ChM Clinical Ophthalmology Graduates 2017 | The University of Edinburgh

I certainly would recommend this program,
especially for someone like myself who has practiced for many years. It
opened you up to the new developments that were taking place. It helped you to
study and to win four things in a very structured way. It was like a refresher
course and also introducing two new developments in ophthalmology. I have a
full-time job, a full-time practice and I could work and study at the same time,
you know. I wanted a positive experience because you could – your lectures were so
structured that you could always go back to them, so that you could reinforce what
you did not understand at a particular point. This particular one was the
ability to interact on a one-to-one basis with your lecturers, with your
supervisors. This was excellent because you could always contact them at anytime
via email or sometimes you could even speak with them via Skype, so it was as
if you were in a situation, an every day situation at a university.

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