Catalina Rivas VISION OF DEATH cz 2

Couple of days later, when I was saying the Mercy Chaplet prayer, I heard Lord’s voice saying: “I have to show you something, don’t be afraid of what you are going to see” I saw hospital hall, there was a man in his 50’s -65’s I can not precisely estimate his age, because of his illness and emaciation Several people were standing there, some of them were cying, all seam to watch his agony I heard crying, the man was wincing with pain, he knew he was dying he was in torment, he was cursing and screaming: “why do I have to die, how can God allow me to die” “do something, I don’t want to die” he started to oppose in rebellion against the unavoidability of death it was easy to see the conflict, suffering, lack of peace it was astounding for me that none of these present people was trying to bring relief to this soul and nobody was praying in the outer corridor I saw a patio where several people were talking and laughing others were drinking and smoking utterly indifferent to moments of fight which was the dying man going through they were behaving as if taking part in some common occurence then I saw a nun approaching Lord told me: she is an envoy of my Mother I also saw virgin Mary watching the scene from a distance, holding hands together, with prayer on Her lips and tears running down Her cheeks near to the sick man there was an angel who with great sadness was pressing one hand to his cheek and was holding the sick man’s hand with his other hand then the angel got up and to chase away with his arms some figures coming closer thay were of strange shapes some had animal heads: deers, bears or horses I could barely see them as they stayed in shadow The nun entered the room and approached the bed she held the dying person’s hand and saying something she was giving him a holy picture the man lifted up his hand in a gesture of refusal the nun again tried to give him the holy picture but he pushed her hand away with the remains of his strenght refusing accepting the help, shouting with anger the nun left the hall very saddened in the corridor she picked up the rosary and started to pray it encountered ironic smirks on the faces of gathered who didn’t even suspect of what importance can this prayer be in such a crucial moment she encourraged them to join her, however glimpses and mimics expressed rejection after a few minutes this person died and I could see as after speration of soul and the body all the dark figures jumped on the soul as if they wanted to tear it apart they looked as predators, wolfs, dogs, trying to take the pray from each other the angel came up to them and commanded them: “Stay, leave him, because he first needs to find himself before the Throne of God and be judged” people standing around the corpse started to cry desperately some even histerically I understood then the difference between such a death an departure of a person full of peace and hope located in the Mercy of God

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