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(MUSIC) Oh, hi. So, we’re off to like
a little bit of a late start. I’m in Austin, Texas,
and it’s about 5:30. And I arrived here about like,
I don’t know, four hours ago. So, really, my entire plan was to, I wanted to vlog a little bit earlier
but I was really hungry. So, you might be asking,
why in the world am I in Austin for? Again, because I was here in August I got invited to a conference that’s like about accessibility
in the social media world. It’s a little more complicated in my head
than what I’m used to. But, yeah. So, that’s tomorrow. When I was here in August I was here for
the deaf gaming convention MazzCon, and that was in the north side of Austin. So it was more like,
sort of the countryside I guess, if you wanna call it, of Austin. I mean, there was some city around, but this time I’m on the south side of Austin, so I’m like right in downtown
and it’s actually really cool. Shall we go with the room tour? This is essentially what it looks like
when you first walk in. My whole airport outfit. This T-shirt that I thrifted. I think it’s adorable. We have the bathroom. With this really cool looking shower. I have a thing for showers like these. I don’t know why
but I really like the colour of it. Hello. I am here. That’s me, no, yeah. We have the two queens,
one bed is gonna be for this. Which, you know what, I think I’ll show you what I packed
tomorrow in the morning, I’m not entirely sure. That’s gonna go here, because I love having a bed near the view and look at this view. There is some construction
going on down here, which is not the most
aesthetically pleasing thing in the world, but you know what? Ignore that, and just look at this and there is an aeroplane, is that Southwest? I don’t know, you can’t even see it. Yeah, beautiful, if it would focus,
beautiful Austin. Now, south, downtown Austin
is not brand new to me. I was here when I met Ava,
AvaGG from Twitch, and we had dinner. And the MazzCon team and I, we came down here for drinks, I think,
on our last night. So, it’s not completely new, but… I got to see a little bit more during the day and I got to see it
before it got really, really rowdy at night because when MazzCon team and I
were here at night I was really, really scared. ‘Cause it’s just like,
all the people were coming out and some of them were a little bit creepy
and aggressive, so I just was just kind of like,
I don’t wanna be here. Oh, yeah. So, I got here. I had a scare at the front desk. I went to JINYA Ramen Bar. So, I took an Uber up to the north side and went to JINYA Ramen Bar
and got my favourite ramen. I miss JINYA
and I did get it in August but I got it again now
and then I walked around a little bit, ’cause I figured if I’m there why not explore, and now I’m here for the rest of the night because I need to work on
some last minute things, I need to work on a slide show
after the panel, it turns out if we want to, we get two minutes to talk about
any research that we’ve done or any, you know, work that we do. So, I thought that would be cool, I’m gonna figure out
what to say in two minutes. And I just wanna prep for the panel. I wanna rest, my feet hurt. Dinner wise, I’m just gonna, I’m just gonna order. There is a vegan food place
where Ava and I went to when we were here, so I’m probably gonna order from them if I can find them on a delivery app. Yeah, I’ll show you, you know, maybe some work that I’m doing but until then,
I’ll see you in the morning. Oh, one thing I forgot to mention is that the conference or the convention
is at this hotel. So, I really like that, there’s not a whole lot of like,
having to go around transportation wise. So, I love it when that happens. Oh gosh,
I love, love, love a city view at night. Look at the lights. Look at this building in particular. I love that. I think that’s so cool. It’s just one of my favourite things
about being at a hotel in downtown cities and especially being at the top floor. This, I absolutely love this. And I’m always thankful for this,
ah, beautiful. Dinner came, I ordered from Li’l Nonna’s, which is like an all vegan,
NYC-style pizza place. And I just got cheese pizza. It was the cheapest one available. With some house made vegan ranch. I’m excited to try that. We got some Live PD on TV. Shout out to Ready To Glare. (LAUGHS) ‘Cause we love this show so much. So, that’s what’s gonna be
on the agenda for right now. I’m gonna have a little bit of dinner
and then I’m gonna work. I’m gonna get my iPod out. I’m gonna try to do the slideshow stuff. And then, yep. (SOFT INSTRUMENTAL BEATS) Well, it’s 9:30
and I attempted to do more work. But I’m too tired. So, I’m gonna wake up
earlier in the morning and hopefully after a good night’s sleep I’ll be able to get ready
and look over some questions. Night view still isn’t too bad. And I feel like I might be
one of the very few people that like to sleep with my curtains open ’cause I, as long as I’m in the city like this, I just really, really love the city view at night, and I love being woken up by it. Although, this time it’s a little weird because I do have neighbours
in this little corner here. That I didn’t notice. (LAUGHS) But, oh, well, I guess I’ll have to deal with that,
I’m gonna head off for now. And good night. I feel like I have
way too much foundation on, and it’s streaky
because I didn’t have my sponge. I’m not sure how I feel
about my new concealer. I feel like it’s a little, I feel like my foundation is a bit too dark. Well, I think everybody’s chest is lighter
just ’cause you don’t really go out, you don’t wanna show that all that much. But I need to get my winter shade, my fall and winter shade foundation
just looks better, doesn’t it. OK, let’s move on. I gotta go. Alright, It’s just before 8:30. We agreed to meet at like 8:50
but I might go a little bit earlier because I tend to get lost every time. And this is the ensemble today
that’s a little too big for me, it keeps falling around, but my original outfit fell through. I got the backup
and I’m regretting my jeans choice because they’re not a soft, not a stretchy, and a little shorter than I thought they were. But… (SCREAMS) I’m falling over. I need my cane, where’s my cane? There we go, stability, this is also a part of it. (LAUGHS) Yes. So, let’s show you what I have
