Comment utiliser l’huile qui améliore la vision et élimine les cataractes

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oil that improves the vision and eliminates cataracts and
how to use it according to the american academy of arts this
poorly reached about 24.4 million people over the age of 40 only
in America Our goal today is
to offer you a remedy that will take take care of this eye condition, find
a solution to your problem first of all what is cataract
cataracts are clouding and deterioration of the lens due to
age-related thickening that occurs occur in the elderly and
which can lead to blindness however even the youngest have
now cataract This would be due to a
unhealthy diet and unbalanced and has lifestyle habits
unhealthy like smoking, drinking furthermore oxidative damage and
free radical damage can contribute to eye disease
degenerative foggy eye vision
and poor especially at night himself
produced as a result of pacification water eyes if this problem is not resolved
in time cataracts can cause Blindness
scientists explain that the risk of cataracts is increased by
insufficient levels of antioxidants the good news in all of this is
that we can either be delayed or completely avoid surgery of the
cataract by maintaining the levels of high glutathione, antioxidants too
this is crucial therefore foods rich in
antioxidants can help you treat and prevent problems with
vision and cataracts what are the symptoms of cataract myopia
Blurred, blurred vision even with contact lenses and
glasses double vision
what are the causes of cataracts the primary causes are to be discovered
however there are some factors that make this condition worse
such as diabetes hypertension
uv radiation of sunlight
Smokers obesity
Old eye surgeries Myopia My loves
excessive consumption of alcohol Old d
eye inflammation or injury statin medications for
reduce high cholesterol hormone
corticosteroids and more how to get rid of cataracts without
suffer from surgery
even if for cataracts at a stage advanced surgery seems to be the
best treatment option for cataracts still at an early stage
we should fill up with several natural ingredients that can very
helped to dissolve them castor oil is effective for
eliminate cataracts but it treats also conjunctivitis dryness
ocular myopia hyperopia and Macular degeneration
once we realize that the main reason for most
eye problems is oxidation we know that the best way to avoid
that such problems do not occur in first place is to go towards
antioxidant-rich foods holistic health practitioners
are well aware of this they have used castor oil which is
rich in antioxidants to reverse cataracts improve vision and well
Moreover but you have to be very careful not to
not use the wrong type of castor oil , what can
have harmful effects on your eyes and your health
what types of castor oil is needed in order to make this natural remedy
it is very important to use only 100% organic pure castor oil
cold pressed without reaction it’s better
Preserved in bottles of dark glasses with a
drop applicator how and when to use
castor oil is easy to use
castor all you have to do is apply a drop of castor oil
100% organic in the affected eye use castor oil only
once a day it is better to use oil
castor oil before going to bed because it cause blurred vision
add a drop of castor oil in the eye and close your eyes
and if you find crusts around the corner with your eyes the next morning
do not panic this is due to the process of
calcification and is completely normal just wash your eyes with
clean hot water many people who have tried this
natural treatment say their vision has improved significantly
even after the first application furthermore their vision continued to
improve after each application do the treatment three nights in a row
and if you don’t notice any improvement in your eyesight stopped from
do even if this type of castor oil is harmless it might not
suit your eye problem some people have reported that
their views recovered within a few weeks sometimes up to three months
it all depends on the degree of degeneration from your eyes it’s different for everyone
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