Child Care & First Aid : How to Treat a Black Eye (Bruise)

Your child’s just come in and they’re crying
because they were out rough housing or maybe they were playing baseball and they’ve gotten
hit in the eye and it looks a little bit red right now but you’re concerned about it turning
into a black eye and you want to know what to do. Well, the first thing to do for treating
a black eye is to put some cold on it and what you would do, you could use one of these
instant cold packs if you have a first aid kit that has one of those. You just press
it until it pops and then it will immediately get cold, or perhaps you even have something
that in your freezer that you could use or you could take ice cubes, crushed ice and
put them in a baggie. Anything like that and just hold it on the eye, and a little bit
of pressure is okay, but you don’t want to put a ton of pressure on someone’s eye, so
just kind of make sure it’s there and it’s secure and that cold will help reduce the
blood flow to the eye and if you’re reducing the blood flow, you’ll reduce the amount of
bleeding that happens because what’s happened in a black eye is that probably a little capillary
or maybe even a venial, something like that, has broken and then that blood’s gone into
the tissues. Just to be aware, probably that black eye’s going to take a good week to totally
go away and be, it’ll go from, you know, kind of pink to red, and then it will turn real
interesting shades of yellow and blue and green, maybe, even, before it leaves, so don’t
worry about that. It’s the normal process. You know, sometimes you can cover that up
with a little pancake make up if the persons willing to do that. In someone that is older,
of course, children should never take aspirin, but an adult taking aspirin would avoid taking
aspirin for a day or so because aspirin would thin your blood and make you less likely to
clot and what you want is for the bleeding to stop and to then be absorbed into your
body.So basically, a cold compress is your first strategy for dealing with a black eye.
My name is Beverly Bitterman, Health and Wellness consultant and I hope that it goes away soon.


  1. i got one on saturday night around 8:30 and i want it gone before thursday but it looks like its gotten worse

  2. i compressed it and the blood squished all over, making the lids all red, and actually squished blood into my eyeball, making red blood spots in my eye: warning: dont compress, just hold your ice pack there.
    further tip: ice the black eye for the first day, then use a warm washcloth (throw a damp one in the microwave for about 20s) for the next day. the warm will promote healing

  3. I feel you on that, I got sucker punched too, haha. how long did it take for your black eye to heal up to where it was barely or not noticable?

  4. My toddler fell getting out of the truck and hit his face and head on the concrete but he just had a little bruising around the top of his eyelid and on his cheek

  5. This is my story
    This is how i got my BLACK EYE

    I got up this morning until I got a blackout and I fainted and a desk was near me so my eye almost came out phew but the hit was next to my eye and it's swollen and big guys help me

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