Community remembers Harlan County ophthalmologist Dr. Jerry Bryson

ANGELA BRYSON DIED SATURDAY AT AGE 80 FOLLOWING A SHORT ILLNESS. ESS WHILE HE MAY NO LONGER BE ON THIS EARTH … WE’RE TOLD BRYSON’S SPIRIT WILL LIVE ON … THROUGH THE LIVES HE TOUCHED. PKG HE WAS A MAN WHO EMBODIED KINDNESS … COMPASSION … AND GRACE. SOT UP FULL RODNEY JONES – ATTENDED BRYSON’S YOUTH GROUP – If I were going to describe him, I would say, the closest thing to the Lord, I know on Earth. DOCTOR JERRY BRYSON HAD A PROFOUND IMPACT ON EVERYONE HE MET. HE WORKED AS AN OPHTHALMOLOGIST AT HARLAN A-R-H … AND SERVED AS A SCHOOL BOARD MEMBER FOR THE HARLAN CITY SCHOOL DISTRICT. BUT HIS WORK WENT BEYOND THAT … SOT UP FULL CHARLES MORTON – He would just say things like what if someday you were the principal or someday you were this, just things I never really considered. SOT UP FULL RODNEY JONES – He always prayed with every patient before he did surgery on them. He just made people feel at ease. People just loved him. BRYSON WAS A MAN STRONG IN HIS FAITH. MANY REMEMBER HIS SATURDAY NIGHT YOUTH GROUP … WHERE HE SHARED HIS LOVE OF CHRIST WITH YOUNG PEOPLE IN THE COMMUNITY. HE WAS A MENTOR YOU COULD RELY ON AT ALL TIMES … SOT UP FULL Charles Morton – It’s one thing for someone to give you a helping hand. It’s another thing to have somebody change the way you look at life. I think that’s why the connection is so strong for so many people. He just didn’t help you out of a bind … he changed your life. IT’S THROUGH THOSE LIVES HE CHANGED … THAT HIS LEGACY WILL LIVE ON. ANGELA VISITATION FOR DOCTOR BRYSON WILL BE FROM … FIVE TO SEVEN … SATURDAY NIGHT AT HARLAN BAPTIST CHURCH. A FUNERAL SERVICE WILL FOLLOW … ALSO AT THE CHURCH. STEVE ATHLETES AT BETSY LAYNE HIGH

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