Casting the Vision of Discipleship | Harvest Episode 01

I remember when I was in college two men
that invested their lives spiritually in me would always talk about believing God
for promises that God had given to them and they would pray over those promises
and and believe that God was going to use them to touch Nations. In Hebrews 6, it talks about that God
had said to Abraham that I will bless you and I will multiply you and that by
these two unchangeable things the promise in the oath that we who have
fled to take hold of the hope offer to us may be greatly encouraged and then it
says we have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure. This promise that He made to Abraham
He’s still fulfilling and He’s fulfilling it through the heirs of that
promise when we are in Christ we are the seed of Abraham, we are heirs according
to the promise. When do we need a promise? Well when we don’t see it happening,
that’s when we’re discouraged we say, God would you really use my life? He says,
I have promised this is the unchanging nature of my purpose to bless you with
the righteousness of Christ and to multiply you to give you spiritual
descendants. In Isaiah chapter 55 God gives an
unbelievable expression of this idea that the promise that he made to Abraham
is for every believer it starts out with this general invitation come all you who
are thirsty then it says in you who have no money come by and eat and then he
says why are you spending money on what is not bread and your labor on what does
not satisfy? And it’s an admonition why are you spending your time and energy on
on meaningless things giving yourselves to things that will not last? And so this,
this beginning of this whole chapter is about this invitation to come and to
give your life to what will last forever. The Prophet says the Lord has given me
an instructed tongue to know the word that sustains the weary, He wakens me
morning by morning awakens my ear to listen like one being taught. Listen to
me, listen that your soul may live there’s another
verse in Psalm 25:14 that it says, the friendship of the Lord is for those who
seek Him and He makes His covenant known to them. Another translation the Bible
says that God confides in those who fear Him. It’s as though God asks us, come close to me, I’m going to whisper to you. He says I want
to use you, I want to make my covenant known to you, I want to make this promise
yours and it’s as though the whispers like a friend confiding one to another. God says that I will make an everlasting
covenant with you my unfailing kindnesses promised to David, and so
here in Isaiah 55:5, He tells us exactly what this promise will be He says it
will be just like that agreement I made with David but for you He says surely
you will summon Nations you know not, and Nations that do not know you will
hasten to you because of the Lord your God for he has endowed you with splendor.
So the promise there that we get to be involved with is God saying to the
believer to anyone that will come to Him he says, I’ll make the same kind of
agreement I made with David with you, surely you will summon Nations you know
not. In Isaiah 55:10 and 11 He moves into this thought that he says as certain as
the rain and snow come down from heaven and do not return there without watering
the earth, so shall my word be which goes forth from my mouth it shall not return
to me empty without accomplishing the matter for which I sent it. He’s talking
about the promise that he just made that I will make an everlasting covenant with
you this is the the word that God has spoken that is not going to return to
Him without accomplishing the purpose for which it was sent. Now you might think well I’m never even
gonna leave the little area where I’m living right now or I’m just here in
this city or on this campus, but you know you could touch nations through the
person that is sitting across the coffee table from you, maybe it’s someone that
doesn’t know Christ and you’re telling them the good news about Jesus and they
come to know Him, and then they begin to get a vision God
use me it’s as though your life goes right through that person and they may
be the one that takes us to the next generation or takes us out to touch the
world. That my life could impact him that he or
she could take this to the ends of the earth and God’s glory would cover the
earth as the waters cover the city. That’s what he wants to do, that’s how he
wants to use us, that’s how he invites us to be involved with the unchanging
nature of His purpose. He’s inviting us to come to Him, He’s telling us to listen
to Him that He will make the same kind of promise to us that He made to David
and then He says that He will use us to summon Nations we know not and He says
this is beyond what you could think or imagine my ways are not your ways and
then He says now go out, now go out and joy and watch what I’ll do. You want
purpose for your life? That’s what God’s saying, enter into the unchanging nature
of my purpose this river that goes from Genesis to Revelation this promise I’ve
made to Abraham I will use you to summon Nations and that around heavens throne
will be people from every nation, tribe, and language group worshiping and my
life will be involved with God accomplishing that purpose.

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