in my work bag, shall we? So, here is the work bag that I have. It’s from MickeyBlu,
and I want to do a video about this. All that’s on in the future. But let me show you
what I’m gonna bring to work. In this compartment,
which is like a laptop compartment, I have my planner
and I have my iPad with my Apple pencil. I’m gonna have this opened for the questions for the panel
so I can keep track. Just in case. When you have live captions
they are a couple seconds delayed, so it’s just nice to have that on hand and I have my notes written in my planner. I’ve got my business cards. I finally remembered it for once. In this little section
that’s really for holding your keys, I don’t have my keys with me. I got my reusable travel cutlery
and my ChicoBag, because I do plan to leave somewhere after and it would just be nice
to have that on hand. In case I want to change out of my work shirt, I have my Sean Forbes
Deaf and Loud shirt, it’s comfortable. So, that’ll be nice. Tech bag for my camera chargers
and iPod charger, phone charger. And that’s pretty much it. Oh, no, no, no, no. No, no. Oh, wait, I have my lip gloss for the day. And then if I can get it out,
my actual like, handbag, that has my cards and stuff,
and it’s so, basically… I’m using it like my wallet. I honestly don’t really like this,
I thought I would. But opening it is such a pain. Well, yeah. That’s that. And then I’m gonna put this
in this little compartment. This is like the lunchbox
slash food compartment, but I’m gonna put my camera on there
when I’m not using it. And of course, bringing my cane. I can’t believe I finally have
my business cards. It’s amazing. Oh, I’m so hungry. And here’s the finished makeup look,
which is washing me out, this daylight. It’s washing me out a little bit. Just a simple gold eye, a little bit of brown, and yeah. So. We’re gonna head on down
and see what’s happening. (MUSIC) Well, I’m back, and officially done
with my portion of everything. Did the panel, did the lightning talks, which I didn’t get to film myself because once I got to myself
I got scared to ask somebody to film me. Had lunch. Had some interesting tacos, I tried the worst
ghost pepper and blueberry hot sauce. I got curious about the blueberry part and I highly do not recommend. But now I’m done, really. I… There is more to the workshop,
at least for today. But like, I have plans,
I want to go to Crepe Crazy, which is a deaf-owned crepe place. Nothing’s really vegan in terms of food,
but they have coffee. So, I’m gonna go get the coffee. ‘Cause you know I love coffee. So, I’m gonna take you with me. Let’s go. Good morning, Austin. Hello, to this one room that is awake. Alright, alright, I’m sorry,
I don’t know how to really… film these sort of vlogs but, everything was just kind of over. I went to Crepe Crazy. I had some coffee. I could have sworn
I thought that none of the crepes are vegan but I guess the actual crepe itself is vegan. I should have asked
but I got scared to ask. And really I had just eaten before I went, so I wasn’t gonna eat it anyways,
I was too full, so I got coffee. It’s a cute little place though,
I definitely would wanna go again. It was really nice
to be in an all deaf establishment, or working establishment since Signs closed in Toronto. But that was hearing owned,
so it doesn’t really count, even though there was all deaf staff
but the boss was hearing. It is Monday, it is around 6:00 in the morning. I… my flight is kind of the same time as my flight here was. I’m up a little bit earlier
just so I can eat food. I made a big UberEats order yesterday, I figured I’d split it
and eat some of it for breakfast this morning so I don’t have to get anything at the airport. One of the things I bought for dinner
made me sick within a few bites, so I did not eat that, which is unfortunate. It was not cheap. So, right now I have this coffee
that I got from Whole Foods yesterday. It’s called HeyDay cold brew coffee,
and it’s just black coffee. And I have this Cobb salad,
which has lettuce, avocado, tomatoes, cucumbers, chickpeas, probably some other stuff with ranch,
this is what I saved for today and this is all from a place called Next Level. It’s all vegan. And it’s located in the Whole Foods here. I would have saved money
if I had bought it there right before I walked all the way to my hotel, but it was like 25 minutes and I really didn’t wanna carry
even more than I was carrying. And I wasn’t hungry, I was still full,
anyway I got it. I’m gonna eat my breakfast,
finish getting packed and watch some news or something
while we wait for the sun to come up. (MUSIC) (OUTRO MUSIC)


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  2. I am always afraid of being late so I'm always like half an hour earlier and have to wait for people to come ( and they are always… late ) so the ending was relatable to me 😂😂😂 I have this stupid mindset that if I rush myself I will rush everything around me too so for example if I'm early people will be early too but they are still late and I get annoyed with myself every time.

  3. I did once once a lovely view of lovely snow falling on a lovely moonlit night….while I was in a lovely hospital bed with lovely blood sepsis. Anyway, I came out okay in the end – lovely! 😉

  4. Yay! I live forty five minutes away. Hope you like it, and it's kind to you. ATX is legit, kinda crazy though haha. Welcome, and I hope you move here lol. Hope to hear good things.

    PS. That's the Frost Bank that you were pointing at, 4:52. It is nice looking ain't it.

  5. I just wanted to hop on here and say it’s so awesome to have found your channel! I live in north Texas and I was born with profound hearing loss and dyslexia and I lip read I never learned sign language but I watched an older video with you and Molly Burke and wow I have only had one person that I could relate to with hearing loss but I’ve been binge watching your videos and literally the whole time I’m just like that is literally me!!! So I just wanted to say thank you and you’re very inspiring!

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