantage of water where you boil them, for example, doing
a soup, because there you have no problem, but but, as a general rule do not boil them because
you waste your nutrients Another good way to cook vegetables,
sautéed For example, to me the sautéed mushrooms
It’s the way I like it the most. Although it is true that when we sauté
vegetables we use high temperatures and a little oil to sauté, as really
they expose little time to the heat the nutrients they hold up pretty well, so it’s a
very good option. After steam, the best option is the
sautéed Another good option to make your vegetables
It is in the microwave. And it may surprise you because there are many
myths around the use of the microwave, but The truth is that cooking your food at
Microwave is not bad. I already told you about it here. In addition, the microwave has several advantages. You need little time, and you do not need water
nor oil to be able to cook them. So, if you make vegetables in the microwave
they will keep most of their nutrients. Not as many as when you steam them,
but it is perfect. I told you before that the worst option was to boil
the vegetables, and you know which one is almost, almost tied, fry them. I always emphasize to you that you run away from
the fried ones The fried ones are not good for you, and neither
for your vegetables. Although really the loss of nutrients
of the vegetables will depend on the time you’re frying them and if you fry them for a short time
Maybe they lose few nutrients, This is not the best option for you, because
has a big drawback, which is the increase of calories from a partially oil
rusty, which is not recommended. The truth. So you know, when you prepare your
vegetables the best steamed, sautéed options or the microwave. And I, in today’s video, I want to say hello to
Salvador Rueda Borda, 44th Floor and Héctor Bravo Salazar, hello guys. I hope you liked my video today,
if you liked to share it please, and I’m waiting for you tomorrow. Bye bye


  1. gracias por otro vídeo muy bueno.!! tengo una consulta qué tipos de alimentos debo consultar para poder tener una recuperación rápida.!? saludos!!!

  2. hola Raquel ¿que tal el cumple?yo con el agua de las vainas ago sopa por si alguien no lo sabe esta muy buena un beso desde bilbo agur

  3. Ay Dios mio 😔 te juro que yo siempre las hiervo,te prometo que hoy mismo comprare una vaporera!
    Que bendicion tenerte como consejera hermosa Raquel😘😘😘

  4. Holaaaaaaa princesa mía!!!!! A mí me encantannnn las verduritas tesoro mío!!!! Cómo siempre un vídeo interesantísimo preciosa, con una información maravillosa!!!! Millones de gracias, besotes y abrazotes!!!!

  5. Gracias Raquel por tus consejos, yo las salteo… las hiervo… y alguna vez al micro porque me he comprado una vaporera para micro😜

  6. Hola Raquel☀️ para mi una buena opción es hervir agua, apagar el fuego y meter las verduras por solo 5min. luego sacarlas y verterlas en agua fría para que dejen de cocerse. Quedan brillantes, crujientes y deliciosas. 👌🏼
    Saludos, gracias por tan buena información. ☺️

  7. disculpa no soy vegano pero me gusta las verduras de hoja. y si preparo pollo o cualquier carne o pesacdo yo pongo la coliflor o espinaca o brocoli etc cuando apago la olla y la dejo tapada. estoy haciendo bien cocinando las verduras asi o no para q no pierdan los nutrientes.

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