Case File #1: Oakville Blobs

Welcome to Stranger Eons. I’m your
host, Scott Patrick. I’m very excited today to bring you the very first case
file video. I’m currently working on another top seven video but I also
wanted to begin putting out new content. Case File #1: the Oakville blobs.
Rain has often been portrayed in myth and legend as both a blessing, mostly dealing
with agriculture, and a curse. Focusing on the latter, rains have been a
bad omen in many situations, from reigning frogs to raining blood. Today
we’ll be talking about a specific incident the cost terror and sickness in
one small town. This incident is known as the Oakville blobs. On August 7th, 1994
in Oakville, Washington, rain began to blanket the town at three o’clock in the
morning. Though rain is very common to the Pacific
Northwest, the residents of Oakville became alarmed at this specific shower
instead of water, a strange gelatinous substance rained down from the storm
clouds. The residents had never seen anything like it before, and this
mysterious downpour would continue intermittently for another three weeks.
When the reigning blobs first fell officer David Lacey was on patrol with a
civilian friend. When he turned his windshield wiper on, the blog smeared
across his window, stifling his field of vision. Unable to drive safely Officer Lacey pulled into a gas station
to try and clean it manually. After donning a pair of latex gloves Officer Lacey cleared his windshield. He described the substance as being, “very mushy,
almost like if you had Jello in your hand.” Another resident of Oakville, Dotty
Hearn went outside after the first torrent had stopped. Through her window, the blobs
appeared to be nothing more than hail. But when she touched the substance she
noticed they had an odd gelatinous texture By that afternoon, Officer David
Lacey and Dotty Hearn learned that there was something much more terrifying than the
strangeness of the rain. They both fell violently ill. They described having
difficulty breathing, extreme vertigo, blurred vision, and bad nausea. Besides these two specific incidences, an
outbreak of flu like symptoms hit the town the day after the blobs had fallen,
and several cats and dogs who had come into contact with the blobs had taken
ill and died. Sunny Barclift, Dotty Hearn’s daughter, found her on the floor of
the bathroom. Dotty was alive and conscious, but extremely weak. Sunny
collected samples of the blob after bringing her mother to the hospital. Dotty was then diagnosed with a severe inner ear infection, and Sunny handed the
samples over to the hospital for testing. So what were these blogs? Well, the
hospital determined that it contained human white blood cells but had no idea
how it came from the sky. Further testing by the Washington State
Department of Health showed that the blobs were teeming with bacteria found in
the human digestive tract, which led to the belief that it was human waste from
several airplanes. This was quickly dismissed for three major reasons: first,
airline waste is dyed blue and the blobs were completely clear. Also, it’s illegal
for Airlines to dump their waste mid-flight. Second, there were
intermittent showers of these blobs over several weeks. Finally, each time the
mysterious rains poured down, it covered nearly 20 square miles. Nearly a year
after the initial incident, Sunny Barclift mailed to sample the AMtest
Laboratories, a private research lab. Analyzing the samples, Tim Davis, a
microbiologist, believed he saw eukaryotic cells, which are complex
nucleus containing cells that are present most living creatures. This means,
that at some, point the blobs were alive or came from living creatures, which spawned
yet another theory: raining jellyfish parts. Some believe that the bombing runs
being conducted just off the coast from Oakville destroyed a school of jellyfish, and sent their pieces flying into the
atmosphere. This was also quickly dismissed for several reasons: First, the
jellyfish parts had to travel through the atmosphere over 50 miles to get to Oakville. Second, the number of times it fell over three
weeks made this seem improbable. Third, there was no rotting smell
associated with the raining blobs which would have been caused by jellyfish
parts. Many residents believe that they were
the site of a covert military test as many slow-moving military aircraft had
been spotted in the skies above their town just before the blob rain started.
After those bizarre weeks in 1994, the blobs were never seen again. So what were
these blobs? Obviously they are biological in origin, but what phenomenon
could have caused such a strange incident? Where did the blobs come from?
Who or what caused them to rain from the sky over three weeks covering a 20 mile area?
Have you ever seen any blogs rain from the sky? Comment below and let me know what you
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  1. That's just…gross, and creepy! I really enjoyed the in-depth analysis and presentation of this "blob" phenomenon. The Case File format is really cool.

  2. Hey can you do dogman sightings in ohio?
    Like the Pennsylvania one?
    I hear they are most common in athens or fairfield!

  3. Seems strange that only those two people supposedly got ill in connection with the blobs. Surely there were others who inspected them. Why did Dotty's daughter not fall ill like her mother? Very mysterious…

  4. My guess is some humans were obliterated by a new military weapon and dumped on this town. Sick and weird, but what else could it be?

  5. This could have been an experimental powder which is now used in operating rooms suction bottles to turn liquid into a blob for waste purposes, It has no dye. Could have been tried out in an air plane toilet and was accidentally or not released into the atmosphere.

  6. I know what it is… it's from aliens which are not from this demension… This is freaky… it makes me think of flying creatures taking a crap in mid air…. But I know it's aliens

  7. I think they were a military test on vaccinating large populations encase of a bio weapon act and not enough time to do it the old fashion way

  8. Dum azz army blew up a school of jelly fish in the ocean that got in the atmosphere heard this story before

  9. Military experiment of a biological weapon administered through chem trials. The first time the experiment got messed up. The bio weapon is a powder ment to dissolve is water.(that's why the gov. could only do this when it rained)(Now the reaction process is mastered and they DNT need to wait for it to rain) The first time the reaction didn't happen correctly, hence the blobs.

  10. Sorry, but this video is trash, you did barely any research and this is done only in an attempt to garner more views, you don't actually care about reporting on the incident.

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