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How precious is your gift of sight? To many, vision is the most valued of all the six senses. Yet, due to heredity, our vision may deteriorate and we are required to use glasses or contacts to help us see clearly. For the last couple of decades we’ve also have the option to escape glasses and contacts by means of laser vision correction, which has become a more permanent solution to keep our eyes in focus. On the cutting edge of advancing vision correction technology is the Christenbury Eye Center in Charlotte, North Carolina. Dr. Christenbury is one the nation’s foremost authorities in laser vision correction. He is medical director of the Christenbury Eye Center and has performed over 75000 LASIK procedures, making him one of the most experienced LASIK surgeons in the world. He specializes not only in Custom Wavefront LASIK but also Visian ICL for patients who are not candidates for LASIK and Laser ReSTOR to eliminate reading glasses and bifocals. Currently Custom Wavefront LASIK is a miracle of modern science. Prior to LASIK, an active infrared eye tracker tracks the center of the pupil and moves the vision treatment so it is perfectly aligned in the center of the pupil. This means that the vision correction is infinitely precise and can result in nearly perfect vision and patients say, “They feel nothing.” To see so clearly after like 15, 16 years, it was just crazy. It was really nice to just be able to wake up and see the alarm clock and go outside and see the leaves, and squirrels, and not be squinting. Some people are not ideal candidates for LASIK surgery. Fortunately , another alternative Visian ICL can often be a glasses free solutions for them. In Visian ICL, something similar to an internal contact lens is implanted, the lens is removable and the patients have very little recovery time. With LASIK surgery my vision was too bad. I was a negative 9.5 in both eyes so they opted to do the Visian ICL. I wouldn’t have been able to barely see my hand in front of my face, or the alarm clock when I got up in the morning. Now the colors are more vibrant, they’re brighter. As many of us get older, we noticed that our near vision is a bit blurry. At first we stretch our arms out to bring small print into focus, but eventually we succumb to reading glasses or bifocals. Dr . Christenbury also specializes in the ReSTOR procedure which allows for a multi-focal vision as well as intermediate vision. This is a surgical lens implant that enables a patient to read small print and images, keeping them in focus. I tell people all the time, every time I’m in a situation where I see somebody pull their readers out, or they’re fumbling to look at them or borrowing from somebody next to them, I tell them all the time, why you need to consider this. I tell them that it’s painless, it’s the best gift that I ever bought myself, truly. With ReSTOR you can see in the distance, up close, and intermediate so you can see your computer, reading materials, smartphone and long distance and it’s permanent. As we grow older, a cataract can be a common condition where the normally clear lens of the eye becomes progressively clouded. In traditional cataract surgery the surgeon creates a circular opening in the lens capsule, breaks up and removes the occluded lens and replaces it with an artificial intra-ocular lens. This procedure has just become more accurate and precise than ever before. With the introduction of the Catalyst Precision Laser System at the Christenbury Eye Center, it is the only eye center in Carolinas with this technology that improves the precision and the patient outcomes dramatically. During cataract surgery, the cataract is emulsified and here to [xx] was with fake emulsification. Now the laser actually emulsifies the cataract and allows the surgeon to easily vacuum out the cataract and replace that with the lens implant. Also the Catalys laser corrects Astigmatism at the same time so patients are less dependent on distance glasses after cataract surgery. Our eyesight is often considered the most precious and priceless of our six senses. Having the ability to see at nearly 20/20 without the aid of glasses or contacts is now achievable. At the Christenbury Eye Center the vision is clear. They are here to help all of their patients maximize the potential of their gift of sight. For more information about the Christenbury Eye Center please call 18777022020 or go to

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